Corbett Expected To Sign Bill Expanding Use Of Deadly Force In Self-Defense

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) – Governor Corbett is expected to sign a controversial bill now headed to his desk that will expand the right to use deadly force in self-defense.

Currently, the so-called “Castle Doctrine” allows that a person may use deadly force, without a duty to retreat to safety if possible, against an intruder in their home. The bill on its way to Governor Corbett would essentially expand that right to include anyone who is threatened in any place they have a right to be.

The bill was amended to include exceptions where the shooter was illegally in possession of a firearm or was in the commission of a crime, or if they are in a confrontation with a law enforcement officer.

Richard Long, executive director of the Pennsylvania DA’s Association, says those changes made the bill more palatable to his organization, “We still believe it’s a solution in search of a problem. But if the change is going to occur, we’re more comfortable with the current version.”

Long says the DA’s are concerned that the changes will end up being used by criminals in an effort to avoid prosecution.

Reported by Harrisburg Bureau Chief Tony Romeo, KYW Newsradio 1060

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One Comment

  1. JFP says:

    Oh darn,we’re startin’ to infringe upon the criminals rights,whats this world comming to.

  2. kelprod says:

    I hope Corbett signs it. A man should be able to defend his castle against intruders.

  3. CENSOR "THIS" CBS3 says:

    I agree with the censorship of CBS3……Depending who the “moderator” is, and if they dislike a comment, it may never get posted!! What a F”NG JOKE!!!!!

    PLEASE get open minded censors CBS3, not shallow one who have their feelings hurt very easily!!!!

  4. Dona says:

    I agree williejoe. seems to me that all this is gonna do is allow people to kill others they have issues with, by inviting them over and then saying I thought I was going to be hurt so I killed him.
    I do believe in the right to bear arms and protect myself but this is what seems to me a ticket to kill and get away with it. Yhere are way to many killings going on in this country, why don’t we try to pass laws that are actually useful?
    Like I said its only my opion.

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