Philadelphia Firefighter In Calendar Dispute Dies

PHILADELPHIA (AP) – Officials in Philadelphia say a firefighter who was reprimanded after posing shirtless for a charity calendar is dead.

Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers says 31-year-old Jack Slivinski was found dead early Saturday in his Lawndale home.

Ayers calls his death “devastating” and says police are investigating.

Slivinski was suspended in April after posing shirtless in low-slung jeans in front of a city fountain for a calendar that was to feature dozen firefighters (see related story).

Ayers said such shots violate department policy and Slivinski had not gotten permission. He was allowed to return to his unit the following month after a verbal reprimand.

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One Comment

  1. Iknow says:

    If that boy had been black he would have never lost his job in the first place. Yeah he got his job back but he was no longer in the elite Rescue One unit. Ayers made sure of that. He needs to lose his job.

  2. Linda says:

    There is no shame in trying to do the right thing. I am so offended by the politics in this it sicken’s me and for the people that are judging the situation…..that sickens me too.
    God Bless His Family!
    And how do you order this calendar?

    1. KK says:

  3. edwin m. says:

    it’s such a shame to have lost such a good citizen/serviceman over something as absurd as him being photographed w/o a shirt, for charity non-the-less. it really breaks my heart.
    this is typical american persecutory behavior quite common when it comes to anything remotely related to our bodies or sexuality. to me, it just sends a strong message on how alarmingly pathological the american psyche is.

  4. Donna Machamer says:

    Could somebody post the policy that says posing without a shirt, is not permitted? Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers, as well as the photographer, took over this young man’s life. He probably couldn’t get his life back to normal.
    I wonder if the photographer looked into what shw was doing before exploiting him, just as you would with a copyright.

    1. KK says:


      The photographer and Jack were close friends. No exploitation whatsoever. It is cruel of you to point fingers during this tragic time. Even Ayers is not to blame, though he could have chosen to be more supportive. Have some respect.

  5. Francis Graff says:

    Whatever drove this young man to take his life, it’s beyond thinking that someone didn’t see it coming. He was around some very intelligent co-workers, and seems like his family and friends knew him well enough to detect a problem. Yes, Ayres and the fire department treated this case to please their public, but so many others are also to blame. It should have been seen, and it should have been treated. I am sick over this, and sicker for those who knew him. May you rest with God young man.

  6. Joe says:

    u honestly think he killed himself because he was verbally reprimanded? he got his job back, had tons of support (that’s why he got his job back) and probably had a lot female attention….obviously something else was wrong…my condolences

  7. Steve C. says:

    Shame on you Ayers. This was a good man doing a good this for a right cause. Raising money for those that need it, it’s called taking care of your own, something you obviously don’t get. Shame on you, take your drop money and get the hell out of Philly with your many sleepless nights to come.

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