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White Teachers Sue Philadelphia School, Charge Race Bias

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Four white Philadelphia teachers filed federal race-bias lawsuits that accuse a black principal of creating a hostile work environment and suggesting they were unfit to teach black children.

The teachers work at a predominantly black elementary school that has a recent history of racial tension. Their lawsuits say that a former principal had them read an article that said “white teachers do not have the ability to teach African-American students.”

The teachers also allege that the principal, Charles Ray III, and others undermined their work by reprimanding them, randomly changing their room assignments and letting black teachers ignore rules that their white counterparts had to follow. Ray also retaliated when they filed union grievances, they said.

“Charles Ray III consistently stated that he had a relationship with top school officials indicating that his conduct was part of an approved policy or was part of a pattern of practices sanctioned and supported by ‘higher authority,”’ the suits allege.

The teachers—Nicole Boyd, Debra McKibben Marenbach, Colleen Yarnell and Marta Ciccimaro—filed the lawsuits last week, demanding more than $150,000 each. Courthouse News Service first reported on the complaints Tuesday.

The school district had no immediate comment, spokeswoman Shana Kemp told The Associated Press.

Kemp said she was not immediately authorized to say if Ray still works for the district. A message left at a possible home number for him was not immediately returned.

Racial tensions among staff at Thomas Mifflin Elementary School have simmered before.

A white principal left about four years ago amid a chorus of complaints from black parents. One mother testified at a City Council meeting in December 2007 that she had heard the administrator say Muslim students looked like “flying nuns,” according to news reports.

In April 2008, vandals defaced a mural on the side of the school with anti-Semitic graffiti.

Ray arrived that fall, and lasted only for the 2008-09 school year, the lawsuit said.

The surrounding East Falls neighborhood is largely white and, in some sections, wealthy. Residents include former Gov. Ed Rendell and former U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter. But many white families in the area send their children to private schools.

Mifflin currently has about 270 students, 86 percent of them black and 85 percent of them poor, according to school district data.

The defendants include the local teachers union and a supervising teacher whom Ray allegedly ordered to go through personnel files and investigate their home and personal lives.

Lawyers for the teachers did not immediately return calls for comment.

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One Comment

  1. John Mcrae says:

    I spent thirty years in a small town (MA) junior high school teaching mostly poor, working class white kids, with a small number (5-8%) number of minority students. They were not much different from their white classmates: some good, some not so. Once they got to the point they could travel to the nearest city to hang around with friends of their race, they almost all went straight downhill: terrible students, defiant, in trouble with the cops, etc. I felt very bad for them and for their parents who wanted more for them than what they would’ve had if they had stayed in the city. To be honest with you, I concluded the only hope their parents had was to keep them away from their city pals until they had had a chance to mature, get educated, learn things that would help them find a decent job, start their own normal family, etc. Handing the schools over to minority administrators and teachers simply because of their race has destroyed any chance of their kids having a life.

  2. Phil McCrevis says:

    Two problems here….1….HNIC….2 unions. Get rid of them both!

  3. lukuj says:

    Would you also say, then, that black teachers are not fit to teach white suburban kids or any kids that are not from the same background as they? If that happened, there would be screams of racism and prejudice and Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would be all over the TV and newspapers to condemn this. A good teacher is a good teacher and can teach any child who knows how to behave and wants to learn. It is the parents’ job to make sure the child knows how to behave and wants to learn when they come to school. Any parent can accomplish that – no matter where they live or how poor or rich they may be.

  4. Joe says:

    Lord help us if you ever become a teacher with the writing skills you displayed here. Take a writing class or two and try again. Or is this an example of acceptable “Ebonics”?

  5. greatgrannysmith says:

    A white suburbanite cannot teach? What is it you want taught? No wonder our children don’t have a basic education when they should be ready for the world. Spelling, literature, mathematics, Come on, even the teachers have trouble with spelling or any kind of communication. Notes to the parents should be checked by someone in administration before sending on.

  6. Bill says:

    Kevin I agree to a point. We do need more Black role models for young black kids to look up to especially in the inner city schools. I commend you on your decision and as a military man myself I actually suggest the same thing everyday to my fellow sailors, soldiers and airman. We need people to lead these kids out of the ghetto and in to society so that one day than can be the example for some other kid to do the same. Keep up the fight. My only disagreement point would be to teach those young children to look beyond the color of a man’s skin to find a role model because it shouldn’t matter.

  7. Bill says:

    I see all sorts of hate going back and forth on here just like any where else in America. I am a conservative Christian who believes in equality regardless of color, but you need to have the desire to do something with yourself and for yourself. No one can make you do anything you don’t want to do so its time we all own up and admit our mistakes and failures and move on. I am not perfect and never would try to say I was but I know what I am capable of doing when I put my heart and sole in to it. DR King gave his life to move the black community forward in this country and they have taken his gift and used it and destroyed it. Shame on you for taking his sacrifice for granted.

    1. Bee Whitman says:

      lol – whites will get no justice or sympathy in the coming socialist Amerika. Do a search on Nathaniel Kapner and learn why.

  8. Mikey De says:

    The big cities will never be run properly. There a simply not enough honest people who live in them. The public schools in Phila have been a joke for 50 years. The corruption within the “school system” simply reflects the corruption in Phila politics. It will never change now that the demographic reflects a majority African American population backed up by an army of liberal democrat lawyers who sue a teacher who tries to keep some semblance of order in the class room. Its so very sad to see an entire race who sold thier birthright for crummy government checks.

    1. Greatgrannysmith says:

      Add Chicago to that list of racial hatred. The Chicago Administration has been known to be corrupt for over fifty years.

  9. Less1leg says:

    Its open season on White People in places like Philadelphia, and the African American society on the whole are taking advantage of it. This isn’t just an inner city problem. Its a collective problem from top down, as described by none other than Obama’s Administration, Eric Holder who may as well tell the African American general public that Smacking the Cracker Day, and Beat Up Whitey while riding on buses is acceptable behaviour. The African American Principal should be fired for his lack of decency he now expresses from his management position within that particular school board. What a degrace as an administror within the school. How about putting signs on the backs of the White teachers in the school, Kick Da Cracker.

  10. moronpolitics says:

    Don’t know what happened here, but when I taught at an all black school with 5 white teachers the ratings were black females all got clearly outstanding, white females got exceeds expectations, black males got exceeds expectations, white males and hispanic males got1 point above the minimum that would have required and improvement plan (work for the administration) Only exception was a white male with a specialty they could not open the school with unfilled. He made a deal with the Principal before he signed that BOTH his evaluations would be done by the principal, in the first 6 weeks period and both would be clearly outstanding or he would retire. He also got permission to paddle as part of the deal. One of the black females that got clearly outstanding would stand outside her class and cry while other teachers would go in and quit them down. When she got her evaluation she went berserk because she was “denied points”, I looked at it and she was denied ONE “excellence point” that kept her from a perfect score even though kids slept in her class, walked out etc

    1. moronpolitics says:

      clarification: MY school was in Dallas, Texas. An Hispanic teacher started to give me pointers about my evaluation, but i told him to wait for his own. It was exactly like mine. exactly. He had always received outstanding ratings, but that was at an hispanic school with an hispanic principal.

      1. Mike Avillion says:

        Wow, your post truly shows the sad state of our educational system. I don’t see a single sentence of yours that is not riddled with grammatical errors. You and the school system you worked for in Dallas, TX should be ashamed!!!!

  11. JohnBrown@Harper'sFerry says:

    Liberal policies have destroyed the black population on so many levels (e.g., education, family, crime, employment/income, etc). And the cycle of poverty continues because the culture of entitlement kills the incentive, which facilitates the hard work, which is required to be uwardly mobile. And yet the black population continues to pledge their undying allegiance to the Democratic party. Blacks that go to school, work hard, and seek to succeed are considered “sell-outs” or “Uncle Tom’s” by the majority of the black population that inhabits the political left. It is 2011 and the black population is worse off than at any time since 1865. Black Americans, it’s time for you to wake up and realize that your Democratic masters seek only to collect your votes while keeping you on the plantation, just as they did during the Antebellum and Jim Crow South. Only difference is now they throw a few measly dollars your way to purchase your vote while pretending they really care about you.

