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Students Rally In Support Of Philadelphia ‘Alternative’ Schools

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – About a dozen students turned out for a rally this morning outside Philadelphia City Hall to protest school district plans to close certain alternative schools.

Princess Rahman (in photo) is one of the 43 percent of Philadelphia high school students who didn’t graduate in four years.  But she is getting her diploma this year, she says, thanks to a so-called “accelerated” school.

In her impassioned speech at the rally, Rahman blames school district officials for worrying only about the bottom line:

“You close down our schools, you’re supplying the guns.  You take away our funding, you’re supplying the ammunition.  The only thing left to do will be to sit back and watch the bloodshed, and by all means it will be on your hands.  Now, count your money with that on your conscience.”

City councilman Bill Green also addressed the crowd, saying if the school district expects more money from the city, it had better figure out how to fund the “alternative” schools for kids with disciplinary problems.

Reported by Jim Melwert, KYW Newsradio 1060

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One Comment

  1. WAKE UP CALL!!!!! says:

    Sorry that’s wake up call for the record :)

  2. Wake uo call!!!! says:

    I’m in complete agreement with “annoyed”. The first comment was obviously from an ignorant person with little or no self worth. If Zmeeker for one second believes that alternative schools don’t make a difference, I think it’s time for he/she to take their heads out of their rear ends and look around.People don’t gather in sweltering heat to fight for something that hasn’t in one way, shape, or form help them GENIUS!

  3. ZMEEKER says:

    Wow! IF that speech by Princess Rahman is result and an example of the of the education provided by the alternative schools, I think that those schools could not be closed down faster. Just give them their diplomas and close the alternative schools so limited resources can be reserved for real students. Alternative schools seem to just delay some persons entry into welfare and the criminal justice system. What a waste.

    1. annoyed. says:

      How is that speech a poor display of education? I think it was well said. These alternative schools may not reach EVERYONE that enters those buildings, but even if it helps one student, I believe it’s worth it. It’s getting more and more frustrating how many people are giving up on kids without a second thought. These alternative schools are kids last chance before they end up out on the streets.

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