Flier Prohibiting The Hanging Of Flags In Burlington County Apartment Complex Stirs Up Controversy

MARLTON, N.J. (CBS) – As people in the New Amsterdam Apartments in Marlton prepare for the 4th of July, red, white and blue started popping up around the complex.

That was until a flier prohibiting the hanging of flags or signs was delivered to mailboxes Friday.

“I was so upset. How can they ban the American flag?” wondered Lois Lawrence.

She’s lived in the complex for 13 years. Her father was in the military and her son-in-law is a deployed marine.

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“I want him to come home safe. I want him to know I care,” said Lawrence, who says she tried reaching out to property management, but to no avail.

So she contacted Eyewitness News. Property Management said the flier did not properly relay an intent to improve curb appeal in the complex. Decorative garden flags are prohibited, but the American flag is always welcome.

Lawrence put two garden American flags she displayed inside her front door window back in her flower pot, no longer afraid they would be taken away and thrown out.

“I should be able to display the stars and stripes whenever I want,” said Lawrence.

Management thanked us for bringing the issue to their attention. The sales and marketing vice president says a new flier welcoming the flag is on its way to residents.

Reported by Robin Rieger, CBS 3

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  • Corey

    This is merely a miscalculation of management on a VERY small scale. Thank you CBS for sensationalizing nothing of importance.

    • Massimo Deportado

      Corey says, “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for….”.

      S’not going to work skippy….. The left is in everybodies face, stand and be counted.

      Or just be like Paul, the other dummy on this thread…..

    • billy

      i bet you were against the preacher burning the koran though huh?

  • kendrick1

    See what can happen when you stand up because you feel your rights are being threatened?? A bully will push you as far as you will let him/her!!

    • Paul

      How is it your right to hang a decoration on the outside of property that doesn’t belong to you? It’s not your right at all. If the apartment complex deems it as taking away from the appearance of the apartments, they’ll have it removed. Simple as that. It’s not your right. Get that through your head.

      • treecat


        “…a flier prohibiting the hanging of flags or signs was delivered to mailboxes Friday…”

        Contact the ‘Postal Police’, they arrest folks who tamper with U.S. Mail Boxes..

      • Massimo Deportado

        Paul would have no problem stuffing his fellow Americans into ovens.

        You work for Google, Paul?

  • David Kleine

    Only the flag of the UNITED STATES and our good friend ISRAEL should be allowed …

    • boB

      Yeah, it seems the people of LA consider themselves more Mexican than American since they BOO’ed the American Soccer team. Which means they DON’T put America above their ethnic country, which means I DON’T consider them American’s.

      • Massimo Deportado

        Put Paul in the same basket.


        (*sound of soldiers marching*)

  • Andy Scott

    It doesn’t surprise me there are fools in this country. What is surprising is the astonishing number of them!

  • Chaz54

    Good point Sal

  • Kathy

    Keep calling anti American folks on this garbage and they will continue to back down. Stand strong against them because if given an inch, they’ll go for a mile.

  • Chaz54

    And in their place the residents should fly what…..a Mexican flag??? This is nuts! The last I looked we lived in AMERICA and should be proud of that and have the unihibited ability to display that pride.
    Thanks alot ACLU and libs who support them. It sickens me.

    • William Doyle

      Agreed. Tell the Mexican immigrant he can’t hang his country’s flag there and the ACLU will be scrambling their fighters, Jesse Jackson in tow.

  • Rod Anders

    The homeowner association Nazis are at it again! I bet it’s OK to display the Swastika.

    • cwxj415

      Give it up,Paul. You are arguing with brainless righties who couldn’t argue their way out of a wet paper bag! All they know is to insult anybody who disagrees with the party line.

      Everybody with a working brain understands what you are saying, and in fact that you are one of the few people on this comment page who understands what the word “liberty” means.

      You cannot get blood from a turnip, and you cannot get logical argumentation from a brainless rightie partisan hack.

    • WingedVictory

      ‘All they know is to insult anybody who disagrees with the party line.’

      Exhibit 1. “You are arguing with brainless righties”

      Exhibit 2. ” and you cannot get logical argumentation from a brainless rightie partisan hack.”

      Pot calling the kettle black?

    • Paul

      Tara, I will let it go if you can explain to me how anybody’s rights were violated in this apartment complex. I have yet to see any reasonable explanation for anybody getting upset about this.

      • http://porchhound.wordpress.com/ porchhound

        Wow…another liberal anti-American troll posting about patriotism…go figure!

    • Tara

      Paul really let it go, we are freedom loving americans who will stop at nothing to ensure our rights are no longer violated
      crawl back in your liberal hole

    • arlington

      It’s not an HOA it’s an apartment management company… it’s a big difference, the residents do not own the property and must abide by the rules of living.