    1. beckdella says:

      This is the most accurate explanation of what the Dems have always done to the minorities they claim to want …..what I DON’T understand is why don’t they see they are being played like a fine tuned piano???

  12. Darrel says:

    Charge the Principle with a hate crime.

    1. JPC says:

      Another example that “diversity is strength.”

  13. Jack says:

    I hate to state the obvious, but why would they want to teach them anyway?

    1. Danny says:


      you are such a coward its not even funny.

  14. Rose says:

    Why don’t you do something about it sj? Do you understand what kind of precedent these things will set? Just imagine when White’s become the minority! THINGS WILL ONLY GET WORSE!

  15. Karl Schmidt says:

    right. the blacks r sick to their bones! indecent, even inhuman wherever they go, whatever they do. violence, stupidity, diseases, food stamps, robbery, theft, murder, u name it.

    of coz there’re exceptions, Allen West, Alan Keyes, Thomas Sowell. TOO RARE!

  16. Ellie Light says:

    ParentS??? 67% in Philly only have 1 parent. And 90% of the 33% that have 2 parents are non-minority!

    1. Tom SteChatte says:

      Yes, I agree that bad parenting is the root of all of our society’s education problems. What’s the solution, though? Certainly it cannot be to throw more money at schools to become nannies. It hasn’t worked yet anyway. The achievement gap continues to widen. The only way to fix this is to encourage parenting, and the only way to do that is to give parents more time to parent. And the only way to do that is to cut taxes so hardworking parents don’t have to work so much (or deadbeat parents can find jobs because more small businesses can hire them with their tax savings). It all goes back to the tyranny of a central government constantly usurping power from those who would self-govern.

      1. Emily Schminke says:

        The solution is to stop subsidizing bad behavior. Stop enabling people to make bad decisions for themselves and live off the government cheese. As long as they continue their bad behavior, they continue to get a check in the mail. as soon as they start working, they don’t get paid as much as they did for being a bum! I could go on and on here, but I’m at work and don’t have time to prepared a well-thought out statement.

      2. beckdella says:

        So refreshing to see someone tell it like it is!!!

  17. Joel says:

    Philadelphia is a failure of society, there is no hope for the city’s schools and they should be closed and condemned. Maybe they should just give the city schools to Comcast because all the money that the Federal, State and Local government sinks in it just goes to educate foreign students and to study on the city’s poor but at least Comcast gives them private sector jobs. If it wasn’t for the Phillies and the Flyers no one from free world would ever have a reason to go there. What a dump!

    1. catherwood says:

      Well, heck, this is Obama’s America; what did you expect. White people are supposed to be shat upon with impunity.

      1. beckdella says:

        Why would he want us shat upon???? He IS afterall, half white…Oh I forgot…..that is the half he’s ashamed of !

  18. BE says:

    Cause they vote one day.

  19. Russ says:

    I love the argument that whites are incapable of educating/leading blacks. That same argument, if believed, would render our President incapable of leading the majority of Americans, who happen to be white.

    1. Starvin Marvin says:

      Here here..the truth be told!!

    2. beverly says:

      Excellent point!

    3. Stoshio says:

      Actually, our president is incapable of leading the majority of Americans, who happen to be white.

      1. beckdella says:

        He is incapable of a coherent thought periodQ!!!

    4. fed up says:

      Well, THAT has already become apparent!

    5. Horice Sheets says:

      I agree. The current President is indeed incapable of leading this country.

  20. carl says:

    Most schools in cities do not want black kids to make it in life,they want these kids to believe that government is the answer to their problems, since when did these schools teach basic math,english,world history,and the like? how many black kids do you see on these national spelling contest? or black doctors? there are a lot of black folks for example that will not go to see a doctor because they don’t trust white doctors,if that’s the case why are we not getting our kids interested in the medical field? sadly there are black kids that feel education and speaking proper is for while people, then wonder why people look at us as dumb and stupid, kids only wanting to be basketball, football players, rappers, or slinging drugs. I mean who wants to hire a kid with his pants hanging down to his ass? So to the teachers i say go for it,what goes around comes around.

    1. Russ says:

      Carl, I like most of your post but disagree with teh first part (schools not wanting children to make it in life). Tax paying teachers do not want children to be reliant on the government from craddle to the grave. The majority of teachers and schools genuinely want the children to suceed. The problem is, the children have their own ideas of what it means to be successful (e.g. professional athlete, rapper, drug seller). The parents need to step up, and redifine their children’s conception of ‘success’.

      1. Christopher John Franzen says:

        Russ, come to chicago. Carl hit the nail on the head. It’s all part of an agenda to keep the poor poor.

    2. JAMIE says:


      1. Alex says:

        As a History teacher, I have to call your bluff, sorry.

      2. Karl Schmidt says:

        Alex, Jamie told the fact. You’re a false history teacher who has NO understanding of American history whatsoever. Quit your job and stop polluting with young with your inpotence..

      3. Silhouette says:

        Alex, I believe Jamie meant to say more white Americans

      4. Brad says:

        Actually, Alex, Jamie is correct if he means American deaths in war,

      5. Alex says:

        I’m sorry Karl, did WWI and WWII not happen? If they didn’t, I’ll quit my job.

        If he meant to say white Americans, he should have indicated it and his point would still be unrelated to the issue at hand.

  21. melissatx says:

    You cannot teach respect, it is earned, and will bever be earned or received by those who believe they are entitled to anything their entire lives. Thos things being money, car, college education, jobs and the wealth of all of the productive class. THAT is the legacy of Philly, and Detroit, and Chicago and all the other liberal bastion minority led public school systems in the US. The dept of Ed is a joke and should be dissolved. The job of education should be put back into the hands of the state and federal dollars, the subsidies that dictate the policies of the classroom, those influences should be removed. If the state can’t get it done, then it should be the job of each city. And don’t cry to me about poor cities…it doesn’t take much money to teach or educate children…..some of our most important inventors and founding fathers had scant education or money and they turned out pretty darn well.

    1. Ziegler says:

      Mother Teresa taught kids by scratching the lessons in the dirt with a stick. Knowledge is fluid and only needs a source and a recepticle willing to recieve it.

    2. beckdella says:

      You are exactly right!!!! Thank God I live in Texas where the social experiment on our children is at least WAY behind those liberal bastions up north! throwing money blindly at these schools is not the solution….banish the NEA and see how fast things urn around…pay should be based on merit alone, nothing else.

  22. TaWaun says:

    Your an idiot and people like you are the reason theirs affirmative action. And maybe just maybe if you spent real time with people outside of your race your comments would not be so ignorant!

    1. JC says:

      *there is* affirmative action

  23. Disgusted with libs says:

    FINALLY. Whites are waking up to the discrimination against them. We have had affirmative action all these years and see what has happened. Why can’t people be hired or fired, promoted or demoted on strictly their ability and knowledge. I woundn’t want my doctor passed through med school just because he was the “right color” and had to be advanced. Earn a degree the old fashioned way. STUDY!

    1. Ed Dantes says:

      “don’t deserve”? Let’s back up. Conceding that slavery is evil; that aside, how do you suppose Black Africans could/would have been given the wonderful opportunity of living in the West. Do you realize, as evil as it is/was, you are a beneficiary of slavery.

  24. TaWaun says:

    Your a fool theirs just as many white that can’t read in prison as their are blacks. My case load is full of white’s that don’t know how to write a proper sentence etc.

    But if the those teachers where wronged then the principal and the school system should be held accountable their should not be a double standard when it comes to being discriminated against.

    1. Ms. Truth says:

      So… you believe that you know how to properly write a sentence??? Oh, brother.

      1. fed up says:

        TaWaun, I hope you are not holding yourself up as some kind of *gasp* English teacher… Your homework assignment tonight is to study the use of the comma, until you can avoid attempting to form a plural with one.

    2. sam says:

      Look at your own grammar – you clearly don’t know how to write a proper sentence, either.

      Your = you’re
      theirs = there’s
      white’s that = whites who

      Let’s hope you’re not a teacher yourself or heaven help our kids.

