Stigall Show Log 5.10.11

 5:41 Chris revisits his interview yesterday with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

chris christie1 Stigall Show Log 5.10.11

5:55 Media reports are reading into yesterday’s interview that Governor Christie would endorse Mitch Daniels for the presidential nomination.

6:11 New York Senator Chuck Schumer has proposed a No Ride List for train passengers.

6:46 Amtrak has been awarded $450 million to improve service from Philadelphia to New York.

amtrak Stigall Show Log 5.10.11

7:13 Despite President Obama’s bump in the polls, his re-election is not ensured.

7:17 Media reports now say there isn’t much Congress can do to lower oil prices.

7:29 Passengers and crew subdued an unruly passenger on a flight from Chicago to San Francisco.

7:41 Carl Lewis will be in court…again…to take up his fight for ballet access in June’s Democratic Primary.

7:49 Chris responds to Will Bunch’s column saying Republicans never question authority or established events when it comes to journalism or science.

scientist Stigall Show Log 5.10.11

8:11 Chris talks to Steve Forde, Policy and Communications Director for the Marcellus Shale Coalition.

8:41 Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver have announced they are separating.

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