  • LeeInNJ

    I hope the people that are up in arms about being able to fly thier flags get to do so. I also hope that they actually do so properly, showing the proper respect by taking it down when it rains and each evening.

    • The First Avenger

      Military installations fly the US flag when it’s raining.

      • roberto

        The military uses an approved all-weather flag

  • Mike

    Why is it illegal to assault these Ameri-phobes?

  • LIZ


  • American (and proud of it)

    The spineless idiots (management) got caught trying to ram thier ideals down our throats and backed down without a whimper. Take your progressive views elsewhere!! As an American I have the right to fly my flag anytime I so choose.

    • WingedVictory

      ‘I don’t have a copy of their lease agreement and neither do you, so we’ll never know for sure what it says.’

      Bingo! So I would say your argument is pretty much over. You don’t have the contract so you are making assumptions, just like everyone else.

    • Paul

      Unless it’s on somebody else’s property. If you are leasing an apartment, it is not your property. What gives you the right? Answer me that.

      • Paul

        So, in that case, I should be able to hang ugly artwork all over the outside of my house that I’m renting. It’s not in the contract that I can’t. If it’s deemed to be offensive, then they have the right to order me to take it down. I don’t have a copy of their lease agreement and neither do you, so we’ll never know for sure what it says.

      • Blackcrow

        Management can’t make up rules on the fly. If it’s in the rental contract, then that’s different. But displaying your legal, private property is NOT against the law!

      • kankokage

        Wow Paul, that answers everything about the Left. They see the American Flag as “ugly artwork”. You know, ugly artwork that was invented a few days ago or something.

  • Shredderofmass

    I bet if it was a Mexican flag, or an illegal burning the American flag that would be just fine.

    • Massimo Deportado

      Oven Stuffing Paul WANTS to burn the flag but he’s actually scared of matches.

      Paul, you are a scroad, look it up….

      Look up what scroad means, there might even be a portrait of you there…..


    • Paul

      Massimo, I see you’re a fan of ad hominem attacks. It doesn’t exactly help your argument.

  • Kevin

    yeah yeah yeah. whatever.

    • Jarvis

      You say that here. If you really did try it, that is in person without the safe haven of your computer keys, you would be able to spell out your “yeah yeah yeah whatever” response using the waste matter that would drop into your pants. That lack of respect for peoples rights is a bulk of the problem facing America, and people with your “whatever” attitude are the child-minds who are temporarily in the way.

  • Jdoe

    Take back your country, citizens.


    I want old glory displayed all the time but I see the point in this politically correct nation. If they allow the American flag all the time then here come all the other flags. Liberal activists will be out there putting up rainbow gay flags, flags of other countries…it will never end so why open that box.
    I hate this is the case but you all know that is where this would be headed.

    • Gene

      Don’t give in, this is what they want of you. A country’s flag stands above all other flags within that country, and America is no different. People, it’s time to take a stand against the progressive / liberal attempts to control us. At what point do we conservatives get to stand up for what we want? The progressives have been in control of our educational system for several decades now and you are seeing the results in all that is around us. It is time to to take a stand or it will all be lost…..

    • Rod Anders

      Easily solved. They don’t allow any other flags EXCEPT the American flag. Problem solved. See how easy that was?

  • LiveFree

    Folks. America is finished. That’s what they are hinting with banning flags, pledge of allegiance, the president bowing for foreign leaders, the president taking orders from NATO, etc. Welcome to the “new world order” where you WILL bow to your masters… the United Nations, global banks and the international mega corporations who hate the constitution because it stands in their way.. America was bought and sold while you were busy watching American idol, Oprah, Family Guy, etc.

    • Willis

      How is it that the bulk of our populace, modern liberals, cannot see or refuse to see this is being done? They are so hell bent on discrediting their opposing party that theyre unable to realize that party (non-establishment Republicans) are the only hope to ending this sellout, this attempted socialization of a once great nation? Are they that clueless and blind in following a leftist agenda? Or are they purposely trying to end liberty in America, thus opening the door to tyranny? It amazes me not that this would ever happen, but that nobody seems to care to really do anything about it.

      • Beth Dennis

        The mainstream [radical left-wing] media have led you to believe that liberals are in the majority, but they are not! Statistically they only make up 20% of the population. Obama won last time because conservatives refused to vote for McCain and gullible people believed Obama’s campaign gibberish without reading his books first, and what a good idea that turned out to be [not]. If conservatives and conservative-leaning moderates would only use their power in the voting booth ALL of the time, and on the internet, and in every form of peaceful protest possible, this stuff wouldn’t happen. The problem is that conservatives have been too quiet, having been ridiculed by the mainstream media into silence, and our country is suffering for it. Just realize that the media does this because most of the top people MARRIED into Democrat political families, so they are just mouth-pieces now for their Dem masters.

