Flier Prohibiting The Hanging Of Flags In Burlington County Apartment Complex Stirs Up Controversy

MARLTON, N.J. (CBS) – As people in the New Amsterdam Apartments in Marlton prepare for the 4th of July, red, white and blue started popping up around the complex.

That was until a flier prohibiting the hanging of flags or signs was delivered to mailboxes Friday.

“I was so upset. How can they ban the American flag?” wondered Lois Lawrence.

She’s lived in the complex for 13 years. Her father was in the military and her son-in-law is a deployed marine.

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“I want him to come home safe. I want him to know I care,” said Lawrence, who says she tried reaching out to property management, but to no avail.

So she contacted Eyewitness News. Property Management said the flier did not properly relay an intent to improve curb appeal in the complex. Decorative garden flags are prohibited, but the American flag is always welcome.

Lawrence put two garden American flags she displayed inside her front door window back in her flower pot, no longer afraid they would be taken away and thrown out.

“I should be able to display the stars and stripes whenever I want,” said Lawrence.

Management thanked us for bringing the issue to their attention. The sales and marketing vice president says a new flier welcoming the flag is on its way to residents.

Reported by Robin Rieger, CBS 3

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One Comment

  1. Goody says:

    I’m telling my landlord if I see someone flying a flag or banner.

  2. John says:

    Let’s all try something for the next two minutes. Quit stomping your feet and demanding YOUR rights, and put yourself in the “others” shoes, whether it be the property owner, the immigrants, or the old woman. Let’s consider THEIR rights to be more important than ourselves. WWJD? Mark 12:31

  3. Johnny says:

    Mr. Romney, please with the language. Is that the way you talk on the gold tablets you carve in your basement? Hey, we all want to have multiple wives, but at least admit that’s your heart’s desire. I’m not interested in what you do in your magic underwear, but for heaven’s sakes, have some decorum.

  4. Joev says:

    Obama will be gone in 18 months and the liberals will loose the Senate.

    1. Gentle Ben says:

      And then what? Comprehensive immigration reform aka amnesty for illegals (John McCain, Lindsey Graham, George W. Bush)? Cap and Trade (Lindsey Graham, Newt Gingrich, George W. Bush, Arnold Schwarzenegger)? Cutting granny’s Social Security so they can continue to fight endless wars against bogeymen? No Child Left Behind? Real ID? VIPR checkpoints on freeways, train stations, bus stations, and malls? Predator drones in U.S. cities? Cameras on every street corner? U.N. Agenda 21 implementation in every U.S. territory? Codex Alimentarius becomes the law of the land?

      You have 1, and only 1, choice in 2012 to stop it all. Pennsylvania native Dr. Ron Paul.

      1. Sam says:

        Maybe you shoould check your current roll call! How long are dems going to keep using Bush as their way out? It’s funny we don’t start bashing LBJ, I mean LBJ killed more Americans in Nam then Bush did in two wars. He brought American to it’s knees around the world. What about Carter, what did he do for America? Oh wait it’s what he did to America but at least the conserv’s mainly Ronnie never used Carters name after gaining power and left us with 20 years of growth! Death to the unions, death to the special interests!

  5. Pepe says:

    Hey. if jous can’t put up your flags, send them to me, OK? We can make a bonfire with them next time we play a soccer match in L.A.. Viva la Infesora! Viva Juan McCain! War hero! GOP! Viva!

  6. Kip Noxzema says:

    Have you noticed the eroding of our hopes and the American Dream, these past two years?

    You’ve got a president who refuses to wear an American flag pin, and keeps making apologies to other countries about us.

    How do you like that Hope and Change?

    Told ya so! Gee, I guess Bush wasn’t really that evil after all, was he?

    1. Johnny says:

      How is Obama any different from Bush? Except for Obama’s version of RomneyCare, Obama’s policies have been exactly the same as Bush’s, even keeping many of the same personnel.

      What countries has Obama apologized to? Libya? Pakistan? Afghanistan? Iraq? Yemen? Syria? Saudi Arabia? Egypt? Tunisia? Iran? Israel?

      Lemme clue you in. When they trot out Rick Perry to be your second coming of Bush in 2012, remember this. He was Al Gore’s campaign manager in Texas in 1988.

      How does that hope and change grab ya?

  7. Mr. B says:

    The fact is that management has NO desire to answer the tenant’s concerns until the media got involved. Now they’re trying to save face. Had the tenant not contacted the media, the management team definitely would have trashed the American flag- as was their true intention from the start.

  8. Executive One says:

    Simply put….this country is going down the toilet fast becauce of Obama, his regime, progressive liberal’s, political correctness, lack of honor, moral’s, values, work ethic, respect and I could go on!! God hepl us!!

    1. Ms. K says:

      God help us is right!!!! Get RID of the terrorist in the white house in 2012!!

  9. wes says:

    Welcome to Obama’s America. Now those who flew the offending flags must apologize to those who did not display the hated symbol of oppression and shame.
    Oh and pay a fine.

    1. Tim says:

      This is how they do it….they can’t just OUTRIGHT ban AMERICAN flags, so they disguise the sanction as “banners, flags, and signs.” I wish everyone living in such stalinistic communities bring this to the right media’s attention. In the words of William Eaton, An American Patriot, ” Will nothing rouse my Country?” (In reference to the Barbary Pirates and theiir criminal demands on the newly formed United States of America in the early 1800’s…

  10. m says:

    wonder who is the actual owner of the complex?? that may be the ultimate answer!!

  11. JT says:

    The person who tells me I can’t fly the American Flag in my apartment better make sure his life insurance policy is up to date.

    1. Johnny says:

      Why is the first reaction of an Amurican to make terroristic threats and threaten physical violence? Why don’t you try that with your public servants, I mean, officials, I mean, authorities, who rule over you? See how far you get.

      1. JT says:

        I wish the French would have tried it during WWII. Cowards.

      2. Johnny says:

        The French went along with those who trampled on their constitution. Like Amuricans have done since the Patriot Act repealed the Bill of Rights. Today, we do not have SS officers sticking their hands down 6 year old girls’ pants at airports. Or maybe we do.

