Bed Bugs Infest 3 Philadelphia Police Stations

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Bed bugs — CBS News reports that a recent survey found the creepy crawlers all over the map from coast to coast.

Here in Philadelphia, the latest invasion was reported where Philly’s finest report to work at Harbison and Levick Streets. The building houses the Philadelphia Police Department’s 2nd and 15th Districts, along with the Northeast Detective Division.

“You’re talking about in excess of 500 officers and detectives combined that could be exposed to that,” Roosevelt Poplar said.

Poplar is the Vice President of the Fraternal Order of Police. Poplar went on to explain that he’s concerned knowing the number of people in danger of being exposed is even greater.

“If a prisoner is transported to the PDU, which is the Police Detention Unit that’s down on 8th and Race Streets, if the prisoner is infested, there’s a chance of that prisoner transporting bed bugs downtown. So now you’re talking about a 1,000 people in that building. So this is a major concern, you can’t take it lightly,” Poplar said.

Poplar says he was first notified of the infestation on Saturday; that’s when he visited the building and took pictures of roaches and pests that were dead and some still crawling.

Poplar learned then the department had brought in an exterminator on Thursday and then again on Saturday. What worries Poplar is the fact that only a part of the building — deemed infested — was treated.

“So the one side was treated, apparently the other side was left untreated. In essence, it wasn’t treated properly,” Poplar said.

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So union leaders drafted a notice and posted it inside the building of each police district, informing every officer of the problem and asking any affected officer to document the incident.

Poplar explained, “They have enough worries going out on the streets dealing with crime on a daily basis, let alone having to come to the district where they work and worry about bed bugs.”

Captain Frank Bachmayer with the 15th District responded, “I’m very sensitive to that concern. I don’t want to bring them home. I’m sure a lot of my officers feel the same way. So we’re going to do everything we can to ensure that the bed bugs are treated.”

Capt. Bachmayer says the exterminator is scheduled for a return visit later in the week to make sure the problem’s been fixed permanently.

Meanwhile, any officer with concerns is asked to contact the FOP at (215) 629-3600.

Reported by Elizabeth Hur, CBS 3

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  1. Tiredofitall .... says:

    My question is: What does Obama have to do with this article, Ted?

  2. John says:

    Whats the big deal,,they closed the cell room but the rest of the building is open for buisness!!!!!!!!!!!thank God the bugs don’t move around : )…….
    PLUS the building was condemned fifteen years ago by L & I for safty so whats the big deal????

  3. caps says:

    I would assume the CAPT. is in charge of the building, so why did he let it get that bad ?

  4. bob says:

    I guess pigs are a rodent

  5. billy says:

    i have to work in these districts at times and i have to say almost every district has bug /rodent problems. the way these officers have to work is a disgrace.

  6. samatha says:

    check out that has a tool that can detect these hard to find bugs

  7. Samuel A. Maffei says:

    So, to everyone who was for banning DDT, this is the result. Sleep tight!

    1. Ted Pikul says:


      Hey dood I heard the pest control industry is totally in Obama’s pocket LOL

    2. Ted Pikul says:

      “This represents an unusually pure example of right-wing ideology, because it is almost completely divorced from any real-world considerations of either environmentalism or entomology. There is virtually no demand, including from the pest-control industry, to bring back DDT to use against bedbugs, and widespread agreement that, environmental concerns aside, it wouldn’t work.


      But long before the United States banned most uses of it in 1972, DDT had lost its effectiveness against bedbugs—which, like many fast-breeding insects, are extremely adept at evolving resistance to pesticides. “Bloggers talk about bringing back DDT,” says Bob Rosenberg, director of government affairs for the National Pest Management Association, “but we had stopped using it even before 1972.””

      I heard cavemen used it against dinosaurs and it was really effective ROFL

  8. Guess Who says:

    The price of having illegal aliens and international travel.

  9. Hater says:

    I hope the police can rid the city of all these pests that are infesting every major city in the country. There must be a special poison just for “them” that won’t harm animals or humans.

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