      • ManOnPoint

        Liberals are 20%, Independents 40%, and Conservatives 40% of the voting population according to Pew Research and Rassmussen Polls. We that are Consevatives ONLY need 11% of the Independents to follow common sense American ideals to end this travesty!!! DO NOT LOSE HEART AND THINK LIBERALS HAVE THE UPPER HAND!!! They do not…2012, the empty suit will be gone!!!

  • garySellersville


  • http://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/2011/06/28/stigall-show-log-6-28-11/ Stigall Show Log 6.28.11 « CBS Philly

    […] 6:10 An apartment complex in Marlton reversed a policy of not allowing the American Flag to be flown follwing protests. […]

  • Jordan Lawence

    So proud of you mom. Pop-Pop would be proud….For someone who hates being the center of attention I know this was “uncomfortable” for her. More Americans should stand up for their rights… it would make it harder for the government and landlords alike to try to take them away…. In short Never let the man keep you down. ;)

  • http://www.decorativemailboxes.info/blog/2011/06/flier-prohibiting-the-hanging-of-flags-in-burlington-county-apartment-complex-stirs-up-controversy/ Flier Prohibiting The Hanging Of Flags In Burlington County Apartment Complex Stirs Up Controversy | Decorative Mailboxes

    […] from: Flier Prohibiting The Hanging Of Flags In Burlington County Apartment Complex Stirs Up Controversy Posted in decorative residential mailboxes | Tags: a-flyer-prohibiting, amsterdam, around-the, […]

  • amiee

    I think that its about time we as AMERICANS take back our rights the we have in this country the land of free and proud. To display the AMERICAN flag is a privaliege and right that we have AMERICANS. We should be able to display the flag when we want to!!!!!

    • LiveFree

      The flag is just a symbol of what America used to stand for. In reality your rights have been taking over the past 10 years or so (Patriot act, TSA sticking their hands down pants, Government listening to your phone calls, President can now assassinate American citizens without a trial, Indian courts ruled the 4th amendments gone. )… People fight over the right to wave a flag but don’t have any fight in them to stand up for the rights the flag represents.

  • 67 year old VET

    Johan you are correct about the using of US Mail Boxes to place fliers. Only the registered user and a postal employee may put articles in the box. That just shows how inept the “managers” of the comples are.

  • Johan

    I hope those fliers deliverd to the mailboxes had a stamp on them otherwise the complex owners are in violation of the postal code.

    • William Doyle

      Anybody who is offended by the flag of the USoA needs psychological evaluation back in whatever country they came from.

      • Paul

        I agree.

      • cwxj415

        I agree, too. But the POINT, William, is that the owners of private property have the right to decide FOR THEMSELVES how they want to decorate THEIR OWN property!

        If you own an apartment house, you can decide what sort of flags you wish to permit your tenants to fly. The owners of this apartment house made a decision that they don’t want ANY flags, and that is their right (whether you agree with it or not, it is THEIR property). By what logic do any of the Fascists on this comment page think they have the right to FORCE a property owner to do something he doesn’t want to do?

    • A resident

      they never do

      • Paul

        To “another resident”:

        Wow, somebody who is actually capable of using their brain. Anybody who is offended by this needs psychological evaluation.

      • another resident

        I live there and what the report doesn’t include is that the flyer said “all flags are prohibited” and ” we don’t want to offend any residents” Any residents that are offended need to be deported…..immediately.

  • American Patriot

    Any landlord who tries to ban the American flag should be deported.

    • Paul

      They didn’t ban the American flag, they banned all flags & signs. Read the article again. Stop making this into something it isn’t.

      • Don't Be Silly

        Hey, Paul, let’s see how smart you are.

        “Management” sent these fliers out right before the 4th of July stating that all flags are prohibited.

        Now, stop and think………………

        Wouldn’t good logic, that even a child could render, cause one to naturally conclude that “management” is sending this message to its tenants because of the pending 4th of July celebration that……….(wait for it)…..usually involves the display of the American Flag?

        I know that you have to disagree with this because of the volume of ridiculous posts you’ve made in these comments defending “management”. But, maybe next time you’ll think it through a little bit before defending the wrong things.

      • Paul

        Don’t get me wrong, I disagree whole-heatedly with the management for making this a rule, but it doesn’t stop the fact that it was their right to do so. I’m not defending them, I defending their rights. There’s a difference.

        Yes, I also made the connection that they did it right before the 4th of July (I was a very smart child indeed), and I also agree that it was in very poor taste. Does that mean I’m gonna huff & puff say that their rights should be taken away? No. That’s the price of freedom.

      • joe

        the thing is though it was sent out before the fourth of July,not Cinco de Mayo or another cultural holiday. To say this was not aimed at the american flag is ignorant.
        Plus your not addressing the real issue. I don’t care that they don’t want something of their property that’s fine. It’s the message that their sending. The lack of respect for America is the true problem, something you’ve failed to address.

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