  12. Kate says:

    >That was until a flier prohibiting the hanging of flags or signs was delivered to mailboxes Friday<<

    It's ILLEGAL to put anything in a mailbox that does not contain postage. Trust me, I know, our homeowners association learned this the hard way. We got a nice call from our local postmaster. If the residents really wanted to put up a stink they could notify their local postmaster that the management office for their apartments was violating the law.

    1. A. Levy says:

      Excellent point Kate. Also, the Nazi’s who run this place apparently haven’t heard of the First Amendment.

      1. Marshal Tito Puente says:

        Wee-oo, wee-ooh! That’s the hyperbole police coming to take you away!

        If you agree to live in a property development that prohibits the flying of a flag, you are responsible for the loss of your “rights.” You agreed to their terms. If you don’t like it, don’t live there!

  13. fedupntex says:

    remember when they took the phrase “in God we trust” off our postal stamps? i just write it on the envelope next to the stamp!!!!! :)

  14. Bob Wood says:

    I think the association was in talks with NBC news about this flag flying issue.

  15. Adam Spidel says:

    This sounds like an illegal, unpatriotic, socialist, Democrat thing to do.

    1. porchhound says:

      Johnny I think you must be a public school product who hasn’t even lived in this country long enough to understand patriotism or why it is important..let me take another wild guess…you have never been in uniform (band not included) nor would you have the courage to serve this nation you take for granted….just sayin Johnny boy!

      1. Johnny says:

        Are you a taxpayer or a parasite? If you work for the government or a company that receives corporate welfare, such as a government contract, you are a parasite.

    2. Johnny says:

      The Pledge of Allegiance was written by a socialist in 1892. It contained neither a reference to the United States of America nor a reference to the Creator. It was written as a generic pledge for any socialist nation to use for its flag. For 50 years since its inception, it was said with an outstretched arm like the Nazi salute. Hitler got his salute from us. They never taught us this in public school. I wonder why.

  16. American Man says:

    If everyone deposits their full rent in a passbook escrow account in a joint tenant and or landlord name and sends the landlord a copy of the passbook , and sends a copy to the State Attorney General, with an explanation that the land lord is violating your civil liberties, and send a copy of the flyer.
    He will not be able to evict you, especially if others do the same.

  17. John in Debary says:

    There are things in life that define us
    Our Flag is a unique American value and an important symbol that identifies us as a people and a nation. We should never be assahmed to express our truly unique American symbol.

  18. Big Wally says:

    Looks like Philly is fast becoming the city of ‘NAZI LOVE’. Don’t forget that the politicians protected the pro-NAZI Panthers during the last election and helped to put an anti-American gun runner in the white house.
    Fly your flags and make America proud and call the pro-NAZI liberals what they are !

  19. Chicago NIck says:

    They almost have to do this so all the Mehico’s don’t fly theirs and then the Muslims are flying the Hamas flag and on and on and on.

    I fly mine in my townhome right in the bay window inside so they can’t say shiiit about it and I encourage people to try that route. I see these are indoors but it’s an apartment complex, you don’t really own jack there so what can you do? MOVE.

    If they fly it at the entrance like most places around where I live do, that’s cool in my opinion. If they don’t even do that I’d freaking move because it’s obvious they’re catering to the illegal amigos in the house… we need to start being ugly hosts so these people feel so uncomfortable they finally leave and get in line like human beings do…instead of breaking and entering like most do.

  20. Smirking Superior says:

    The U.S. is turning into the failed empire that is Britain.

    1. Chicago Nick says:

      Yup you got that right. See my note above, it’s time to start being the ugly Americans they all accuse of being anyhow and then let em see how mean we can be when pushed too far like NOW. End the illegal invasion and crime spree, report all suspected illegals to ICE no matter what.

    2. A. Levy says:

      Failed empire? It’s fast becoming an international toilet bowl, thanks to the weak, mindless sheep who call themselves “the voters”.

  21. RLA Bruce says:

    The Muslim population in YOUR country prevents your flag from flying at all, lest it be considered a “provocation”. Your Bobbies don’t even go to entire areas of your cities because they may not get out again due to Muslim attacks, which are largely no longer even reported. Our flag flew over your country and fought your wars for you, in order to preserve your freedom to belittle your betters. And while the sun has long since set on your empire, your colonial ambitions of times past STILL cause uncontrolled hatred and vitriol on the part of your former subjects. Best thing we ever did was kick you out of our country.

    Clean your own house before you criticize ours. After you sober up.

    1. shelly says:

      Leaving your country WAS indeed the BEST thing that ever happened to US!

  22. Bob Wood says:

    It is both funny and pathetic that it is legal to BURN an American flag but some want to prohibit you from flying the American flag. These associations are out of control because they can’t get their way in their own families so now they get a sense of power by telling you what you can and cannot do. I would find out who agreed to this and then publicize their pictures and names. They shouldn’t be embarrassed about it they should stand up and take credit for the fools that they are.

  23. marg1 says:

    Ah, another Obama voter.

  24. mark says:

    did YOU serve?

  25. Charles Scamardo says:

    what a load of BS Johnny. this is AMERICA. we fly the flag here in AMERICA. if you dont like it then move to North Korea you a**shat.

  26. RigidPrinciples says:

    I have an idea. I am going to move to an apartment building that doesn’t allow you to fly flags, then after I sign the contract, I will petition my government to hold a gun to the heads of the apartment building owner, to force them to let me break the contract. What would I do without the government to protect me when I sign contracts that I find out I don’t like later ?

  27. Johnny says:

    The Pledge of Allegiance was written by a socialist in 1892. It contained neither a reference to the United States of America nor a reference to the Creator. It was written as a generic pledge for any socialist nation to use for its flag. Do the research while you still can, before they shut down the web.