    3. DontSnitch says:

      Wow – you are clearly part of the problem!. Great testimonial!

    4. Stuart says:

      One word – hypocrite. Learn to read/write before you prove yourself to be the fool.

    5. ThankGod I liveinTexas says:

      TaWaun: Grap yourself and english grammer book and go over your posts. Tell me that you make sense and that you have a grasp on your grammer usage. Let me guess? Public education?

      1. noname says:


      2. noname says:


    6. Russ in OR says:

      YOU’RE a fool. THERE ARE just as many WHITES IN PRISON WHO can’t read as THERE are blacks (Saying whites can’t read in prison means they can read when they are not in prison). My case load is full of WHITES (not possessive) WHO don’t know how to write a proper sentence. (The ‘etc’ is entirely unnecessary)

    7. Marvin says:

      since blacks make up 80% of the US prison population while only being 13% of the total population your first sentence is statistically impossible.

    8. Justice says:

      hahahah we will skip the re-write based on grammar problems…and just fix the obvious… (assuming this post was not a joke)

      *Your (YOU ARE) a fool*(.) *theirs (THERE ARE) just as many white (PEOPLE) that can’t read in prison as *their (THERE) are blacks. My case load is full of white’s that don’t know how to write a proper sentence etc.

      But if the those teachers *where (WERE) wronged then the principal and the school system should be held accountable*(.) *their (THERE) should not be a double standard when it comes to being discriminated against.

      1. Pedant says:

        Justice, don’t end a sentence with a preposition. Your final sentence should read something like “There should not be a double standard when it comes to being subjected to discrimination.”

      2. Pointless Banter says:

        I think its actually an adverb in the manner used. A preposition introduces a prepositional phrase.

    9. bobby says:

      (theirs)? Speaking of how to form a proper sentence. Just for your edification (I know it is more than two syllables but try anyway.) the correct forming is THERE ARE just as many whites. By the way, I do not believe that to be true.

    10. spike says:

      CASELOAD?????? PLEASE don’t try to tell me that someone as illiterate as yourself is entrusted with a position more complicated that reciting ‘would you like fries with that?’ and making change for a ten at the drive-thru window…

      1. noname says:


    11. lolbama says:

      Thanks for the laugh today.

    12. Ziegler says:

      You’re a fool, there’s just as many whites that can’t read in prison as there are blacks. My case load is full of whites that dont know how to write a proper sentence, etc.

      See what I did there?
      Glass houses and all that dear.

    13. Christopher John Franzen says:

      lol TaWaun your grammar is horrible.

    14. dubyasee says:

      I believe the proper English contraction for “there is”, happens to be there’s and not “theirs”. If you were writing in dialect for effect, you probably should have started your piece with, “You a foo’, m*tha f*cka!”

    15. TomP. says:

      In your comment you mention a “case load” If you are doing reports that go on to courts etc. I hope someone who is fluent in English proof reads and corrects them. You sound like a product of social promotions and affirmative action. Take a remedial English course!

    16. bartjohnson says:

      Case load? You have a case load? How funny that you address the topics of fools and improper sentences when your own post reads like something penned by a Philadelphia city student. Learn to spell, then pop off.

  25. Anon says:

    Then let’s give them the segregation they so eagerly want.

  26. Jody from NYC says:

    My hat is off to these teachers! There is no place for racism in America and when it happens justice will be done. The liberal media should be focusing their attention to stories like this where there is real racism, not the phony accusations made by the radical left every time somebody disagrees with the anti American policies of President Obama.

  27. woodNfish says:

    The problems with social engineering and academic failure will not be solved until we all go to tuition vouchers and schools compete for students. Tuition vouchers = freedom of choice.

  28. Dave says:

    Well said. The truth hurts sometimes but is always necessary.

  29. rod says:

    wow you are a wise person, I am amazed at your insight and wisdom!! Nazi!!

  30. Yermak says:

    I like how your mind works. And……..after all the Civil Rights marching in the 50’s and 60”s to force INTEGRATION, from 1965 on… seems blacks want to separate themselves anyway, and have SEGRETATION. OK. I’m all for that.
    but let’s give the boot to AFFIRMATIVE ACTION while at it, since blacks think they are better off keeping blacks with blacks.

  31. ZMEEKER says:

    Attention OppressionFest visitors, Grape Ape you are wanted at the Nazi table, they want their ideas back.

  32. crawford says:

    hey the 80’s called, they want your racism back.

    1. WageSlave says:

      They can have it, apparently it’s in Philadelphia. Go get it.

  33. Waldo says:

    Philly, take a good look at Detroit to see where you’re headed.

  34. NJNEWS says:

    That’s what I’m talkin!

    1. jbky says:

      le me axe you a question…

  35. Jon says:

    Umm not surprising…

    1. James says:

      Philadelphia, the next Detroit.

  36. jaime gutierrez says:

    The principal is headed for a job within the O’bama administration. Under Secretary of wasting more tax dollars, Dept of Education. JUST WATCH AND SEE!

  37. Doug says:

    Hey, wait a minute! According to the liberal politically correct speech codes, you’re not supposed to ask that question.

  38. james4usa says:

    Latest International H/S student contest BlackUS “students” outperformed their African Bro’s. So the conclusion must be that some students are at the top of their potential,

    1. Ron Zaks says:

      All you are saying is that we have finally found a school system that is worse than ours.

  39. Wally says:

    Black students dont go to school to learn, rather kept.

  40. snapperman says:

    I think Eric Holder has already spoken about such situations (was it in the Black Panther case in Philadelphia?); it is impossible for whites to be the target of discrimination.

  41. BluByrd says:

    Not only do whites not gain anything, by dumbing down and setting standards lower, blacks do not gain anything. I know Blacks can achieve anything a White can, Oprah, Bill Cosby, Allen West whom I will vote for should he run, are just a few examples. It is the mind set that has to be changed. It wasn’t to long ago that a Black police officer complained because the scores for making it were lowered, this is not the message to be putting in any young persons mind.

  42. Bill says:

    Todd, The problem stems more to the fact the parents of most white households view education as a way to achieve something for yourself. If you do well in school you go to college and get a good job and that is how you are measured. In black homes most have kids before they get out of high school and end up working the rest of there live in dead end jobs or living off welfare. The president is missing the greatest opportunity he has to actually live up to his moto of CHANGE. He needs to sell Blacks that education is a necessity for a productive life. I blame the Black community for its problems its time they admit to it and make the changes themselves.

    1. Educator says:

      Bill is “spot on” in his analysis of the Problem, yes I said problem with Blacks in our public school system. Look at the Black Population in inner cities that take the initiative to send their children to Private or Charter Schools within Philadelphia. These kids do well and aspire to go to college or trade school to get further education to become successful in life.

  43. Mossey says:

    Judging from this article, the majority of the teachers and administrative staff are black, a majority of the students are black, a majority of them are failing and poor. Sounds to me like BLACK teachers aren’t capable of teaching black students in that school.

    1. TruthTeller says:

      It’s not that. They just aren’t interested in teaching them things like reading and math. They are very interested in teaching them how to be community organizers and leech off the system, and hard work of others. Apparently teachers who want kids to follow rules and become self-sufficient are not in demand in Philly these days. The principal’s goal is to get rid of all of those kinds of teachers, as they only make people feel bad about their inability to read and write.

      1. christine51 says:

        it’s sad but that is what seems to be the case…and it’s dragging our entire country down!

  44. Shady Side says:

    Considering we are talking about Philadelphia, I have no doubt as to the veracity of the allegation.

    1. NJNEWS says:

      doesn’t feel so good when the shoes on da udder foot now do it!

  45. Alberto Del Rio says:

    Is the black principle making an argument for segregation in the school system? White students for white teachers and black teachers for black students? Didn’t we have that before?

  46. Brian A. says:

    Only in America can a Majority population be a legally protected minority!!!
    All Equal RIghts Laws need to be living laws, just like the constitution. They should remove all references to race and replace those references with “minority population”

    1. Rock Solid says:

      The Constitution is not and has never been a”living law”. It is the foundation of the greatest country the world has ever seen. Foundations are not fluid. They are solid for one reason, to promote continuity. Nazi Germany had “living laws” that evolved into death camps. Majority rule (opinion) is not the basis for freedom, only tyranny.

