Red Cross Blood Banks Could Close, If Workers Make Good On A Strike Threat

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Health professionals who staff Red Cross blood banks in our area are threatening to go on strike, if they don’t have a contract by May 24th.

The 240 workers represented by HPAE say Red Cross is attempting to use the struggling economy as a *pretext* for taking away retirement and health benefits and safety and training protections.

Spokesman Jeanne Otersen says, even in the current economy, the blood banks generate $2.2 billion in revenue.

“They’d like to use their image as disaster relief to cover for the fact that, for the blood services division, this is really a profit-making enterprise.” Otersen says disaster relief would not be affected by a strike and the union has launched an ad campaign about potential blood bank closures so donors can make alternate plans and the blood supply won’t be disrupted.

A Red Cross spokesman declined to talk on tape but issued a statement saying Red Cross is negotiating in good faith and remains committed to providing blood for area hospitals.

Reported By Pat Loeb, KYW Newsradio

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  1. Realrider says:

    No every cent doesn’t have to be spent in non-profits. Non-profits can and do make money. They cannot however pay out dividends to any party, they must re-invest their earnings into the organization. Look into that and into using that SHIFT key on your keyboard

    1. we'vegottalottageniuses says:

      Here, here!

      You’d think this stuff was rocket science…

  2. grumpy says:

    Why can’t these non-profits open their books to an arbitrator so he can decide how “poor” that they claim to be?

    1. we'vegottalottageniuses says:

      Anyone can look up the Red Cross tax filings online on guidestar, duh. Arbitrator? Do we need an arbitrator? Why are you mentioning an “arbitrator?” Who is in arbitration? **palm to forehead** Anyway, now that you know you can look at every non-profits’ tax filings, to look at their revenue and assets, that can keep you busy!

      1. grumpy says:

        Hey genius, lots of strikes are settled by arbitrators! Do you thing that they are going to show their books to the employees?

  3. John Smith says:

    I stopped giving blodd years ago because of the Red Cross people. I did not expect to be nomiated for sainthood just for giving blood but they made me feel like I was a big bother.

  4. zagwee says:

    What, they cant go on strike! Throw them in JAIL if they do!

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