  28. Johnny says:

    Corrupt homelands? You mean like when Obama gives 1000 big corporations who contribute to his campaign exemptions from ObamaCare so they don’t have to provide health insurance for their workers? Or when the great war hero John McCain was caught in the Keating 5 bribery scandal? Or when Michael Chertoff gets a sweetheart deal to supply deadly body scanners in our airports? Violence? You mean like when policemen beat and arrest citizens for recording them on video?

    Consider this. This spring, Gaddafi handed out 2 million machine guns and rocket launchers to his citizens to fight the horde of barbarian nations invading his sovereign country. Would a U.S. President hand out machine guns and rocket launchers to We the People? Or would they fear we would use them against our “leaders” to restore our Constitution?

  29. Blank says:

    Not not “your” Pledge, it’s all American’s pledge.

    If you don’t want to root for the team, GTFO of the stadium.

  30. Chango Mango says:

    They should ban all flags for security reasons with the exception of the U.S. flag, it represents the country where many Africans, Mexicans, Palestinians, etc….fled to escape their corrupt, violent homelands to seek freedom, security, tolerance, justice, opportunities, etc…

  31. Terry5 says:

    Gotta love it…”No, no… By golly, no…We didn’t mean the American Flag”

    I wonder how much grief the property management firm would have given her if she had not contacted the local news. What a crock; lefties caught in the act and weasling….

  32. Blank says:

    “Delivered to mailboxes”?

    They better have had postage on those flyers as it is a crime to deposit anything in a person’s “mailbox” without proper postage.

    Meanwhile, Federal law protects your right to display the flag. If the apartment manager doesn’t like the law, he/she is free to leave the country any time.

    1. jerrykregle says:

      wouldn’t it be hilarious if they used American flag Us Stamps
      and not a pitney bowes metered stamp

  33. George says:

    I would assemble a coalition of residents who would agree to simultaneously agree to fly the flag in defiance. I’m not much of a flag-waver, but I am patriotic and would oppose any attempt to suppress the expression of my patirotism — especially on our nation’s birthday.

  34. Smashicus says:

    You are an idiot. Nothing personal, just thought someone should let you know.

    1. Johnny says:

      Pay your property tax to your government who owns your home. There is no freedom the Amurican people will stop from being taken from them. They are a weak, slavish people. They will never stand up to authority. They don’t have the gut for it. I don’t even know why you celebrate July 4 except to tell each other fairy tales. Remember, fireworks are illegal. Do as you’re told.

    2. Harry Richard says:

      Hang on eveybody. I think Johnny is provoking everybody with a little in-your-face sarcasm. Read his comments calmly, you will see he has a point about Amurica vs. AMERICA. Or I could be wrong……

    3. Willy says:

      STFU and let people have their say.

    4. Johnny says:

      Thank you, Harry Richard. Amurica is a reference to the way George Bush the Younger pronounces it. He was the one who gave us the Patriot Act in exchange for our silly Bill of Rights. This year, 75% of our senators voted to renew it. It will never be repealed. America is dead. Amurica wins.

  35. Johnny says:

    They could fly the UN flag instead. Oh, wait, they’re killing Libyans.

  36. Smashicus says:

    If you live in the U.S. or any of the countries the U.S. has liberated, then you are an ignorant little ingrate. If not, then please do tell us what perfect nation you reside in?

    1. Johnny says:

      You mean like the U.S. murdered, I mean, “liberated”, a million Iraqis during its latest imperial conquest? The U.S. has never won a foreign war. Why do you still have military bases in Germany and Japan if you really won WWII 65 years ago? Are you afraid that Hitler and Tojo will rise again as soon as you leave? Germany and Japan clearly know how to run a military and have tremendous technological capabilities. Nice “liberation” of Eastern Europe at Yalta, where you saved them from Hitler and handed them over to Stalin. You can’t even win freedom for yourselves, let alone another nation.

      1. Osamas Pajamas says:


      2. ConanTheRepublican says:

        Please, for the LOVE OF ALMIGHTY GOD, SHOOT YOURSELF, today. I beg you!! AMERICA begs you. Remove yourself from the gene pool, ok?

  37. ED357 says:

    When you bring these anti-American policies into the light of day………

    there is a suddenly reversal of policy because we (THE ALL-AMERICAN RUBES) didn’t understand the true meaning of the policy…….


    1. David Neuman says:

      Someone was to tell me I couldn’t fly an American fly – they would be sure to be dropping to the ground to pick up their missing teeth.

      1. Johnny says:

        And you’d be arrested for assault and battery. And hopefully tased so we can mock you on YouTube. You’ll put your tail between your legs and get down on your knees as soon as the policeman tells you.

      2. bunky says:

        tell the truth now.
        You do have a lot of experience on your knees, don’t you?


      4. Johnny says:

        bunky, I’m not in the U.S. military.

      5. RoBoTech says:

        Don’t lie lil’ johnny.
        You know you have callouses on you r knees and lips, limp wrist-ed fool.

      6. Johnny says:

        A real man doesn’t take orders.

      7. Sport69er says:

        shut up and bend over!

      8. Johnny says:

        Sir, yes, sir! Isn’t that how you guys say it? Don’t ask, don’t tell.

      9. Johnny says:

        Why would a heterosexual man want me to bend over? Go move to New York, Yankee.

  38. Diane says:

    This is the United States of America. Too bad so many don’t know what it means to be American. We citizens are in the early stages of another revolution as conditions we are experiencing are reflective of what happened in 1773. The problem is related directly to haphazard immigration and the negligence of enforcing assimilation. God help us all, eh?

    1. Ozlanthos says:

      Pardon my lack of recognizance of your god. It has no place in national affairs anyway. Freedom of religion works both ways, in ensures you the right to worship as you will, it also endows me the right to deny any maker exists at all. It is for this reason alone that I’d stand on your side of the line. But do not be fooled. These ant-American policies have been going into effect in many places throughout this nation….and it is not by mistake. I’d go so far to suggest that it is in fact the result of a plan to make people simply forget about America.

      The first step in re-enculturating a people is to dissolve associations with their previous culture. That is first accomplished by encouraging and rewarding those who’ve let go of their icons willingly. Next is to persecute those who don’t give them up willingly….Where do you think we are in this game of re-nationalization now???


