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South Jersey Couple Sentenced For 2010 Bank Robbery In Gloucester County

WOODBURY, N.J. (AP) – Two southern New Jersey residents who robbed a bank last year to pay for their wedding trip to Las Vegas are now headed to state prison.

Twenty-eight-year old Charles B. Koch of Stratford and 27-year-old Cheri Harper of Malaga both received seven-year terms on Friday. They must serve 85 percent of their sentences before becoming eligible for parole.

They also were ordered to pay $7,600 in overall restitution to the bank in Franklin Township (Gloucester County), which they admitted robbing on January 8, 2010.

Harper told authorities she entered the bank with a concealed knife, while Koch claimed to have a bomb. They soon fled with an undisclosed amount of cash and began driving to Las Vegas, but were captured in Oklahoma five days later.

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  • Laze ON

    They rob a bank to not pay off a house mortgage the banks created the crisis on in the first place and after all this can’t even have conjugal visits.
    What about all the Wall Street world? Blame computer trading and excess staffing surrounding it for legally doing the equivalent of robbing in a sense trillions of the entire human economy for a long long time?
    Too bad the credit card dream of owing nothing back isn’t true because most americans and elsewhere want that on to be true to laze out a bit instead.

    • jim

      The Banks didn’t create the crisis you idiot, the government did by forcing Banks to loan money to people who couldn’t afford to buy a house in the first place, wake up.

  • FN CEE

    Give ’em a medal and free trip and hotel … at least they were trying to improve the economy of a really awful area …

  • bubble boy

    Later on, if they want to have children

    they must be required to use

    a sperm bank

  • ArbiterJC

    What happens in Vegas…was probably partially funded by illegal activity across state borders.

  • jimmy not THAT jimmy

    The experts say that one key to a successful marriage is to have similar and shared values.

    • Doug


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  • Nick

    We should just be putting these idiots to sleep instead of paying to feed and house them for seven years. Isn’t New Jersey in enough debt already? At the very least sterilize them so these morons don’t reproduce…

    • Holly Broton

      lol amen nick stupid people should not be allowed to breed

      • Pete

        Isn’t it sad, they steal 7 grand with a knife and get 7 years and our wall street bankers steal billions with a pen and they get bonuses and raises and not one goes to jail. This is truly a rich mans world. Those two get a 2000 dollar an hour lawyer and they would have gotten probation. We keep talking about all those third world countries with dictators taking advantage and stealing millions and we need to spend billions of our tax dollars to get rid of them. Yet In our case its probably about 600 dictators here in the congress and the big banking and oil guys. Maybe they need to go.

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  • Terry L. Walker

    And they didn’t even get as far as an Elvis imperonator at their wedding! Oh, dear. By the way–I wonder if either of them can spell S-T-U-P-I-D?

  • Alf


  • B. the concerned citzen

    its only money, freedom is way more valuable, that is what we need to focus on. Our ever shrinking freedom.

  • B. the concerned citzen

    its only money, freedom is way more valuable.

  • togwoo

    Wow thats really meesed up man. The Kangaroo Court system is such a joke!

  • Buck Keely

    Looks like the won an all expense paid honeymoon!
    Heirloom Seed, “How God plants His garden.”

  • Bruno

    I hear the bride wore stripes

  • Amos

    Democrat thieves in the Congress pass laws that make it perfectly legal for them to steal taxpayers’ money so they can buy votes to keep them in Congress where they can continue to pass laws that make it legal for them to steal taxpayers’ money so they can buy votes. . . . . . .

    • mvibe

      poetry. ^

    • JDW


    • Htos1

      Exactly RIGHT ON!This is a leaned behavior from watching inbred dimocrats over multiple generations.

  • Ian

    yet not one Wall Street Exec was even charged, much less arrested and prosecuted for the 2008 biggest bank heist in US history for which our grandchildren will be paying for

    • mike

      That is cause they all donated to the Dems

      • mikec711

        Wall Street has no party loyalty, they will donate to the party they see as having the best chance of helping them (ie: the party that’s going to win). Far worse than this bank heist (which was largely gov’t caused … but the banks certainly enjoyed leveraging these rediculous new regulations) is the fact that we’re borrowing 42 cents of every dollar we spend right now (and printing money on top of that). Talk about a legacy our grand-children and several generations behyond that) will be stuck with … oi!!

  • weewayne

    they gambled and LOST!

  • IvanK

    Look at it this way,
    If they borrowed the money from the bank to go on a honeymoon, it would have been the bank that robbed them! THis couple was merely giving the bank a “reach-around”.

  • GD

    Wow, they should be made sreril. No kids 4 U.

    • TH


  • Damon C

    LOL @ Flannigan.
    +1 Bob W

    Glad the newlyweds found their new steel home. At least they won’t be able to breed for 5.95 years.

  • Flannigan

    A different kind of “seven year itch.”

  • Nikko Tuscani

    @ Bob W: According to Steven Segal in the movie “Above the Law”, no one, not even Mr. Zagon (the bad guy in the movie) was above the law. So according to Steven Segal, the “banksters” you refer to are NOT above the law.

    • Harold B

      Actually, Sergio Flores is above the law.

  • Bob W

    They deserve what they get for robbing a bank. However, when do big banksters go to jail for robbing us taxpayers? Or are they above the law under our current system?

    • Sandy

      I suppose the banks force people to borrow money? And it’s wrong that the bank makes a profit doing so? If you don’t want the bank to “rob” you, go somewhere else. Should the grocery store owners go to jail for “robbing” you too?

      • SilverKait

        Great points Sandy. Especially the part where you said, “I suppose the banks force people to borrow money?”

        Can’t say we’ve never borrowed money but I can say it never ocurred to us to blame the piper for the fact that we danced to that particular tune. If you don’t want to pay, don’t dance. +shrug+

      • da troot

        No, they don’t force anyone to borrow money, they just go after those who are only capable of making minimal payments while also being desperate for a house. So why in the hell should I be called upon to bail them out of their bad investments? You have nothing but apathy for a person who loses their home, but you defend to extremes the people who sit around making money of those who lose their homes?

      • Harold B

        SillyKait…please see my reply to Sandy and apply it to yourself. +roll eyes+

      • Harold B

        Sandy, I think that you should actually read a whole comment before replying. You won’t look so foolish. Bob said “taxpayers” not customers as you inferred. As in bailouts and special interest handouts taking my money that, YES, i am “FORCED” to pay to the goverment. I see a double standard in you logic. You seem to think that people should pay for their bad decisions. Shouldn’t that apply to banks that made bad investments? They should be allowed to fail no matter how “big” they are.

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