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Bruno Mars Concert Mix-Up Disappoints Fans On Mother’s Day

CAMDEN, N.J. (CBS) – The hottest Mother’s Day ticket in town was the Bruno Mars show. A crowd of fans showed up. The only thing missing was Bruno Mars.

“We got here and there was no one here,” said Brenda Digiovannangelo, “and we’re upset.”

The tickets all read May 8th at 7 pm. But Sunday night, Bruno Mars is playing in Boston. Larry Garcia bought six tickets to the show at $40 a ticket for his son’s 8th birthday.

“I’m very upset. Today is Mother’s Day and we have my son’s birthday and there’s nothing here,” Garcia said.

As everyone at the Susquehanna Bank Center found out, the Grammy award winning pop star played in Camden on Saturday.

The marketing director for Live Nation, the concert promoter, says the show was rescheduled a month ago. The center tried to notify ticketholders, but not everyone got the message. Joyce Schneck and her friends rented a limo for the show, and never heard anything about a scheduling change.

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“We cleared our schedules for Mother’s Day,” said Schenk, “and we wanted a show, but to no avail.”

The Sunday night concert that never was became a scheduling snafu, Upsetting fans who were here to celebrate Mother’s Day with music.

Live Nation organizers say the Susquehanna Bank Center will reimburse ticket holders who did not get the message about the rescheduled concert. The phone number for refund information is 856-365-1300 X 725.

Reported by Oren Liebermann, CBS 3

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One Comment

  1. Josh Dipaolo says:

    I was pregaming in the parking lot all day with some of my bros. I was totally bummed to find out the concert was the night before. Major bummer! Dude they need to get their stuff together. Total buzzkill!

  2. anne says:

    If the tickets were purchased thru Livenation or they would have recieved notification. However, so many people purchase their tickets from reseller or scalpers. When you pay more than the original price of the ticket, you are purchasing from a reseller. Yes, some are legit but most are not. Also, these people must live under a rock….they didn’t think to check the date?

  3. Pam Guzzi says:

    was a bit Bruno Mars fan and still enjoy his music. However, very disenchanted since I had decided to take my 3 kids and my 4 nieces to the Jingle Ball concert this winter at this very same venue (tickets also purchased thru Live Nation). The kids were there for Justin Bieber, Adam Lambert and Selena Gomez but I really only wanted to see Bruno and so agreed to take them all along with my brother and sister (spent over $1,000). Upon arrival, it was announced that Bruno Mars would not appear, supposedly due to a case of laryngitis (coincidentally and rather suspicously, this was the weekend he was arrested on cocaine possession!). Now am a much bigger fan of Flo Rida. He stepped in, gave an amazing performance including a ride into the audience on the shoulders of a crew member, and he gave away numerous items throughout his performance. If all concert performers behaved in this manner, the exorbitant fees charged for the show tickets would be much more acceptable. CHEERS to Flo Rida— JEERS, JEERS, JEERS to Bruno Mars. Sure hope he cleans up his act!

  4. Lady K says:

    Well said PD, it is a total disgrace.

  5. marisa says:

    They should be able to use those tickets for another concert in that area in the future without having to have a refund. Why did they sell tickets so far in advance of the concert anyway? Don’t they usually sell them a week or two before the date? If that’s the case they wouldn’t have sold them for that date.

  6. sher says:

    Why would you bring an 8 year old to a bruno mars concert He uses a lot of profanity and talks about sex and sexual encounters in some of his songs.

  7. Christi brooks says:

    We bought tickets for our 8 year old son who loves Bruno mars . He had all his music and told all his friends he was going. He even saved his money to buy a t-shirt. My husband had to take off work on Monday since he works at 3 am, so Saturday would have been better for us had we ever been notified! So now we are out a days pay for my husband, at least the insane shipping and handling charges for the tickets and my son has NOTHING! They knew my information to charge my credit card, but forgot it when it was time to notify me. How convenient.

    1. Kay says:

      that is inexcusable!

    2. Tim Morrison says:

      I think that this all probably happened for a reason. Perhaps now your 8 year old son will boycot Bruno Mars and start listening to music that contains talent and substance.

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