  39. John Hasham says:

    Score one for the good guys. I like to see idiots chastened.

  40. Machismo says:

    There should be laws put in place to protect the rights of patriotic citzens to fly the flag proudly. If there are certain zone retrictions on size, and placement, then OK, but protect our right to fly it.

  41. cwxj415@hot says:

    Hey Hank: LEARN TO READ!!! It is not the ‘government’ banning flags here. It is the PRIVATE OWNERS of this apartment building! Are you suggesting that you favor denying a property owner the right to decide how his own property is to be decorated? And you DARE call yourself a conservative? SHAME ON YOU!

    1. artemis133 says:

      “Hank” is on every message board that he can spam his book on…that’s all. His message was reported ’cause I’m tired of looking at it on every message board I visit.

  42. Ed Markle says:

    If burning the flag is protected free speach, then so is flying the flag.

    1. cwxj415 says:

      Yeah, ON YOUR OWN PROPERTY!!!!

      Why are you self-described “conservatives” having such a hard time on this VERY EASY principle? Could it be that you’re all a bunch of partisan hacks who couldn’t think their way out of a wet paper bag?

      1. Smashicus says:

        So I take it that you have no problem with someone banning the flying of our U.S. flag at their residence, on our most important national holiday? So, those of us who want to show our patriotism by flying our American flag on the Fourth of July are a bunch of partisan hacks? What’s the flag you fly cwxj415? Mexican? Chinese? Rainbow flag?

      2. Johnny says:

        Smashicus, apparently you don’t understand how freedom works. If you stop paying your property taxes, the owners of your property will come and drag you off it. The owners of your property can tell you what you can and cannot do with it. When they say no flag, you get no flag.

  43. Rovee says:

    Pub. L. 109-243, July 24, 2006, 120 Stat. 572, provided that:
    “This Act may be cited as the `Freedom to Display the American Flag
    Act of 2005′.
    “For purposes of this Act–
    “(1) the term `flag of the United States’ has the meaning given
    the term `flag, standard, colors, or ensign’ under section 3 of
    title 4, United States Code;
    “(2) the terms `condominium association’ and `cooperative
    association’ have the meanings given such terms under section 604 of
    Public Law 96-399 (15 U.S.C. 3603);
    “(3) the term `residential real estate management association’
    has the meaning given such term under section 528 of the Internal
    Revenue Code of 1986 (26 U.S.C. 528); and
    ETC… Look it up!

    1. roberto says:

      yep – you got it. if more folks would pay attention, they’d know about this and tell the HOA to shove off.

  44. AAA says:

    Yeah, and your an IDIOT if you think they have the right to ban the flag! Why the big deal about all this. **Notice** that was rhetorical. Hang the flag, don’t pay any (NONE) attention to what these clowns say. After you hang it, sit on your porch with a nasty, vicious guard dog or your shotgun (preferrably both) and make PERFECTLY clear that you are inviting them to mess with your property. It’s that simple.
    This kind of Horse^%it needs to stop being an issue. We the people can make that happen :)

    1. doug says:

      Maybe it would be OK if they flew the Mexican flag instead.

  45. Paul says:

    Mark, that’s what the new & improved flyer said, not the original.

    1. Mark says:

      Right, but I’m not sure how that’s relevant. Their intent was eventually communicated through clarification via a new flyer. Whether they actually meant to ban all flags (including the American flag) or just some is a point of speculation. I’m talking about their original INTENT, not the language of the flyers.

  46. Floyd DaBarber says:

    The apartment management has the right to ban any added props or decorations, yes, incluiding flags or banners. And the people who are having those banned have the right to disagree and bring public pressure upon the management to do what they just did, whcih is to reverse their stance. In the end, the apartment complex owner is running a business and even if he does something that is legal, if it is unseemly to enough people it will affect his revenue. The dwellers have no rights in this case except the right to speak out loudly and affect change in that way. And they have done that.

    1. Paul says:


    2. Musicman says:

      So, you are saying that because they are “dwellers”, they give up their constitutional rights? Show me a rental contract that demands you give up your constitutional rights, then I’ll show you a lawsuit that you WILL lose, and quite possibly, criminal charges will follow…

      1. arlington says:

        Yes they do, give up their rights, they are renting property that comes with terms and conditions. I don’t not sure why this is so confusing. If you want to display banners or flags visible from the outside of the property, buy your own house.

  47. Kotswald says:

    all this silly rhetoric over a flag. Where is the outrage for the bloated defense budget/medicaid, prohibition of substances for recreational use? for people being arrested for self defense against criminals? Ask yourself what freedom does this flag truly represent? When the government quits trying to control every social aspect of our lives, then I will be a proud flag waving American.

    1. Ron V. says:

      I doubt that.

    2. AAA says:

      Please, feel free to GTFO of the country I and others served for (obviously, you did nothing of the kind). If you enjoy being a candyassed, lukewarm person that’s fine…..go do it somewhere else you whiny POS

    3. Melpommene says:

      Kotswald, When you don’t stand up for one right, then all those lovely things you are talking about become the norm. If a few more of us had the balls to stand up and wave the American Flag and defy the ACLU back in the day, perhaps we would not be debating this incident. I’m still proud of the flag and proud to be American because I know for what it really stands. Stop whining and do something, even if it is a small thing to further our freedoms.

  48. treecat says:

    “…a flier prohibiting the hanging of flags or signs was delivered to mailboxes Friday…”

    Contact the ‘Postal Police’, they arrest folks who tamper with U.S. Mail Boxes..

  49. Mark says:

    “They’re banning flags and signs, which happens to include the American flag…”

    “Decorative garden flags are prohibited, but the American flag is always welcome.”

    The complex obviously never intended to ban the American flag. It’s a short piece, it shouldn’t be that hard to grasp. Also, porno….really? Non sequiturs won’t help your argument.

  50. JEFF GORDON says:

    They should put a few thousand American flags on that apartment complex and shoot anyone who tries to take them down.

