Pa. State Worker Unions Land Enviable Contracts

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) — After tough talk about concessions from Governor Corbett, Pennsylvania worker unions are ending up with contracts many other public employees would welcome in a time of economic stress.

Many other Republican governors facing deficits–including New Jersey’s Chris Christie–are sticking to their guns when seeking concessions from state workers. But when the Corbett administration struck a deal with leaders of its two largest unions last week, instead of the 4-percent wage cut Corbett said he wanted in the first year, there was only wage freeze, followed by increases in the three following years that the Harrisburg Patriot reported would total more than ten percent on average. In the end, Franklin and Marshall College professor and political analyst Terry Madonna believes Corbett decided a big fight with state workers wasn’t worth it with so many other initiatives hanging in the balance.

“He has a huge agenda out there, and I think he’s just reluctant to take the unions on,” Madonna explained.

Madonna also notes that Corbett had already signaled no interest in trying to trim public worker unions’ bargaining powers.

Reported by Tony Romeo, KYW Newsradio

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One Comment

  1. Moewolf says:

    I’m laughing my After 20 years of dealing w/ the dregs of society, . people most of you would walk across the street to avoid, I’m supose to feel guilty about a 10% raise over 4 years. Please! I’m a bad guy because I have healthcare. Well, I’m a healthy bad guy w/ 2 successful teeage boys who’ve had the good life provided by my bloated benefits package. Hate that…

  2. Dejordy says:

    What spineless governor. He’d rather have some of their votes, on the taxpayers’ dime, that confront their bloated compensation

  3. Hater says:

    RINOs get shellacked too.

  4. a blue-collar worker says:

    Folks: The truly rich and powerful in this country (and they are getting fewer all the time) use the tactic Divide & Conquer to keep us in our place.

    Instead of arguing amongst ourselves and being jealous, we ALL need to fight for what we deserve. Workers should have something to show for their work, it’s that simple.

    Instead of looking at our neighbors and saying, “He has more than me!!” and trying to take what he has, we should work together to build up what we ALL have. If you are jealous because some union worker has more, then JOIN A UNION! And if there isn’t one, then START ONE! People in this country have fought and bled and DIED for your right to keep what you earn, to have some security to show for your hours and years of hard work. (Look up the mine wars, for example.)

    Unions are not the enemy. They represent YOUR interests. If you are jealous of what someone else has, then work to get your own, don’t try to strip away and tear down what your neighbors have. There are people out there who will help you organize and get what you deserve.

    Workers create wealth. We should get to keep it, instead of sending it all straight to the wealthy owners.

    Workers unite!

    1. grumpy says:

      Exactly right! The working man is his own worst enemy. Divide and conquer is working.

  5. Guess Who says:

    New governors need to go after the unions early. Corbett made a big mistake.

  6. tJ says:

    First off people need to stop being jealous of people making more money or having better jobs. I never complain about other people making more wish I could.
    People need to realize as state worker we pay for health care, put money into our retirement and pay taxes just like everyone.
    As far as our salary it’s not what you think it’s is. I could make two to six more dollars an hour if I left the state system.

    1. Guess Who says:

      So leave. What’s holding you back? Is it your bloated benefit package?

  7. Mo says:

    Are you kidding me!?! These Union/State workers are so overpaid!!!! My taxes pay for the State workers’ health insurance, pension, etc and they just stand there looking around like idiots on the job!!! Why are they entitled to a raise EVERY year!? If you don’t work hard, you don’t get one, end of story. Quit your crying, everyone is suffering right now. Each state needs to do what Govern Christie did and cut off all spending until they figure out exactly where the taxpayers money is going!

    1. grumpy says:

      Most tax payer’s money goes to the best salaries and benefit package available on earth: the very people that you elect and their appointees! The cuts must start at the very top!

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