Pennsylvania Woman Admits Robbing Bank Dressed As Clown

EASTON, Pa. (AP) — A Pennsylvania woman admits she donned a clown suit and robbed a bank last summer but her motive remains a mystery.

Carolyn Williams apologized Wednesday as she pleaded guilty to felony robbery in Northampton County court.

Williams made off with about $7,000 after wearing the garish outfit, red nose and rainbow wig into a Bethlehem Township bank last August and saying she had a bomb. Williams had claimed she was forced to rob the bank by a kidnapper who had her children.

Williams offered no explanation but said she hoped the judge would understand her actions when further details are released during an August sentencing hearing.

Defense attorney Dwight Danser emphasized in court that Williams was concerned for the safety of her two children at the time of the heist.

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One Comment

  1. malachi says:

    sounds like “quick change” nude women! clowns welcome!

  2. Banderman says:

    “Woman dressed as a clown robs bank”. How could they tell?

  3. amny says:


  4. Flannigan says:

    And, he’s still robbing us blind!

  5. John C says:

    Not funny.

  6. Horsesrunwild says:

    Where is the picture?? Would have been a good article….Need to buy your crew some cameras??

  7. MARY says:


    1. TOM SERVO says:

      Mary, I wouldn’t call Ron Paul a clown – even though the media does. I guess to them, following the constitution and restoring the lost dignity of our nation is a joke.

      Check out

  8. taosuntzu says:

    Will she allocute as Pagliacci ?

  9. Kinko says:

    Banks dressed as clowns is soooooo last week.

  10. jasperddbgghost says:

    Kathy Griffin….is that you?

  11. Tony White says:

    What was the bank doing dressed like a clown?

    1. taosuntzu says:


  12. G Pan says:

    She got the clown suit idea from Bill Murray in the 1990 film “Quick Change.”

    1. a yap says:

      or The Dark Knight

  13. MDWhite says:

    When I first saw the headline, I thought it might have been Nancy Pelosi.

  14. Fit Patricks says:

    “A Pennsylvania woman admits she donned a clown suit and robbed a bank last summer but her motive remains a mystery.”

    Noooo, her motive couldn’t of been the money they keep in banks.

  15. Mike Alright says:

    “…forced to rob the bank by a kidnapper” – and she was touched as a child, so anything that she does or that happens to her is not her fault. It is pretty obvious that most US women are victims of something (which gives them an excuse for everything that is wrong with them)….

  16. mws says:

    How could the motive be a mystery? Where do you reporters graduate from? Robbed bank to get money. Wear a disguise so people do not recognize you.

  17. mws says:

    Any bank that is dressed like a clown deserves to be robbed.

    1. yawningman says:

      Thief to teller: “Don’t try anything funny.”

      1. amny says:


  18. sailordude says:

    C’mon internet news, you have GOT to provide a picture of the clown bank robber! BTW, this is done in the movies all the time so it’s not that wild a story.

    1. RevWC says:

      If you want a picture of a clown Google Lady Gaga

  19. LEL MN says:

    This incident should in no way be associated with the obama administration. Just because the perp was Waring the official obama gang uniform doesn’t necessarily mean she’s a member of the gang.

    1. Hal McCombs says:

      Not yet, anyway. She’s just now showing Obama her “street cred”.

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