  51. Paul says:

    What gives you the impression I didn’t read the article bro? Could I hang up pornography in my “designated space” if I wanted to?

  52. pasadenafeline says:

    If this happened in Ca, i would understand. In Ca. you see more Mexican flafs than Americain flags

  53. Mark says:

    You’re really going to argue semantics with me to back up an argument you made after not even reading the article? By “rights” I mean the ability to use their designated spaces in whatever way they see fit as long as it does not violate the terms in their leases. Contract law bro.

  54. nam_vet6869 says:

    This as an Apartment Complex. The key is ownership. If it were a HOA where they had purchased the Apartment or Condo then the Federal Law prohibits them from NOT allowing the Flag to be flown. I do not agree with it as I believe that if you sign a contract then you are bound by that. The days of closing a deal with a handshake are gone. The apartment complex owns the building and grounds so they can decide what can and can’t be done. Myself, on the 4th of July I would put my flag and take what ever comes.

  55. Paul says:

    What rights?

  56. KJ says:

    That’s it Paul, just keep the blinders on.. It’s okay.. We’ll save this country without people like you. just sit back, drink your kool-aid, and let us worry about the future of America.

    1. Paul says:

      I’m well aware that this country is unstable, but how are we going to regain our rights by insisting that rights be taken away? It’s the right of the apartment complex to prohibit exterior decorations on THEIR property.

  57. martin stuart says:

    flying the american flag is different. it is an idealogical statement and is covered by the first amendment. anyone who would ban it an then back down the first time a reporter shows up is a wiener.

    1. Paul says:

      Not true. The first amendment prohibits the desecration of the American flag. Having them removed is not desecration.

      1. cwxj415 says:

        I’m not sure I’m following you, Paul. The first amendment PROHIBITS desecration of the American flag? Where do you get that from? The Supreme Court has ruled that the First Amendment prohibits laws which criminalize such desecration, on the grounds that burning the flag is a first amendment-protected act.

        Or did the USSC change the law recently when I wasn’t looking?

    2. treecat says:

      We, America, ‘was a melting pot’ – now we have become a ‘Chamber Pot’.

    3. Paul says:

      My mistake, I thought there was an amendment passed that made desecrating the flag illegal. I guess that never passed.

  58. Tom Walter says:

    7.62 x 39 Will Do The Trick. Try And Take It Down.

    1. George says:

      Funny, The 7.62×39 is a round developed used by the Communist. The 7.62 x 51 (.308) was developed and used by Americans.

      1. William Doyle says:

        Most of them use Berdan primers, invented by an American ;-) Even then, while I don’t agree with the Communists’ ideas, they sure made some good weapons :-p

  59. JGALT says:

    Sounds like property theft.
    They take down your 1 flag
    you put up 2 flags
    they take your 2 flags
    you put up 4
    they take your 4 flags
    you put up 8
    Do this until they become violent…then you have them…

  60. billy says:

    america does its absolute best to destroy itself

    1. Burt says:

      That’s what she said.

    2. Osama bin Laden says:

      Watch your TV, while the international bankers take away everything you have.

  61. rick says:

    keep electing stupid democrats and you’ll get more and more of this stupidity

    1. Paul says:

      Massimo, the way I see it, I’m pretty much the only person here with a different viewpoint on the issue. How can you insinuate that I don’t know how to think? Is it because I have a different viewpoint than you? The way I see it, everybody in here that is getting offended has been programmed to do so. I know HOW to think differently, step outside of the box, and stand up for my viewpoints regardless of whether it’s popular or not. So tell me again, who knows what to think and who knows how to think here?

      How am I being a burden? By not agreeing with you?

      I have a job, in fact I just got done paying about $20,000 in taxes. I’d say I’m doing my part :)

      1. cwxj415 says:

        Not the only one.

        Unfortunately, MOST of the people criticizing you here are in fact your political allies! The right-wing conservative “freedom loving” crowd. At least, they THINK they are freedom-lovers. But as their comments here prove, they don’t have the first understanding of what “freedom” actually is! They see THEIR Freedom, freedom to do what THEY want, but other peoples’ freedom to do what THEY want, not so much!

        It’s sad, really, because the conservative attempt to maximize personal liberty will not be served by the ignorant sort of whining that we have seen on this comment page!

      2. JoeTheFilmmaker says:


        You seem to believe that there are two different types of citizens in America, the Liberals and Conservatives. But each of these are not clans from separate countries and cultures. These are people equal to you CWXJ. They just have different opinions and different viewpoints.

        And I think you have the term “liberty” all wrong. In fact, you seem to have America down all wrong. You see CWXJ, you do not live in a Democracy. That is your first mistake. America is not a democracy, it is a representative republic. Now you might be mistaking our voting process with our Constitution. I suggest you take a civics class and learn how everything works. By you labeling Conservatives as ‘non-citizens with a voice’ and identifying Liberals as true Americans with valor, you basically present an oppressive point of view which quells liberty.

        Let’s take Prop 8 in CA as an example. That was a law put on the ballot for the people of CA to vote on. And the people voted. Now what you don’t seem to understand is that that ballot measure was created and applied by the people. Not government. And the people voted on it. After the election, Prop 8 passed. That is democracy. That voting process is the founding premise behind our representative republic. But applying that law is not democracy. Applying the law, which is imposed by the majority in the voting process, is an example of representative republic. The gov’t is just a bunch of secretaries (“elected officials”) who apply and administrate such laws demanded by the majority. That gives them “leader” status. But in no way, does that constitute them as YOUR RULER.

        Okay, lets take up this flag issue now. As of today, it is not illegal to burn the American flag or exclude it. There was a law once, however, that law was challenged. The Supreme Court had a ruling stating it is legal under the protection “Freedom of Speech” to burn an American flag. Now what does that mean CWXJ? It means that there was a law that imposed a restriction on such actions involving inanimate objects based on the object’s symbolism. But the courts (our third leg of government) rightly determined this was a violation of freedom of speech. This is how our system works.