    2. John Marshall says:

      EQUAL RIGHTS laws need not state the terms “minority” or “majority”. Equal means Equal……..regardless of racial, ethnic or religious composition of a population. It is as simple as that, and when we stop looking at rights through the prism of ‘race”……..we’ll all be better off in this nation.

  47. Planet Earf says:

    White teachers can’t teach black students? The joke writes itself.

    1. Dreamtime says:

      I would have to say that this statement is probably correct. Given that most Black Americans taught by white teachers from the ’60’s are a dismal failure. Would black teachers from the same period teaching black students be more successful now? No. Most black americans have a chip on their shoulder with regards to their current position in life, and blaming others for their failures, instead of being “taught” to take responsibility for their own lives. This behavior is encouraged by social programs that cater to minorities and the guilt ridden subconscious of liberals who continue to give handouts instead of encouraging true equal opportunity based on ability.

      1. How ridiculous says:

        Oh, I agree. The black students should never be forced to encounter a white person. When they graduate, they can work in places that only hire and serve black people. When they date and marry, they should only date and marry other black people. They shouldn’t have any forced contact with anyone who doesn’t look like themselves. Hey, I think we should do the same for all students. The Asain students should only be taught by teachers from Asia – the Mexicans, from Mexico – the White students, only white teachers. Female students only get female teachers and male students only get male teachers. We should go back to segregation! Martin Luther King Jr had it all wrong – the races shouldn’t mix. Only someone forgot to tell Obama’s family.

        And if this principal ever leaves this school – well, they should take his race and personal sensitivities into account. No job should hire him unless the only other people at the school are black, including all the teachers and students.

      2. bruce987 says:

        The real problem is that black kids don’t learn because black parents are not involved in their school life. As a teacher for over 20 years in the South Bronx, most of the kids parents never show up at school events at night, 8 students live in a shelter and 90% are from welfare families that are one parent. These kids have problems before entering the classroom. Then we have courses dictated by the state which doesn’t teach but controls the behavior in the class. If I try to teach something that will help them learn, I’m threatened a whole host of superiors.

  48. marcus says:

    not much sympathy for the fools. …they’re liberal teachers jgetting a taste of affirmative action and “tolerance ” . and it is coming straight from the Democrat party that they continually vote for.

    they certainly deserve a big dose of thei nasty medicine. that they tell others to swallow.

    1. fed up says:

      I certainly agree! What has led to the downfall of education? ‘Political Correctness’, for one thing. ‘Multiculturalism’ for another. Unionized ‘educators’ for a third.

      Affirmative Action is a product of Political Correctness. ‘Welfare’ has resulted in multiple generations of ignorant savages who are totally dependent upon the government for their daily bread.

      Although both major parties are guilty, the Democrats pretty much own this situation now, as they strive to make people even more dependent and ignorant.

      How much of this is due to the ‘Reparations Mentality’ coming to the fore? You’d think that, after almost 50 years of giving money away and subsidizing sloth and ignorance, even the dumbest bureaucrat would figure out that the effort is counterproductive. What does this tell us about the mentality of the Liberal Elite?

  49. jw says:

    I am a retired Army Officer. I spent my whole career in the infantry and graduated from West Point. Sadly, I can only come to the conclusion that 95% of black soldiers are cowards. I base this upon the fact that very very few choose any of the combat arms fields. Go to any base and virtually 100% of the personnel, admin and other “deask” jobs are filled with black troops. At West Point I witnessed nothing but equality. Every black cadet was squared away and pulled their own weight. Sadly, I NEVER experienced that in my Army career. If I heard it once, I heard it a million times that “sir, you don’t understand…’s a black thang”. It makes me sick that the majority of black kids are brainwashed into entitlement, especially at home but also in the schools.

  50. Peet says:

    Maybe the white teachers aren’t fluent in ebonics….

    1. NJNEWS says:

      ovbacourse demre are

  51. Knight says:

    Why do recent black immigrants from Africa qualify for “Civil Rights” and “Affirmative Action” if the black American problems are rooted in American slavery 150 years ago? The same goes for Latino’s.

    On the world stage white people are the minority with birthrates on the decline while their countries are filling up with non white people who are multiplying exponentially.

    The non-white people are called “minorities” and need special entitlements to allow them to compete further with white people who in fact are the real minority.
    I’m not cutting non-white people down, simply stating that the process is corrupt and a covert form of genocide. Everyone else is allowed to be proud of their race except white people, who in history were a very small part of the global slave trade that still exists today in every race but with white people.

    So again – If you do not have a direct lineage to a slave in the American South from 1700 – 1865 what right do you have to their “Civil Rights” and other entitlements?

    1. fed up says:

      Heck – if you DO have a direct lineage to an American slave ancestor, best to fall on your knees and THANK GOD for the USA, because no other nation has ever, EVER invested so much blood and treasure in the interest of stopping slavery! Just try pulling these welfare scams in, say, Nigeria, or Mali, or Namibia and see how far you get. Heck – see if you get anything at all…

  52. Whitey Cracker says:

    White people are now officially minorities, and should be treated as a protected class, with special civil rights which should make it a hate crime for blacks to discriminate against the white minorities in this way. Its time whites stand up and get all huffy puffy, like Al Sharpton walks around with a chip on his shoulder, and whites should not tolerate this racial insensitivity and hatred towards the white skin color. Protect the white minorities against racism!

    1. Knight says:

      People like to neglect the fact that “White People” are grossly in the minority of the worlds +7 Billion people. When they list the overpoulation growth-rate of the planet each year, white people are diminishing and non white people are growing by the billions.

      Just because some small town or state has more white people than black, in no way does it represent the overwhelming global statistics. The borders are wide open to indiginous white countries including North America. Before long white will not exist. Yet we give everyone else minority “rights”.

      Very wierd, very suicidal and very stupid.

  53. Margaret Simpson says:

    Just as black teachers are unfit to teach white children?
    What a crock

  54. maxtor says:

    someone asked what will this lawsuit accomplish….i will tell you what it will accomplish, it will prove the racism that exists against white teacher and teach the principal, who should be a professional, not to make such stupid statements to this effect. stupd is as stupid does…..he should have went about it some other way than the way he did but i dont guess he has the intelligence to do that. if we were to depend on black teachers to teach all the black kids then there would be a terrible teacher shortage but if that is what they want then let them have their way and bus the white students out to a white school with no blacks in it…..that is what the lawsuit may accomplish!!! i didnt mind at all going to a school with blacks, in fact, some of their parents were family friends of ours. we had a great school and no one ever had a problem with racism.

  55. American Heretic says:

    I am white, in white, on white, a Republican, and a reader of Drudge. But, I like to think that I have an open mind. What that mind tells me is that the Black principal may be right. We hear the statement that white teachers cannot teach black kids and our minds immediately jump to our own prejudices. We reject the statement out of hand.

    I don’t know if the statement is true. But, I do know is that it is not politically correct to make it. Perhaps, cultural differences would make it difficult for many black kids to accept most white teachers. Think back about the teachers in your life that made the most impact. For me, it was always the teacher with whom I had the most empathy.

    Can we out of hand reject the idea that it may be more difficult for a black student, who has a completely different life experience, to have a difficult time relating to a “cracker” teacher. We don’t like the idea, do we? Can we understand that the better role model for a inner-city black kid may be the teacher who has overcome the same hardships?

    1. rick says:

      If black kids who live in predominantly black areas don’t learn to relate to white people in school, where will they learn? Learning to deal with people who are diffierent than you is part of education and very important for our diverse society. Plus, it is pretty much one of the most important principles in our society that you treat people the same regardless of color. I can’t believe you actually meant to imply that it is okay for black kids to reject white teachers based on race. I question your IQ and common sense.

