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By Lesley Van Arsdall

Why I’m thankful for Vancouver.

The city really made Philly fans look good this week. When Chicago won the Stanley Cup at the Wells Fargo Center last year, did we boo during then ceremony? No.

We just walked out, disappointed, but that was the right thing to do. No throwing objects on the ice.

In fact, the fans that stayed were even respectful and clapped.
The fans in Vancouver took it to a whole new level. After loosing Game 7 of the Stanley Cup to the Bruins Wednesday night, the city went crazy. Almost 150 people were hospitalized, 100 arrested, police cars set on fire and several stores looted.
We know how it feels to lose, but that display was classless.

There are definitely better ways to take out your frustration. Philly fans have done some crazy and shameful things in the past… (probably don’t have to go over that list).

But, I’d like to think we are better than that.

Vancouver is a beautiful city to visit … but I wouldn’t want to be a fan there.

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