        But this flag story is interesting. Personally, I am first insulted. But that is not the most logical response. As a conservative, and I’ll even give you the neo (cause I know you libs love that precursor), I know it is the apartment owner’s right to impose such things on his/her property. And it is within the tenants’ rights to legally challenge (which won’t win in court), or move altogether. Do I think this apartment owner is doing something illegal. NO. He is exercising his freedom of speech. I won’t call him a name. I won’t exclude him as a citizen. I will just consider him, and Americans like him, as unpatriotic. Now I don’t care either way. Being unpatriotic only hurts the hater, simply because they hate themselves. America is you, and you are America. If you are unpatriotic to that symbol, then what do you have? Obama? Really? Obama?!?

        There used to be an expression that fits perfectly here; “Heart is where the Home is”. At one stretch in time, the word ‘America’ was as much a symbol as that flag itself. However, we live in different times. And I fully acknowledge that this world will constantly change. And some people, usually liberals, will even have the unmitigated gall to go out and promise such ‘change’ (as if they are the only ones who can provide it.). But change is like liberty. It’s just a word, and its meaning is determined by the person. To you CWXJ, liberty is only applicable to your opinions, and not your Opposer’s point of view. Get it now?

        Do realize CWXJ, I am only brushing the surface here. If it is really a civil war you libs wish to create, if you think a civil war will provide you all proper therapy, then all I have to say is;


    2. arlington says:

      umm what does party affiliation have to do with this. It’s probably an apartment management company that put into place a generic rule to prevent the display of banners and flags visible to common areas in their building. It’s a perfectly reasonable request.

  62. RigidPrinciples says:

    Why would anyone live in an apartment complex like that ? Seems like that place would go out of business if enough folks didn’t like their policies. Some folks though, like to use the services of a business they do not like, then get the government to hold guns to the business owner’s head, to force them to do business differently. Other folks, practice volition, and simply do not use the services of a business they do not like.

    1. Dunnyveg says:

      RigidPrinciples, have you considered many residents may be bound by a lease or may not have the money to move? Is it okay to break one’s word (as well as a contract)? Do you really think people are going to decide to move in favor of eating for a couple of months?

      Would you have the same ambivalent reaction if this apartment complex banned blacks from living there? If this isn’t the case, why is it you think diversity is a higher principle than honoring the country that has given us everything?

      Leftist ideologues are ruining this country. Why don’t you people wake up and think before you speak?

      1. RigidPrinciples says:

        Why would someone sign a lease with a business they did not like ? We each have an unlimited, individual, inherent right to contract. If you go into a contract with a business that says you can’t hang flags, then you can’t hang flags. This is the most important reason for having a government. To ensure contracts among men are upheld.

        If you can’t afford to use the service of a business you do like, and instead choose the service of a business you don’t like, then work harder, and save more money, until you can afford to use the services of a business that you do like.

        Ideally, folks, across the board, could practice volition. Volition is tough for liberals, and especially for the trendy non-smokers who are addicted to smoking environments. Those non-smoker addicts require the government to protect them from their own poor decisions. Those addicts should have a support person hold them by the hand all day long, and when the addict attempted to go into a smoking establishment, the support person could hold them by the hand, and say “Don’t go there. You don’t like smoke”. Then, the non-smoker addict would be protected from their poor decisions.

        Volition. It exists, and folks should practice it.

      2. treecat says:

        The “Union Jack and the Flag of ‘Saint George’ are banned in the UK, (once called Great Britain….the Leftism ideologues in Europe are showing us what is to come.

        I think the liberal politicians in Americas Congress and the President want to have the power & money perks the Europeans have.

      3. Melpommene says:

        Read the article carefully RigidPrinciples. The woman said she lived there for thirteen years and now all of a sudden the management sends fliers about flags and signs. I’m sure she knows what is in her lease, and also what has been enforced in the past thirteen years, apparently it wasn’t some bogus flag prohibition. If it wasn’t directed at the American Flag then why was a special flier sent around when the residents began putting up American Flags in celebration of the Founding of our country? Riddle me that one batman.

      4. RigidPrinciples says:

        @Melpommene — Either it has been in her contract for 13 years that the owners can forbid you from hanging specific flags, any flags, unicorns, etc. (the object is irrelevant), or it hasn’t been in the contract. This is the only relevant discussion. Whether or not a contract has been broken or not.

        Being a libertarian, it’s easy to see how liberals hate America. However, being a libertarian, it’s easy to also watch Republicans being the first to want to infringe on property rights, if the property is being used in an anti-patriotic way (not allowing folks to fly flags). For Republicans and Democrats, freedom is only freedom for things they believe in, as opposed to freedom for all. The greatest trick the government ever pulled was getting folks to believe there is a difference between Republicans/Democrats. You can cogently argue they use different means, but it’s the same end, i.e., less acknowledgements of our individual, inherent rights.

        The bottom line is We each have an unlimited, individual, inherent right to contract. This means you have the right to sign bad contracts (apartment lease, bad house loan that Bush/Obama won’t bail you out of), and that when you do sign bad contracts, the only win you get is the wisdom to not sign bad contracts in the future.

        Don’t expect the government to protect you from your own poor decision making. Be a responsible American.

  63. Corey says:

    This is merely a miscalculation of management on a VERY small scale. Thank you CBS for sensationalizing nothing of importance.

    1. billy says:

      i bet you were against the preacher burning the koran though huh?

    2. Massimo Deportado says:

      Corey says, “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for….”.

      S’not going to work skippy….. The left is in everybodies face, stand and be counted.

      Or just be like Paul, the other dummy on this thread…..

  64. kendrick1 says:

    See what can happen when you stand up because you feel your rights are being threatened?? A bully will push you as far as you will let him/her!!

    1. Paul says:

      How is it your right to hang a decoration on the outside of property that doesn’t belong to you? It’s not your right at all. If the apartment complex deems it as taking away from the appearance of the apartments, they’ll have it removed. Simple as that. It’s not your right. Get that through your head.

      1. Massimo Deportado says:

        Paul would have no problem stuffing his fellow Americans into ovens.

