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Mayor Nutter Raising Parking Meter Rates To Help School Budget

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Part of the school district bailout that the mayor plans is an increase in the cost of parking on the street in Center City and University City.

Under the mayor’s plan, on-street parking rates in the core of Center City (Arch to Locust, 4th Street to 20th) will go from $2 an hour to $2.50 an hour. In the outlying portions of Center City, and in University City, rates will jump from $1.50 an hour to $2.

All this is designed to bring in an extra $6 million a year targeted for the School District of Philadelphia.

Deputy Mayor for Transportation Rina Cutler does not believe this latest hike, the second in two years, will keep people from coming into town.

“We’re certainly hopeful it will not drive away traffic and that the rates are still within the range. So we are optimistic,” she said. “But we will keep our eye on it.”

The rate increase will affect both parking meters and multi-space kiosks. It is expected to take effect later this month.

Reported by Mike Dunn, KYW Newsradio

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One Comment

  1. jenny says:

    Actually, sales tax receipts could go up if many of the two hour meters or parking zones would go to three hours. A limit of two hours is not enough time for many people. We have cut short meals, shopping, have decided not to join a Center City gym etc because of the two hour limits.

    Philly is a great city and its star is on the rise. Stop complaining about how you are treated or that this group of people or that group of people are some kind of problem. Your experience of life starts with yourself. Start to deliberately give yourself positive experiences and stop trying to prove that everything is someone else’s fault. For example, I never ever watch the evening local news — because it leaves me with a negative sense about the city. If I seek out positive places and experiences and keep an open mind, it is a life-changing new view of life in the city.

    …And by the way, so many of you need to work on grammar and spelling. That, too, will open doors of opportunity and bring you better karma all around.

  2. William H Boyd says:

    The City Has Been Going Down Hill Ever Since Street Got In Office. Now Nutter Wants To Raise The Parking Rates And If You Don’t Pay Them You Will Have You Car Towed. I Am So Glad That I Moved From Philadelphia And I Will Never Come Back There To Live Or To Visit.

    1. jenny says:

      Why on God’s green earth is it that every one of your words is capitalized? That is completely ridiculous. Do you think anyone can read that easily? It is idiotic.

  3. Raise the fees so you can end up on Parking Wars. THAT’s when your nightmare begins…

  4. ed boyle says:

    At least dig down and fix the kiosks so that they work. A few days ago, on Walnut between 4th & 5th, I threw in a few quarters and nothing happened. I went to another kiosk and threw in a few quarters, nothing happened. I tried a credit card and the kiosk said “processing,” eventually saying “$4.00 limit,” or something like that. Tried the arrow keys and got nothing. Fortunately, I had 4 crisp dollar bills available and a kiosk accepted them. I know I spent at least $7.00 and it could be as much as $11.00 when my credit card bill comes, for 2 hours parking!

  5. mark says:

    I am one who just left 3 weeks ago Tired of Phillys ghetto attitue I lost count on the number of times blacks treated me poorly because I as white

  6. bottomline says:

    As the tax paying citizens leave the city, the city has few options but to raise cash at meters and soft drinks, etc. Increasing property taxes again would only result in speeding up the taxpayer exodus. Philawelphia is truly a non profit city, determined to maintain the status quo financial drain.

  7. slick says:

    I might as well take the bus as bus fare is 2.00 anyway….and would save me on gas….what a joke!

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