QUAKETROWN, Pa. (CBS) — A man who exposed potential hazards at a local playground may face felony charges for illegally recording a conversation with a town employee.

Nick Scott, a Quakertown resident, posted a video on YouTube exposing what he thought were dangerous conditions at a local playground. He also posted a phone conversation he had with Quakertown’s Public Works Superintendent Joe Murgia, a conversation that violates state wire tapping law because Murgia said he didn’t know he was being recorded.

In Pennsylvania, both parties of a conversation need to know they are being recorded.

“I was just trying to do good, I wasn’t trying to do anything malicious,” said Scott, who tells Eyewitness News everything he’s done was with his 19-month-old daughter Olivia’s safety in mind.

“She almost got hurt and I tried to fix it, I tried to do what I can to bring the bearer to action and instead they want to maybe throw me in jail. I could be torn away from her (Olivia) and my family for a long time,” said Scott.

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Scott surrendered to Quakertown Police Monday morning on a felony warrant. It was not an easy parting, especially for his little girl.

“I’m very nervous, just wondering what’s going to be the outcome of this,” said Scott’s fiance, Marlin Hawk. “I hope everything is going to be okay.”

Scott’s supporters, who turned up with protest signs, feel that local leaders are retaliating against their friend for speaking out.

“It makes it hard for other people who want to follow suit,” said Ralph Bruch, a Quakertown parent. “We want people to come out into the community and to stand up for what’s right and to try to get things taken care of, but when you live in fear of doing that and you have to worry about retaliation it’s not worth it.”

Neither Borough Manager Scott McElree or Joe Murgia, who is pursuing the criminal charge, would speak with Eyewitness News.

Scott, who has since removed his video from YouTube, was released on his own recognizance.

The Burough has since fixed some of the problems in the playground and scheduled a work day in the park for volunteers to make even more repairs.

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