        You work for Google, Paul?

      2. treecat says:


        “…a flier prohibiting the hanging of flags or signs was delivered to mailboxes Friday…”

        Contact the ‘Postal Police’, they arrest folks who tamper with U.S. Mail Boxes..

  65. David Kleine says:

    Only the flag of the UNITED STATES and our good friend ISRAEL should be allowed …

    1. boB says:

      Yeah, it seems the people of LA consider themselves more Mexican than American since they BOO’ed the American Soccer team. Which means they DON’T put America above their ethnic country, which means I DON’T consider them American’s.

      1. Massimo Deportado says:

        Put Paul in the same basket.


        (*sound of soldiers marching*)

  66. Andy Scott says:

    It doesn’t surprise me there are fools in this country. What is surprising is the astonishing number of them!

  67. Chaz54 says:

    Good point Sal

  68. Kathy says:

    Keep calling anti American folks on this garbage and they will continue to back down. Stand strong against them because if given an inch, they’ll go for a mile.

  69. Chaz54 says:

    And in their place the residents should fly what…..a Mexican flag??? This is nuts! The last I looked we lived in AMERICA and should be proud of that and have the unihibited ability to display that pride.
    Thanks alot ACLU and libs who support them. It sickens me.

    1. William Doyle says:

      Agreed. Tell the Mexican immigrant he can’t hang his country’s flag there and the ACLU will be scrambling their fighters, Jesse Jackson in tow.

  70. Rod Anders says:

    The homeowner association Nazis are at it again! I bet it’s OK to display the Swastika.

    1. Tara says:

      Paul really let it go, we are freedom loving americans who will stop at nothing to ensure our rights are no longer violated
      crawl back in your liberal hole

    2. Paul says:

      Tara, I will let it go if you can explain to me how anybody’s rights were violated in this apartment complex. I have yet to see any reasonable explanation for anybody getting upset about this.

      1. porchhound says:

        Wow…another liberal anti-American troll posting about patriotism…go figure!

    3. cwxj415 says:

      Give it up,Paul. You are arguing with brainless righties who couldn’t argue their way out of a wet paper bag! All they know is to insult anybody who disagrees with the party line.

      Everybody with a working brain understands what you are saying, and in fact that you are one of the few people on this comment page who understands what the word “liberty” means.

      You cannot get blood from a turnip, and you cannot get logical argumentation from a brainless rightie partisan hack.

    4. WingedVictory says:

      ‘All they know is to insult anybody who disagrees with the party line.’

      Exhibit 1. “You are arguing with brainless righties”

      Exhibit 2. ” and you cannot get logical argumentation from a brainless rightie partisan hack.”

      Pot calling the kettle black?

    5. arlington says:

      It’s not an HOA it’s an apartment management company… it’s a big difference, the residents do not own the property and must abide by the rules of living.

  71. LeeInNJ says:

    I hope the people that are up in arms about being able to fly thier flags get to do so. I also hope that they actually do so properly, showing the proper respect by taking it down when it rains and each evening.

    1. The First Avenger says:

      Military installations fly the US flag when it’s raining.

      1. roberto says:

        The military uses an approved all-weather flag

  72. Mike says:

    Why is it illegal to assault these Ameri-phobes?

  73. LIZ says:


  74. American (and proud of it) says:

    The spineless idiots (management) got caught trying to ram thier ideals down our throats and backed down without a whimper. Take your progressive views elsewhere!! As an American I have the right to fly my flag anytime I so choose.

    1. Paul says:

      Unless it’s on somebody else’s property. If you are leasing an apartment, it is not your property. What gives you the right? Answer me that.

      1. Blackcrow says:

        Management can’t make up rules on the fly. If it’s in the rental contract, then that’s different. But displaying your legal, private property is NOT against the law!

      2. Paul says:

        So, in that case, I should be able to hang ugly artwork all over the outside of my house that I’m renting. It’s not in the contract that I can’t. If it’s deemed to be offensive, then they have the right to order me to take it down. I don’t have a copy of their lease agreement and neither do you, so we’ll never know for sure what it says.

      3. kankokage says:

        Wow Paul, that answers everything about the Left. They see the American Flag as “ugly artwork”. You know, ugly artwork that was invented a few days ago or something.

    2. WingedVictory says:

      ‘I don’t have a copy of their lease agreement and neither do you, so we’ll never know for sure what it says.’

      Bingo! So I would say your argument is pretty much over. You don’t have the contract so you are making assumptions, just like everyone else.

  75. Shredderofmass says:

    I bet if it was a Mexican flag, or an illegal burning the American flag that would be just fine.

    1. Massimo Deportado says:

      Oven Stuffing Paul WANTS to burn the flag but he’s actually scared of matches.

      Paul, you are a scroad, look it up….

      Look up what scroad means, there might even be a portrait of you there…..


    2. Paul says:

      Massimo, I see you’re a fan of ad hominem attacks. It doesn’t exactly help your argument.

  76. Kevin says:

    yeah yeah yeah. whatever.

    1. Jarvis says:

      You say that here. If you really did try it, that is in person without the safe haven of your computer keys, you would be able to spell out your “yeah yeah yeah whatever” response using the waste matter that would drop into your pants. That lack of respect for peoples rights is a bulk of the problem facing America, and people with your “whatever” attitude are the child-minds who are temporarily in the way.

  77. Jdoe says:

    Take back your country, citizens.

  78. AFSGTSAM says:

    I want old glory displayed all the time but I see the point in this politically correct nation. If they allow the American flag all the time then here come all the other flags. Liberal activists will be out there putting up rainbow gay flags, flags of other countries…it will never end so why open that box.
    I hate this is the case but you all know that is where this would be headed.

    1. Gene says:

      Don’t give in, this is what they want of you. A country’s flag stands above all other flags within that country, and America is no different. People, it’s time to take a stand against the progressive / liberal attempts to control us. At what point do we conservatives get to stand up for what we want? The progressives have been in control of our educational system for several decades now and you are seeing the results in all that is around us. It is time to to take a stand or it will all be lost…..