    2. Dale JH says:

      I hear what your saying but what makes you think that because the theacher is black that THEY were under the same hardships and from the inner city? I to am white, a Republican and a daily reader of the Drudge Report and have never refered to any white person as a Cracker.
      If a white principal said the same think to any other race other than a white. He would be tarred and feathered and strung up in the town center.
      Let’s be consistant on this overused “I don’t like you beacause the color of your skiin is not the same as mine” BS
      This principal was wrong, and PC rules over common sense daily. I’m sorry to say

    3. k962 says:

      That’s fine if you live in a Black only world. What happens when Black kid wants a job from a WHITE employer one day?

      1. Knight says:

        What happens? The white employer hires him or is sued, put out of business, possibly even jailed.

        Not a problem working for white people in America, if your black your the boss. There is an army of white liberal democrates and police enforcers to make it so.

    4. Lkweirgal says:

      I had teachers who were black, white, asian, hispanic, etc. I could relate to the ones that challenged me, made me think, taught like they weren’t just there for a paycheck. And I took responsibility for doing my assignments in every class…including the ones with the lazy, uninteresting, worthless “teachers”.for whom I had no respect. Black students have a responsibility to learn just like white and hispanic and asian students.

    5. Taody says:

      Asian students, who come from a completely different culture, appear to do very well with white teachers.

    6. Esperanza says:

      You’re arguing for tribalism. Is the conclusion then, that we should have white teachers teach white children, asians for asians, Latinos for latinos? You’re constructing a Tower of Babel. The principal isn’t an adversary of political correctness- He (and you) are the logical extension of it! You are constructing the very nightmare you supposedly dislike.

  56. Tarmangani says:

    So let’s try to just get along. The white teachers can teach the white kids (and anyone else that wants in) and the black teachers can teach the black kids (and anyone else that wants in). That way if you think your kid can only learn from “their kind” then you get your wish and if they end up digging ditches for a living then it is nobody’s fault.

  57. artemis133 says:

    Terrific post! Thank you for some common sense on this subject!

  58. blownaway says:

    Excellent post… we need a reset button, then we could all start treating each other with natural respect and no more b.s.

  59. walljasper says:

    Hang in there – we need teachers like you – for the sake of kids AND their parents….all of us.



  60. Acajudi says:

    I would say more fearful than unfit. I really dislke any professional SCREAMING at children. God will deal with these creatures from the heart
    of darkness. I prefer to reward children, but the devils, who hate kids stop this also. Excellence will rule in the end. and not your birthday suit.

  61. picomanning says:

    OK so here we have evidence that the political racial bias spectrum have been thoroughly plumbed. So what does America have to show for it? Just this symbolic cess pool contribution of poltical correctness!
    And do we think a law suit will bring us change, correction, justice?
    Oh it’s the best we can do you say?
    My God where are the minds of creativity, of critical thinking? Who’s teaching the kids and who have turned our culture upside down?
    What? The Progressive Liberal Agenda? OK, I’ll buy that.

  62. ShoNuff says:

    H N I C

  63. Dave says:

    Thats EXACTLY right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wake up people

  64. Figley E. Whitesides says:

    I can only wonder why “Queen Arlene” Ackerman has not rushed in to
    right this wrong? Oh. I forgot. I guess she doesn’t see any injustice here. Or, perhaps she’s too busy with her PR firm that’s paid by taxpayers to tell us how wonderful a job she is doing, and how she earns every cent she is paid.
    Or maybe there was a friend looking for a contract from the school district, even thought they are priced 10X higher than all the other bidders.
    Boss Tweed was small potatoes compared to this crew of piratical politicians.

  65. rATsTICK says:

    If one of America’s enemies nuked all of our major inner cities, it would likely double the average IQ of the remaining population.

    Just an observation…..

    1. ratstickthis says:

      if they nuked every race except asians then our IQ would triple.
      ……just another observation

      1. joe thomas says:

        a billion chinese are living in filth how smart are they

      2. RandyC says:

        Uhh they are trying to nuke themselves…Fukushima….



    1. swift says:

      Dude, chill, it’s just the Drudge Report crowd. They always do this when a news story makes Drudge.

      1. kp says:

        and so do you!


      Yes We Can Build a YES WE CAN!

      1. Get behind America or get out. says:

        Diveristy has failed because when everyone is pulling in different directions no one goes anywhere.

    3. xyzpdq says:

      I’ve witnessed enough of black culture to understand its bedrock. Excuses, failure and ignorance.

      1. jlw says:

        So true. I am a retired Army Officer. I spent my whole career in the infantry and graduated from West Point. Sadly, I can only come to the conclusion that 95% of black soldiers are cowards. I base this upon the fact that very very few choose any of the combat arms fields. Go to any base and cirtually 100% of the personnel, admin and other “deask” jobs are filled with black troops. At West Point I witnessed nothing but equality. Every black cadet was squared away and pulled their own weight. Sadly, I never experienced that in my Army career. If I heard it once, I heard it a million time that “sir, you don’t understand…’s a black thang”. It makes me sick that the majority of black kids are brainwashed into entitlement, especially in the schools.

    4. Veteran says:

      Are you speaking ebonics or texting? I dont care what color someone is, but apparently they do and they think it entitles them to a free ride.

    5. Jason Wallis says:

      Oh go cry me a river “Disgusted by comments”, the black “culture” has done this to themselves. They have demonized and alienated so many white folks and educated good black folks that we are just sick and tired of it. The color of someone’s skin unfortunately matters A LOT, because from the President of the nation, to his Attorney General all the way down to mid level community organizers, they are all making it about color.

      Militant blacks today are becoming more and more militant and decent Americans are at a tipping point. Instead of complaining about commenters here, why not face the problem. The bigoted principal has a problem with whites and should be fired, end of story.

      By the way, writing in all caps is uncivilized…

  67. WE THE TAXED says:

    That’s fine and probably the principle deserves to get charge through the court system with the way he is handling these schools.
    Question is ???
    With this kind of DOJustice that is now the End of the case will go the other Way Around.
    The Teachers will get charge for whatever somebody is dreaming at night
    and the principal Well Well Well he is going to go Fishing for another
    white fish on the pond.

  68. tightmadness says:

    Teachers who are willing to address the needs of the students and who are willing to remain with the students for the long term. Not like some who get up and leave inner city public schools once their student loan is paid off.

    1. Lawrence of Arabia says:

      What might those “needs” be? How does a public school teacher “address” a “need?”

      Dear Mr. Need:

      Enclosed please find your check for reparations for 400 years of slavery that you know nothing of, excepting the slavery of the soul bestowed on you by 50 years of “Great Society.”


      Guilty Rich White Liberal

  69. wow man says:

    Could this be why…the illiteracy rate in PHILLY is 22% and DETROIT is 47% ?
    Inner city ghetto of America. We’re through people…

    1. jim from maine says:

      You couldn’t be more right

    2. ChristWithaY says:

      You are absolutely correct! And there is no blaming “the man” for Detroit’s problems; it has not been mayored (or run) by a white person in more than 50 years! So…. the conclusion is, yet again, hold them down, keep them dependant upon the government, and let them vote (for the Dems)! This includes everyone “on the system,” not just black people.

  70. ufosrreal says:

    Based on what we know about the abisimal performance of public schools apparently blacks aren’t fit to teach blacks either!

    1. tightmadness says:

      How about using words like “some” instead of generalizing. How about using specific public school systems.

      1. Lawrence of Arabia says:

        How about you giving some counter-examples in sufficient number to disprove ufosreal’s generalization.

        One of the elements of mental acuity that’s tested for on things like IQ tests, SATs, ACTs, etc. is the ability to generalize. Most white women who are raped by strangers are victims of black perps. Are white women stupid to be leery of being alone on the L late at night when it gets “dark” out?

        It’s called “inductive reasoning.”

        Discerning intellects also know how to spot “the exception that proves the rule.”

        One of my best teachers in law school was a black guy. That doesn’t prove anything except that he worked hard, “acted white,” and started out genertically smart. It doesn’t disprove ufosreal’s generalization.

    2. irony says:

      you must have attended those schools since you can’t spell abysmal.

    3. chopchop24 says:

      … I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt, and say you misspelled ‘abysmal’ as a way of making a point…?

