Believers Of Doomsday Disappointed In The Failed Apocalypse

HADDON TOWNSHIP, N.J. (CBS) – On Friday, Judgment Day followers handed out fliers, declaring the end was near.

But the May 21st prediction came and left as many people expected.

“The world wasn’t going to end. If you read the bible, you know that,” said Deborah Addison of Philadelphia.

“It’s not something I gave a lot of thought to for obvious reasons,” said Andre Lowery.

Ebible Fellowship leader Chris McCann who promoted the so called “Dooms Day” could not be reached for comment. When CBS 3 asked him two weeks ago if he would be willing to do a follow-up interview if the world still exist, McCann said that wasn’t possible.

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Family Radio Network founder Harold Camping came up with the May 21st date. He’s based out of Oakland, California and so far has had no comment and neither do his local followers a Family Radio station in Haddon Township, New Jersey.

However, 25-year-old Vincent Pisano at home is speaking out.

“I’m confused,” said Pisano who says he researched the bible for himself and agreed that May 21st would be the day Jesus came back to earth.

“I believe judgment has started,” said Pisano. “We might have been slightly off but not far off.”

Pisano would not give a specific date for when the world would end. He says he has more research to do before he makes another prediction.

Reported by Jericka Duncan, CBS 3

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One Comment

  1. Donna Lauria says:

    How IDIOTIC to believe that Camping was serious! He made money on this whole fake “world ending” scam.

    For those of you who are disappointed that you are still breathing, walking and talking – why not take your own lives? If you’re that unhappy – DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

    You are all STUPID.

  2. Cindy says:

    How sad are their lives that they want to exit so badly? Pisano’s girlfriend should count herself lucky that she didn’t marry him.

  3. K says:

    Agreed Grumpy, LOL. And to resign Obama, shut up and get over yourself……

    1. Resign, Obama says:

      No K, you STFU & GFY. I’m still entitled to my opinion. Obama hasn’t turned the country completely socialist yet.

  4. grumpy says:

    I think that I have seen some of these people at a couple of Tea Party rallies. Hmmmmm.

    1. Resign, Obama says:

      Re-elect that idiot Obama and the world may end.

  5. kelly says:

    how about we report on news that is important, and not nuts that think the world is going to end. so sick of giving these idiots free publicity. they give Christianity a very bad name.

  6. Stephanie Patterson says:

    Looks like a ruptured rapture to me. Back to work, folks – unless you quit.

  7. itz says:

    Disappointed that they had to go back to work, it being Monday, or did they up and quit tjheir job on Friday? Now they have too mow the grass, take out the trash.. ho hum, life goes on. Better luck next time

  8. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve heard that this wasn’t the first time he predicted the world coming to an end. I think the first time was back in 1999.

    In the Bible, Jesus said that the world would end in the future. He also said that He didn’t know when, only God knows. Jesus warned about the false prophets, who would predict the end, or who would claim that He (Jesus) was back on earth/where He was/etc. He also said that there would even be people, who claimed that they were Jesus Himself.

    Obviously, this man is one of those ‘false prophets’! No one knows when the end will come. Jeus, Himself, didn’t even know.

    The best thing that anyone can do is turn their lives around. No one knows exactly when the world will end. One thing for sure is that YOUR ‘world’ will end when you die, whether you actually live ’til the very last day or not.

    V. Pisano did his girlfriend a huge favor by calling off the wedding! I hope she meets someone worth marrying!

    1. Elizabeth says:

      P.S. I believe there was also a guy in NY, who also predicted the end. He’s retired from the FDA and spent a fortune leaving notices at bus stops and so forth. Can’t remember for sure the date he picked, but I think it was May 26th or the 29th.

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