    2. Rod Anders says:

      Easily solved. They don’t allow any other flags EXCEPT the American flag. Problem solved. See how easy that was?

  79. LiveFree says:

    Folks. America is finished. That’s what they are hinting with banning flags, pledge of allegiance, the president bowing for foreign leaders, the president taking orders from NATO, etc. Welcome to the “new world order” where you WILL bow to your masters… the United Nations, global banks and the international mega corporations who hate the constitution because it stands in their way.. America was bought and sold while you were busy watching American idol, Oprah, Family Guy, etc.

    1. Willis says:

      How is it that the bulk of our populace, modern liberals, cannot see or refuse to see this is being done? They are so hell bent on discrediting their opposing party that theyre unable to realize that party (non-establishment Republicans) are the only hope to ending this sellout, this attempted socialization of a once great nation? Are they that clueless and blind in following a leftist agenda? Or are they purposely trying to end liberty in America, thus opening the door to tyranny? It amazes me not that this would ever happen, but that nobody seems to care to really do anything about it.

      1. ManOnPoint says:

        Liberals are 20%, Independents 40%, and Conservatives 40% of the voting population according to Pew Research and Rassmussen Polls. We that are Consevatives ONLY need 11% of the Independents to follow common sense American ideals to end this travesty!!! DO NOT LOSE HEART AND THINK LIBERALS HAVE THE UPPER HAND!!! They do not…2012, the empty suit will be gone!!!

      2. Beth Dennis says:

        The mainstream [radical left-wing] media have led you to believe that liberals are in the majority, but they are not! Statistically they only make up 20% of the population. Obama won last time because conservatives refused to vote for McCain and gullible people believed Obama’s campaign gibberish without reading his books first, and what a good idea that turned out to be [not]. If conservatives and conservative-leaning moderates would only use their power in the voting booth ALL of the time, and on the internet, and in every form of peaceful protest possible, this stuff wouldn’t happen. The problem is that conservatives have been too quiet, having been ridiculed by the mainstream media into silence, and our country is suffering for it. Just realize that the media does this because most of the top people MARRIED into Democrat political families, so they are just mouth-pieces now for their Dem masters.

  80. garySellersville says:


  81. Jordan Lawence says:

    So proud of you mom. Pop-Pop would be proud….For someone who hates being the center of attention I know this was “uncomfortable” for her. More Americans should stand up for their rights… it would make it harder for the government and landlords alike to try to take them away…. In short Never let the man keep you down. ;)

  82. amiee says:

    I think that its about time we as AMERICANS take back our rights the we have in this country the land of free and proud. To display the AMERICAN flag is a privaliege and right that we have AMERICANS. We should be able to display the flag when we want to!!!!!

    1. LiveFree says:

      The flag is just a symbol of what America used to stand for. In reality your rights have been taking over the past 10 years or so (Patriot act, TSA sticking their hands down pants, Government listening to your phone calls, President can now assassinate American citizens without a trial, Indian courts ruled the 4th amendments gone. )… People fight over the right to wave a flag but don’t have any fight in them to stand up for the rights the flag represents.

  83. 67 year old VET says:

    Johan you are correct about the using of US Mail Boxes to place fliers. Only the registered user and a postal employee may put articles in the box. That just shows how inept the “managers” of the comples are.

  84. Johan says:

    I hope those fliers deliverd to the mailboxes had a stamp on them otherwise the complex owners are in violation of the postal code.

    1. A resident says:

      they never do

      1. another resident says:

        I live there and what the report doesn’t include is that the flyer said “all flags are prohibited” and ” we don’t want to offend any residents” Any residents that are offended need to be deported…..immediately.

      2. Paul says:

        To “another resident”:

        Wow, somebody who is actually capable of using their brain. Anybody who is offended by this needs psychological evaluation.

    2. William Doyle says:

      Anybody who is offended by the flag of the USoA needs psychological evaluation back in whatever country they came from.

      1. Paul says:

        I agree.

      2. cwxj415 says:

        I agree, too. But the POINT, William, is that the owners of private property have the right to decide FOR THEMSELVES how they want to decorate THEIR OWN property!

        If you own an apartment house, you can decide what sort of flags you wish to permit your tenants to fly. The owners of this apartment house made a decision that they don’t want ANY flags, and that is their right (whether you agree with it or not, it is THEIR property). By what logic do any of the Fascists on this comment page think they have the right to FORCE a property owner to do something he doesn’t want to do?

  85. American Patriot says:

    Any landlord who tries to ban the American flag should be deported.

    1. Paul says:

      They didn’t ban the American flag, they banned all flags & signs. Read the article again. Stop making this into something it isn’t.

      1. Don't Be Silly says:

        Hey, Paul, let’s see how smart you are.

        “Management” sent these fliers out right before the 4th of July stating that all flags are prohibited.

        Now, stop and think………………

        Wouldn’t good logic, that even a child could render, cause one to naturally conclude that “management” is sending this message to its tenants because of the pending 4th of July celebration that……….(wait for it)…..usually involves the display of the American Flag?

        I know that you have to disagree with this because of the volume of ridiculous posts you’ve made in these comments defending “management”. But, maybe next time you’ll think it through a little bit before defending the wrong things.

      2. joe says:

        the thing is though it was sent out before the fourth of July,not Cinco de Mayo or another cultural holiday. To say this was not aimed at the american flag is ignorant.
        Plus your not addressing the real issue. I don’t care that they don’t want something of their property that’s fine. It’s the message that their sending. The lack of respect for America is the true problem, something you’ve failed to address.

      3. Paul says:

        Don’t get me wrong, I disagree whole-heatedly with the management for making this a rule, but it doesn’t stop the fact that it was their right to do so. I’m not defending them, I defending their rights. There’s a difference.

        Yes, I also made the connection that they did it right before the 4th of July (I was a very smart child indeed), and I also agree that it was in very poor taste. Does that mean I’m gonna huff & puff say that their rights should be taken away? No. That’s the price of freedom.

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