  71. Hedley Lamar says:

    Public schools are unsafe for children AND now teachers. Leave them to the corrupt “education professionals”. Home schooling should be the national priority…. or private schools as a last resort.

    1. Marie Rivera says:


  72. lisa says:

    As a former teacher I can guarantee you that this is the truth in modern inner city education. Preferencing and politics puts African Americans in charge and they view it as their club. If you aren’t one of them you aren’t welcome. I don’t understand why the non-african poputlation ever gave in to all this racial gerrymandering. racism is racism whenever you make any decision based on skin color.

    1. Lawrence of Arabia says:

      You don’t understand it? And you’re a teacher? Didn’t you tell your charges that America was evil because George Washington owned slaves?

      Besides that, these people are not “African.” If they were, they’d be in Africa, and the country wouldn’t have problems like this.

      1. swissik says:

        Excellent comment, right on.

      2. Jahaya says:


      3. tightmadness says:

        What an ignorant and cowardly statement. “The country wouldn’t have problems like this?” This country will have racial problems regardless of which race is here in the country.

    2. TYRONE JACKSON says:

      Daily News @

  73. n.harris says:

    There will always be a racial division here in the usa. our people no mater what they may think or say or act ,we will always be devided in some way.
    It is the mentality of a nation . when the black population gives up the African notation and call them selves Americans first then maybe we will not be so devided . Americans first race is last..

    1. Lawrence of Arabia says:


      The people who have a bigger historical gripe than the blacks do, nevertheless identify ourselves FIRST as Americans: American Indians.

      1. Get behind America or get out. says:

        I’m just American.

    2. tightmadness says:

      “When the black population gives up the African notation…” You are targeting one group. This is evident across the board. It is similar to Gerry Cooney who refers to himself as an IRISH-American or Sylvester Stallone who is classified as an ITALIAN-American. So maybe most Americans (not just one group) should refer to themselves as American first.

  74. Alice in Dumbfoundedland says:

    White teachers don’t speak Ebonics, I remember in the 90’s California wanted to teach black kids in EBONICS. Even the Super liberals though this a bad Idea.

    Reverse discrimination, sorry. ERIC HOLDER will hold the white teacher responsible.

    The real reason white teachers can not teach black kids is they will expect the to do their work, except most blacks run when the word work is mentioned.

    1. tightmadness says:

      “White teachers don’t speak Ebonics” Wow! You know every white teacher in America? “The real reason white teachers can not teach black kids is they will expect the to do their work..” You must be Jesus Christ since you know about all white teachers.

    2. Jessica Walker says:

      Actually, I taught at an inner city school for a bit. Most of the white teachers spoke Ebonics, at least some of the time. (I didn’t, but the teachers who grew up in the area spoke Ebonics. It didn’t matter what color their skin was.)

  75. Bobj says:

    It now has come full circle where blacks are acting like nineteenth century whites. How very sad to stoop to such a low level as this. The blacks will only further the racial divide and invite a race war. Why give credence to the white supremacists’ teachings? Wake up and rise above this petty racial thinking!

    1. Jahaya says:

      My son made a comment at supper tonight that he heard a black man say recently, “racism will only end when we get rid of all the white people” What does this tell you

      1. tightmadness says:

        It says that the person who made the statement is ignorant and not being realistic.

  76. eldee says:

    No. Dallas, TX is already first in line to be the next “Destroyed.”

  77. Red says:

    Well, Al and Jessie will show up to support the blacks (if there’s any money to be made). Wonder what Holder will do now that it is a white suing a black? He’ll probably see that the suit gets dropped.

    1. Atlas Shrugded says:

      I likes da name, Freecheese.

  78. wildbill6996 says:

    You are EXACTLY SPOT ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Ellen says:

    I tutored in a West Philadelphia school when I was in college in the 90s and I would say this is the least of their problems. I was working with a 5th grader who was not able to read. He was black and so was his teacher, so there was no racial difference. She would give him the minimum passing grade to continue to promote him through the system though he was learning nothing. Without an involved parent I think it is almost impossible for any child to get a quality education in our public schools. This is something we all turn our back on regardless of race, and we all pay the price when large segments of our population are not educated to their full potential. Race is such a hot button issue and it is probably a problem in the school system, but certainly not the biggest one.

    1. tightmadness says:

      I agree with your statement and feel s though this is one of the most educated posts.

  80. Popeye says:

    Just to stir the pot a little more. Could someone name one (1) predominantly black country, region, city, etc that would be considered successful? And by successful I mean a high standard of living, an average life span of 70+ years, low infant mortality, high quality medical care, high quality education, and artists that are admired by a significant portion of the world. I am not saying there aren’t any, I just don’t know where they are.

    1. Lawrence of Arabia says:

      Saul Bellow once asked: “Who is the Tolstoy of the Zulus?”

    2. firsttime says:


      1. bernard ross says:

        bermda is a british colony

    3. BabyDaddy says:

      U be racis

      1. Lawrence of Arabia says:

        So? Don’t like it? Try Latin America. Cuban vernacular doesn’t have a “polite” word for “African-Cuban.”

    4. swissik says:

      Back in the sixties when Ian Smith was primeminister of Rhodesia. Unfortunately we all know that after he was thrown out, the country became Zimbabwe and look at it today. Very sad. Even South Africa has deteriorated, too many murders and thieves. The west has thrown away multi billions of dollars during the past 60 or so years on Africa and what is the result?

  81. Anonymous says:

    On the bright side, people are beginning to reject the old politically correct narratives. Nearly everyone, regardless of race, has been the victim of racism or prejudice at some point in their lives. You accept it and move on. You don’t use it as an excuse to fail at life.

    1. Gena Rolling says:

      Exactly, I grew up in a holler way back in the woods , We didn’t get a check or food stamps on the first of the month, we went out and hunted for food and picked the rest out of a garden that we planted. It was hard work. I never new what racism was till I ended up in a black school on the west side because of busing after moving north. Lucky for me

      I was a child that lived working out all day everyday doing chores so I could hold my own.

  82. URWRONG says:

    European-Americans can”t teach African-American students…. what how to better themselves or getto culture.

  83. Dems define hate says:

    And so by their logic, black teachers are not qualified to teach white students?

    1. wildbill6996 says:

      NOW, NOW, don’t point out the obvious!!!!!!!!!

    2. David says:

      Yo Yo, ahhh, yea, ummm, this is how the world is created, ahh yo yea! Ha Ha!

  84. Warren says:

    It might be true! Just because teachers pass a lot of pointy-headed courses to get their licenses doesn’t mean they know a damn thing about teaching, especially teaching a particular group of students. There are too many rules and too many irrelevant “qualifications” in the teaching profession. The whole thing should be based on who is effective, not how teaching is done or what bureaucratic priviliges a union guarantees.a teacher who has checked off this or that teaching course. Union rules have made it impossible for excellent teachers to thrive and for principals to make the call on who teaches and how.

    1. Nerraw says:

      It might be False! Just because teachers pass a lot touchy feely make everyone feel good courses to get their licenses doesn’t mean they know a damn thing about teaching, especially teaching a particular group of students. There are too many rules and too many irrelevant “qualifications” in the teaching profession. The whole thing should be based on who is effective, not how teaching is done or what bureaucratic priviliges a union guarantees.a teacher who has checked off this or that teaching course. Union rules have made it impossible for excellent teachers to thrive and for principals to make the call on who teaches and how.

  85. TJP says:

    The “black” culture is at least partially inherited from poor white English immigrants. So in essence, they’re really choosing the worse of two white cultures, not choosing black culture over white. And who cares about racial demographics, anyway? The purpose of school is to learn so you can succeed in business and life. Which is better, a white teacher that pushes you to succeed, or a black teacher that “understands your struggle” and supports you in mediocrity?

    A lot of my professors in college were Russian or Indian immigrants. The difference is that I didn’t care as long as they did a good job. Blacks need to start being the same way about whites, at least for one generation so they can field a good batch of black teachers for the next generation.

    1. James Grimes says:

      In order for that to happen blacks would have to give a damn, and not enough of blacks that give a damn exist in the country to make that happen. However, it is a good plan for them .

