Court Overrules Gov. Christie, Orders More Spending For NJ’s Neediest Schools

TRENTON, N.J. (CBS) – A ruling Tuesday from the New Jersey Supreme Court orders the state to spend more money on the poorest school districts despite Governor Chris Christie’s efforts to balance the budget.

But the governor says he will not defy the order.

The 3-2 decision orders the state to spend an additional $500 million on the 31 neediest districts around the state — far less than the $1.7 billion that education advocates had sought.

“We are pleased with the ruling because it reaffirms the constitutional rights of our students and the obligation of the state to provide a thorough and efficient public education,” said Steve Baker, a spokesman for the New Jersey Education Association. “We are of course disappointed that it applies only to the 31 Abbott districts.”

Abbott was the plaintiff in a landmark 1985 lawsuit over educational inequalities in New Jersey.

Governor Christie has argued that reducing spending on education is necessary to balance the budget, and without doing so, other programs will suffer.

Reported by Suzanne Monaghan, KYW Newsradio; Robin Rieger, CBS 3

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  1. ORAXX says:

    Wouldn’t eliminating educational funds for poor people lead to a lot more poor people in the future? I fear some future historian will date the demise of the United States as a great nation, from the era when it’s citizens decided the country was no longer worth paying for.

  2. HERB says:

    This republican is telling the same lies. To run any kind of government you need revenue. Thats the money that is raised from taxes. Those taxes should equal the needs of the community, state, country where the taxes are paid. The answer has never been (except in the minds of the greedy) to take from the poor and give to the rich. There used to be a balance in this country that allowed individuals to make money, and even get rich (if they were smart or lucky enough), but also allowed a less fortunate individual to at least still have part of that dream.

    There can still be a balance, we must tax EVERYONE especially those who have paid little or no tax on the millions they have taken out of the society. Their fair share is determined by total out= total in. If the individual made 1% of the total tax base income for the year, that individual should pay 1% of the tax base budget. The wealthy have been taking huge chunks of the total money available in communities and contributing little or nothing for years. That is the reason that there is no money to pay for social programs. Republican administrations have been eroding the tax base for years by buying tax breaks with campaign contributions. Now they have taken so much that necessary societal safeguards can no longer be paid for? Cut more programs? How about we force those who have been benefitting for years to be socially responsible and pay for their own incredible success so that others may also have a chance to enjoy that same kind of success. Probably will not happen. The fix is in! The wealthy like things just the way they are and will be aided in keeping them that way by greed worshiping miscreants like Gov. Christie

  3. Todds says:

    What other programs? The ones that give tax credits to multi-national corporations, Wall Street, and the wealthy?

  4. Zinc says:

    Yeah, if children are coming out of school, dumb as a door knobs, then why spent a living wage on their teachers!.

  5. Bill says:

    NJ has been spending tens of millions on these Abbott disctricts fro years. what has it gotten us; not much I can see. The NJ Supreme Court should stay out of the NJ tax issues unless they are willing to pay the bill too. Fed up up Judges who presume to be Gods.

  6. grumpy says:

    Looks like this windbag is in for some loses. Ha ha ha ha.

  7. ppn512 says:

    i think that all the schools should be given more money, as the quality of education has dropped in new jersey.
    Also schools should spend it wisely.

    1. Scott says:

      It’s not the quality of the education….it is the quality of the children that has dropped. Parents do not control, discipline and contribute properly towards their child’s upbringing

  8. Linda D Bryant says:

    Good for the NJ Supreme Court!!!!

    The children who reside in East Orange, Camden, Newark—(the poorest
    cities in NJ) deserve an equal education just as those kids who happen to come from Saddle Brook, Cherry Hill, Mapleshade—(the richest cities) do!!!!!!

    1. Scott says:

      Talk to the parents…’s not the schools. Parents are lazy and do nothing to help their own children. The good parents, with or without money, will have successful children.

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