Camden, NJ Braces For Worse Times After Gov. Christie Slashes Urban Aid

CAMDEN, N.J. (CBS) – Last week’s budget cuts from Trenton could leave financially distressed urban areas like Camden in serious trouble.

No one’s quite sure at this point how things will shake out. But consider this: last year, Camden received $69 million in “transitional” aid from Trenton out of a $139-million pool of revenue statewide.

That pool for this year is just $10 million statewide.

John Williamson, head of Camden’s Fraternal Order of Police, foresees tough times ahead.

“I really don’t think that Governor Christie or his administration have any concern about any urban or distressed city. It’s actually kind of sad,” he says.

Camden mayor Dana Redd, who has worked closely with the governor’s office, has said nothing since the budget went into effect last week (see related story).  Williamson says he’s confident that Redd will do all she can to avert the massive layoffs of last January (see previous story), some of which were rescinded with state and federal grants (see related story).

Reported by David Madden, KYW Newsradio 1060

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One Comment

  1. marinebob says:

    what are you all upset about? the cutting of the funds was just another step in the creation of an entire regional zone for all of camden county. The plan is to turn camden county into Philly east.
    They cant get the residents of camden to pay taxes so they are going to shift that tax burden to those in the surrounding towns, so that they can get increased taxes for reduced services.
    RIght now they will get Camdne and a few others to volunterally join. Then in the future they will start to penilize suburban towns that do not join until they beat them into submission. Once that happens the entire regional zone will have the same problems that Philly is having now, only they will have the affulent suburbs to tax to death for service that they will not recieve

  2. caps says:

    Start by looking at how many people in camden pay their taxes?

  3. Voolfie says:

    Camden was a mess before the ‘aid’ in question arrived and it will be a mess after it goes away. I’m constantly amazed by the facility with which you in the media accept as a fact the assertion that it is only government-doled $$ that can possibly have any positive impact in our inner-cities…especially when you see how completely these cities have collapsed despite the BILLIONS AND BILLIONS AND BILLIONS OF DOLLARS poured into them over the last 50+ years. You really are asleep. WAKE UP!!!

  4. grumpy says:

    YOU SURE GO BY THE RIGHT NAME ! It’s great to see that your Tea Party allies are only going to serve one term unless they get recalled before hand.

    1. Angry says:

      Grumpy, get a job.

      1. grumpy says:

        I have a good job. I’m waiting for the Tea Party losses in 2012 so that I will be able to retire….with S.S and Medicare (which I paid into all of my working career) still in tact!

      2. NOT GONNA HAPPEN says:

        Dream on Grumpy….DREAM ON!!

    2. Hater says:

      The shellacking you witnessed last year will pale in comparison to next year’s taking back of the Senate and white house. obama the terrible will be shellacked and feathered. I would be “grumpy” too if my candidate was failing so miserably.

      1. grumpy says:

        Ha ha ha Nobody but nobodies poll numbers are dropping as fast as the “new’ Republicans that were elected in 2010….We’ll see!

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