    2. swissik says:

      Permit me. You should consider yourself lucky to have had Russian and Indian professors, because you most likely received superior instructions. I am an old lady and I still remember the names of the wonderful teachers I had growing up in Switzerland. I thank them daily for their excellence and I have always been able to hold my own compared with contemporaries educated in the USA. My own children just barely made it out of the California school/university system before the education unions really destroyed a once good system and the so called progressive brain washing started.

    3. tightmadness says:

      Of course a white teacher that pushes you to succeed is better. But the question can go another way. Which is better, a black teacher who pushes you to succeed or a white teacher who does not give a damn about what the children are learning because he or she is just using the inner city to pay off students loans and will be bolting to the suburbs once that is complete? Once again do not say Blacks. Say some blacks or tose blacks who feel that way. I know plenty of “blacks” who have accepted white teachers. And yes, there are good black teachers in the field. Maybe you have not experienced any from your statement, but they exist.

  86. Steve says:

    I’m really starting to get sick of these people…

  87. kelprod says:

    I have a feeling we are headed back to segregation….seems like both sides would be happy. And yes, Philadelphia is working extra hard to beat Detroit in the race to the bottom…it is a neck to neck race.

    1. YES WE CON! says:

      “We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For”

    2. bluegun says:

      Why should w elet 14% of the population that is unproven by any successful measure dominate us?? WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!

  88. Nurse Snow says:

    Greentomato? More like rotten tomato. Are you someone who would teach children this myth? This rot about slave masters and oppression in 2011? Do you tell them about Negro slave masters and their African brethren who waved bye-bye when they left the continent?

    How many Negro children have slave masters today, unless you’re talking about local thugs in the neighborhood?

  89. Allen Smithee says:

    No greater injury can be done to any youth than to let him feel that because he belongs to this or that race he will be advanced in life regardless of his own merits or efforts.

    Booker T. Washington “Up From Slavery.”

  90. matt says:

    I taught for 3 years in an all black school in Jackson, Mississippi, and I am white – though my and my sister’s families are both mixed race. The problem lies with race identification. If students are labeled black and not taught that they are responsible for their own selves, this is the result. I have seen high achieving (AP exam passing) students ridiculed for “acting white,” to which I responded “they’re not acting white, they’re going to kick your ass in the job market.”

    As to anti-white discrimination, yes it exists. Many blacks do not realize that YES some whites come from poor, single-family homes! They also believe that whites do not “understand” black kids, as if we can’t understand another human being. It’s racism pure and simple. I loved my job teaching there, but it was the administration and their asinine policies that caused me to leave.

    We live in a different world. This IS NOT THE 60’s. Almost 1/4 of the kids in my classrooms have mixed blood of some type, as do my own children. We need to start teaching them about the smallest minority – that one kid who is responsible for himself.

    1. Gena Rolling says:

      AMEN !!!

    2. Denice Shipley says:

      Amen, sister!! I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    3. James Grimes says:

      amen. well said.

  91. Eazylogin says:

    Terribly sad for yet another generation of black students. I love how things develop; blacks vote overwhelmingly for liberal democrats, and it’s liberal democrats cutting them at the knees. Enjoy

    1. swissik says:

      A number of years ago a local radio talk show host read a long list of cities and towns where the schools were failing, the drop out rate as well as illiteracy among students were high. Then he pointed out that all the mayors and administrations were democrat. Nothing else needs to be said because today this is still true.

  92. Rico says:

    Non=blacks should not expect to get a fair shake in majority black political jurisdictions. It just doesn’t happen. And that goes for any place in the world. Blacks are not known for helping anyone but their own kind. Our own attorney general, Eric Holder, openly refers to blacks as “his people” even though he supposedly represents all Americans. It isn’t surprising then to see him dismiss open-and-shut charges against the New Black Panthers, even though they were caught on video menacing whites with billy clubs at the polls.

    Philadelphia is being drug into Third World status, and we all know who is doing the dragging.

    1. 08755 says:

      Philadelphia…tomorrow’s Detroit.

      1. Chris S says:

        Thank God my Australian visa just came through! Time to ditch this sh!thole …

  93. Robin Fletcher Elmore says:

    I agree with you. The black community is doing great harm to themselves by not letting the pains of long ago wrongs go away. There is no way this generation can pay for the sins of their forefathers. As long as race bating is so profitable by the likes of Jackson and Sharpton, we will never heal.

    1. majcm says:

      I completely agree, Robin. I really haven’t heard of anyone in the youger generations that are prominently and religously pushing racial dischord like Sharpton & Jackson. Maybe the country will get lucky and once those two greedy losers leave this world, some healing may take place. As John Lennon said, “if we want it”

  94. Bro says:

    That was funny, wasn’t it? The moron was attempting to be somewhat ironical, but unintentionally demonstrated his/her own ignorance. What is that saying about the pot calling the kettle black???


  95. Susan Crit says:

    It’s about time! I wish them well.

  96. rickl says:

    Since Thomas Mifflin was a white dude, maybe the school should be renamed after King Samir Shabazz.

  97. Jeff Walker says:

    Integration and diversity are not sources of strength and enrichment but of inevitable conflict and suffering.

    1. Floda says:

      Yes Jeff,

      And in the end, I mean the very end physical race war in which your skin color is your uniform. Multiculturalism is a bacillus deliberately introduced into ALL White countries to undermine them. There is nothing wrong with Black people, it is just that Whites and Blacks evolved in different regions and climates which makes them different today. Enforced integration is insanity.

  98. Stanley says:

    So true, so true.

  99. SpotLight says:

    White teachers are indeed not well suited to teach the blacks.

    Look at any classroom with white, black, Hispanic, and Asian students. They all sit in the same class and the Asian students ace it out, the white and Hispanic students do OK, and the others don’t know what happened.

    In defense of the black students, they have endured 50+ years of democrat giveaway programs. They were led to believe that they could succeed without putting forth any effort. Their families were divided by democrat laws that rewarded irresponsibility.

    It is very sad and I don’t know how the rank and file blacks will ever recover from democrat party domination.

    1. Frustrated democratic white teacher says:

      And SpotLight, you say this with what educational background in education? I’m not sure my black students want your defense considering I’m a damn good WHITE teacher. Who do you think taught them that they could succeed without putting forth any effort? I can assure you it’s not the teachers at my school, black or white.
      Two years ago when I taught 5th grade I had a female student up on lunch detention because she gave no effort and plenty of attitude. I tried to give her the talk about the job market and her response was “I’ll get a man to take care of me…” and I asked “Do you really want to depend on a man? You’re an independent woman type” and then she listed all the federal programs that she can get money from. Many of which I’ve never heard of. Who did she learn this from? White teachers??? Democrats??? It’s one thing for democrats to have these programs for people who truely need them, especially in a time like this, it’s another to have no morals and raise children to think it’s okay to take take take and not earn earn earn.

      1. Mike Lyons says:

        His point was that its not what they’re learning from their teachers but from the culture at large. I tend to agree with his comment. Teachers are being undermined by the mixed messages that are coming from black culture. Broken homes are the norm, learning is seen as a sign of being “too-white”, and rap music glorifies a culture of criminal and misogynist behavior laced with showy affectations of wealth. Black children grow up with their images of success being sports stars, comedians or rappers. The very moral foundation of black American culture has been eroded. Unless you fix the family issues, you will always be fighting an uphill battle.

  100. MySweet Lard says:

    Look at that classroom. Spotless. Must be a white janitor.

    1. your a dumb ass says:

      Really? what a dumb ass comment

  101. KenInIowa says:

    First and foremost, let the facts of the case adjudicate it.

    Next, the comments here are absolutely shocking. This is the year 2011, not 1965. And it is still America, where people are free, and discrimination based upon race and gender is illegal. Well, perhaps that does not apply to the commenters here.

    In most of the rest of the world, and indeed a lot of other States, this kind of garbage no longer is appropriate, accepted, or wanted.

    They used to call Philadelphia the “City of Brotherly Love”, now it appears from the comments I have read, it is a city where Hate is ok! You should be ashamed of yourselves.

