Mayor Nutter Voted Vice President Of U.S. Conference Of Mayors

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter is expected be put in line to become a major advocate for cities and urban areas across the country during the 2012 Presidential election. On Monday, Nutter is expected to be named the Vice President of the U-S Conference of Mayors, and he would then become next in line to become the group’s next president.

Nutter currently serves as the Conference’s 2nd Vice President, and his move to President of the organization in June of 2012 is contingent on him being re-elected in Philadelphia.

Nutter says the position comes with a lot of responsibility.

“Make sure the Congress, the President, the Governors pay attention to what’s going on, on the ground in our cities.”

On Monday, Nutter will be among a small group of mayors that head to the White House for a discussion on the issues the nation’s cities are facing.

“The President wants to hear a kind of a report from the front lines, how things are going in our cities, issues of employment, jobs, and economic development and infrastructure renewal.”

The US Conference of Mayors opened this weekend’s meetings with a call for Congress to spend less on wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and spend more on the nation’s cities.

Reported by Dan Wing, KYW Newsradio


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  1. emulherin says:

    I’m glad Mayor Nutter has been chosen to be vice-president of the conference of urban mayors as liaison to congress, President and governors. It is a tremendous responsibility and I am grateful for his civic service. As a suburban Philly resident, I am aware of Mayor Nutter and his service. He has great character, is honest , transparent,responsible, hard-working,intelligent, a great communicator and a great leader. I hope he is reelected in 2012. I think it would be great for him to be president of the conference.Best wishes to him and his family. Happy Father’s Day, Mayor Nutter. In a time when our country is looking for great leaders, we have one.

  2. Sick of Philly says:

    Why? This guy is a terrible mayor! I wouldn’t make him vice president of the sanitation department.

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