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Holmesburg Civic Association, Council Members Outraged By Controversial Clinic Expected To Open Soon

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Several notices in the window of 7900 Frankford Avenue don’t specify what kind of medical facility is expected to open soon.

Eyewitness News learned the tenants at that location have applied for a license with the state to operate a narcotic treatment services. The Holmesburg Civic Association, City Council member Joan Krajewski, and State Rep. Kevin Boyle have all expressed outrage.

“We don’t believe this would be an attraction to the Frankford Avenue business corridor,” said Rep. Boyle.

The location, at the corner of Frankford and Decatur avenues, is near a child care center, a dance studio for kids and a church.

“Everybody asks, why didn’t you ask if this was going to be a drug facility,” said Dennis Kulp.

Kulp is the owner of the building. He says in March he leased part of the building to a group called THW or The Healing Way. When Eyewitness News checked with the state health department, it confirmed that the same group wishes to obtain a license to provide narcotic treatment services.

When Dennis found this out, he wrote a letter to the health department opposing any drug treatment clinic. He says he tried to reach the attorney representing the Healing Way Group but he can’t get a response. He now wants to terminate the leasing agreement.

The attorneys representing the tenants didn’t return our email or phone calls. Meanwhile, Holmesburg Civic Association is planning a protest Tuesday night at 5:30, in front of 7900 Frankford Avenue.

Reported by Jericka Duncan, CBS 3


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  1. jazzcat says:

    There is a bar on almost every damn corner in Mayfair right down the Ave from Holmsberg and yet they fear a methadone clinic. I live in Holmsberg and I want the clinic. I am on Methadone and I must go to 5000 Parkside ave (think Mann Music Center) to get it.I am a college student Who does not use any drugs besides my Methadone. I dont break any laws or corrupt anyones children. People fear what they don’t understand…Narcotic abuse in Philadelphia is at epidemic levels..Methadone can save lives,help prevent the spread of HIV?AIDS and give people a new start. I can not stand the people on Methadone who still abuse xannax and klonopin. It is they who give methadone a bad name.

  2. Renee says:

    People do not seem to realize their is an elementary school just behind the church across the street.

  3. Jim Stuart says:

    As a Medical Professional, I have dealt with ppl on Methodone. They would obtain their legal methodone, then go and buy herione.

  4. mike in Philly says:

    I just had to comment again – why is a clinic that HELPS druggies called “controversial” ???? by the way does anybody know that there is supposed to be a Pennsylvania state law regarding tinted windows?? This law is just a joke since you can go out and see many many vehicles with windows that look like the moon at 12 midnight….. by the way I am on James street in case – just in case there is anyone interested in law enforcement in NE Philly….

    1. save19115 says:

      It is controversial BECAUSE it is so hard to get enforcement and if you drive by most of the city’s clinics, there is much to be alarmed about. They simply do not make good neighbors.

      Many — though not all — methadone clinics are not very interested in getting people off of methadone so they wind up dependent instead of learning independence.

      All these neighbors know is that THW is SOOO proud of themselves that they nearly snuck into a neighborhood. Not much by way of character testimony.

  5. Horsemom Stableperson says:

    Glad I moved out of Mayfair.

  6. mike in Philly says:

    As somebody that lives in east torresdale which is just above holmesburg I can tell you first hand that drugs are destroying this city and the east torresdale area.. several reports to police and a “hotline” have been made over the last 1 and half years and we still have the dark tinted vehicles that come for a minute or 2 on my street and deal their garbage.. my next move will be out of philadelphia

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