    1. CKW says:

      And now they call Philadelphia Killadelphia…and it is not because of all the white on white killings. Now that is real Hate. You are the one who should be ashamed.

      1. KenInIowa says:

        I am not ashamed of what I said. I could care less who was the victim, and who the perpetrator is, or was. I care about people who judge based upon ideas that one race might be better than another.

        So tell me, what have you done to help the situation get better?

    2. RLA Bruce says:

      You discriminated when you chose the opposite sex for a spouse. All gays of your own sex should sue you!

      Whatever happened to having the same standards and rules for everyone regardless of race? If a given race is biased against education because it’s “acting white”, then who is discriminating against whom?

      No African-Americans here, just AMERICANS. No special favors to anyone regardless of race.

    3. Alfred King of Wessex says:

      Ken in Iowa. Your worst problems are tornados and corn borers. You have no idea what things are like in Philadelphia. It is a violent, crime ridden city, that is slipping further each year into an abyss from which it may never recover ( like Detroit) What may sound, to your liberal ears as racism, is also honest REALITY. It isn’t based on hate, but on life that has become more akin to wondering what the future will be as neighborhood and neighborhood in this once great city is destroyed by the residents whose criminality and indifference outstrips the taxes and social services needed to deal with theise urban issues.

      1. KenInIowa says:

        I lived for two years at 5th and Olney in Philly. I lived near 79th and Halsted for a year in Chicago. The neighborhood I was born in is now wholly Hispanic, and can be dangerous because of gangs. I am not blind and dumb to what happens in urban areas.

        Growing up, I got sick of racism on a daily basis. And today I reject it!

        Why? As I see it, there are no perfect people in the world. I have my problems, you have yours, ad nauseum. You and I may have overcome a lot to get where we are today. That is because no one held our defects against us. They were overlooked.

        I had a manager many years ago now, who I got along with very well. We told jokes, shared experiences, especially about parenting. He complained when his son scratched his car up. It was l several years later did I realize this man was black.

        We have many people in this country, that know nothing but poverty. That equate success with physical goods, and not one’s self pride. Many have no pride at all. Many suffer from Mental Illness. Drug use is rampant because it is an escape from the realities of life. Same goes with alcohol.

        The answer to this problem is not calling them apes, or animals or such garbage. I believe it lies with finding self acceptance, through work and accomplishments. By choosing the better role model.

        You and I might agree that our country has built up a system of self defeat. I doles out money, but does little for the person. I have proposed since the 70’s that our system needs to address not only need, but behavior that keeps them trapped in such a place.

        But that can only work, if they are respected, and accepted. Looking at too many of these comments here, that is not happening. It hardly solves the problem, and may add to it.

        And it is OK to dislike a person because of their actions. It is rightly acceptable to strongly detest violent behavior, especially where you live. But to damn an entire group or class of people, just because of their race, does not belong in our Country. Instead, let us use our minds, and not emotions to turn things around. I have proposed over and over again that those who deal with people on assistance, be social workers as well. Not to waste money, but to genuinely help them change their course. There must be a lot of other ideas that can work.

        But name calling and racism will only fan the flames, and nothing accomplished.

    4. tightmadness says:

      I agree with you 100%

  102. MySweetLard says:

    Lets face facts, all whites would prefer to be educated in black schools, but the darn blacks just keep movin whenever us crackers show up. Cmon bros..share your brilliance.

  103. rickl says:

    Back to the future!

  104. Jane says:

    This is the result of Liberal politics. They are dividing the races rather than bringing them together. they need this division so they can keep Blacks uneasy and/or in need of them.

  105. lukenev says:

    I think that the President has set back race relations 50 years. Shame on this principal and shame on the current government of the U.S. for what they are saying and by their actions.

    1. let it go. says:

      Oh dear Lord… how on earth does this come back on the president? I’m assuming you’re someone who believes he’s Muslim as well?? Ohh and are you a birther?? hahaha

      1. tgc says:

        You really don’t see how this comes back on your president? Really!? Ohhh and are you an obamabot?

  106. AMBRO says:

    Gettin over on Whitey is a fool’s game that self-victimized groups all play. Too bad the winners of the contest win ignorance,poverty, nihilistic violence and astronomical illegitimacy rates… all as first prize. I hope the black teachers and administrators (all paid out of your pocket whether you be blacl or white or etcetcetc) enjoy and are proud of their actions.

  107. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    All government schools should be shut down. There is nowhere in the Constitution for government indoctrination centers manned by the incompetents that are paid through the extraction of other people’s wealth with the threat of force if you don’t pay. A totally degenerate mindless system that can’t even turn out people that can read or write. —

  108. Strawberry says:

    Of course whites can’t teach blacks, you half to first speak their language.

    1. Chris says:

      You mean “have to”? Half means 50%.

      1. Barbara says:

        “Strawberry” here is just speaking in his natural ghetto patois, Ebonics. It’s truly sad that public education promotes this “language” without a second thought. As a result, like most blacks, he’s probably shocked that most of the world thinks he is a f–kin’ idiot.

      2. mary says:


    2. Proud Teacher says:

      Strawberry, I am a white teacher and my thirty black 4th grade students can find many grammar mistakes in the sentence you wrote. I’m sorry that a teacher didn’t reach you in the way I hope I reach my students every single day.

      1. Sad Parent says:

        Conjunction junction. What’s your function?

        Don’t be too proud.

      2. Lawrence of Arabia says:

        Sad Parent:

        This is the pithiest remark I’ve seen here yet.

        Kudos for spotting that. I wonder what she (he?) “reaches” those kids with “every single day.”

        Excellent post.

  109. Bob Burns says:

    Black schools w/black students, teachers, principals, and white schools. Then everybody can be happy

    1. cyndikus says:

      all the work to integrate and now we are back to segragating. I notice CA schools are being filled with hispanic teachers and other staff. I think it must be hard for a caucasion to get work these days.

      1. bigbiz2 says:

        There has been zero job growth for white males for the past 15years …soon zero growth for white females ..Mexicans like all non whites stick together but whites are not alloed to do so…

      2. bigbiz2 says:

        Also hard to find a policeman or highway patrol in california that isn’t a Mexican

      3. RLA Bruce says:

        My work takes me to Memphis schools. You’d never know segregation was the law there. Some schools are nearly all black, students and staff. And, predictably, performance follows racial lines.

  110. Ron says:

    Did you even read the article? I think you have the players confused!

  111. Cheryl says:

    Some Caucasian teachers have no business attempting to educate children of color–when all they see is RACE.

    Do you know this to be the case here, or you’re just assuming that the white teachers are guilty of something?

  112. R W says:

    What – you didn’t know you, as a white person, would be subjected to racism in the Philly school system? Why even bother there?

  113. philamena says:

    It looks like Mifflin Elementary’s administrators are judging white teachers based on the color of their skin and not on the content of their character.

    1. Susan says:

      Exactly. Why is racism acceptable behind a pointed BLACK finger?

  114. bottomline says:

    Being a hopeful idealist, I always thought, given the opportunity, people would do the right thing.
    I know longer support the needy and oppressed because I know now they would walk all over their supporters if they had the power. Racism is racism, will always exists, regardless of color, and everyone deserves the consequences. The same applies to nationality, religion, gender. We reap what we plant because history repeats itself.
    These teachers would be better off moving on and let nature take its course.

  115. J.D. says:

    letting black teachers ignore rules that whites had to follow

    There’s no “work around” that mistake.

  116. Maria Smith says:

    ok, so now “Why can’t we all get along”?? But if it was Blacks suing instead of Whites, then it’s racism. What a farce!!

  117. harpotoo says:

    Not for long as even a dead turn could beat the Obummer at this point.

  118. Harpotoo says:

    And you wonder why Black don’t get decent educations! It’s self inflicted!

    1. Susan Crit says:

      You made me laugh out loud!

  119. Rob says:

    It ain’t racism if it’s done to whites.
    What a hypocrisy.

    1. 08755 says:

      Judging anyone by their race is RACISM. Wake up!

  120. Gary Fales says:

    can’t we all just get along?

Comments are closed.

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