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In Philadelphia As Elsewhere, ‘Guvernator’ Scandal Gets Bloods Boiling

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Just days after news of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s infidelities surfaced, his transgressions are still on the minds of many, in Philadelphia and across the nation.

As more information comes out about Schwarzenegger, the housekeeper, and their teen illegitimate child, many people on the streets of Philadelphia are fascinated by the secret the actor-turned-governor kept for so long.

(Woman #1:)   “I want to know how could he have done such a thing!  And they’re showing pictures now where he’s dancing with her, taking pictures at Christmastime!  Yes, I’m very curious.”

(Woman #2:)  “It’s a national embarrassment to her as well as to his family.”

(Man #1:)  “I think that Arnold is absolutely ridiculous.  People trusted him — both his family and the people of California — and he’s made a joke out of himself.”

(Woman #3:)  “It’s shameful.  It’s really sad that he had a secret that long, living under the roof of his wife.”

Was she shocked when she heard about it?

(Woman #3:)  “Very shocked, because I was an admirer of him.  I liked that (impersonating “The Terminator”) ‘I’ll be back.’ “

And how do they think this scandal will end?

(Woman #1:)   “I think she’s gonna divorce him, yes, and I think she’s gonna hit him hard.  Just like what’s-his-name, Tiger Woods.   She’s gonna hit him big and she’s gonna hit him hard!”

Reported by Hadas Kuznits, KYW Newsradio 1060

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One Comment

  1. grumpy says:

    WHO CARES? The whole country has been going down hill for years and the story of the day(s) is about Arnold! Only in America!

  2. andy says:

    It’s a politico thing. Fast Eddie Rendell, Arnold Swartznegger, the a$$hole governor of S.Carolina. the list goes on. Governors have the biggest willys” & thery need to stick them in Beings to make it grow. Human Beings that is.

  3. Horace Riggs says:

    Mayor Nutter is routinely seen out in Center City past midnight with women who are not his wife.

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