Two Pit Bulls Viciously Attacked In Trenton

TRENTON, N.J. (CBS) — The dogs found on Friday have been named “Willie” and “Kate” in honor of the royal wedding, but the treatment these animals received was anything but regal.

The dogs were spotted along train tracks by Trenton Police.

It appears both dogs had their heads split open, possibly with an ax.

Willie’s gash to his head was so deep, vets performing the surgery could see the back of his eye.

As for Kate, her skull was cracked open.

Her C.T. scan shows the fracture right near her eye.

Watch the video…

“It’s pretty horrifying to see that somebody would do this to dogs. It’s just astounding what people do to animals,” C.A.R.E.S. Animal Hospital veterinarian Jessica Frankel said.

But despite the massive trauma both have been through, Willie and Kate are expected to make to full recovery.

“It’s amazing what people can do to dogs. It’s amazing how they can survive,” Frankel said

So now the people with Rescue Ink are taking up the case, the New York based animal rescue group will feature the dogs on its Facebook page.

“We want to see an arrest and conviction for whoever did this. We want these dogs adopted before they enter the shelter system,” Rescue Ink member Al Chernoff said.

For now the pit bull mixes will remain heavily sedated as they recover. The dogs will remain at the C.A.R.E.S. Animal Hospital throughout the weekend.

They will be turned over to Trenton Animal Control on Monday.

Reported by Todd Quinones, CBS 3


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One Comment

  1. James A. Tremblay says:

    We need to increase the penalties for such horrific animal abuse, if for no other reason, than to serve as a deterrent to such crimes …let alone, serve the cause of justice!

  2. Doreen says:

    Im so sad to read yet another monster roams are planet and is hurting the animals who souly depend on us……Speedy recovery to these 2 Pitties..A miracle they survived….

  3. Dave says:

    Hey John,, Go F–K Yourself. Your as sick as the person who did this. Maybe you will come back in life as a Pit Bull. I hope you receive what you wish.

  4. HooDatIS? says:

    poor dog i have a terrier pit and i would die if someone hurt him
    get well soon doggie

  5. Tina Dill says:

    oh the poor babies! :( I am glad there getting help.

  6. Tracy says:

    rescue ink is taking on the case, yet they are going to be released to AC on Monday???? Are they even going to have a chance at adoption or rescue? AC is not an animal’s friend.

    1. Ellen says:

      Rescue Ink is taking them to their “halfway house”.

  7. Axe me once, axe me twice, axe me once again says:

    Are they sure if wasn’t a spear, nome sane?

  8. sami bugeja says:

    Clearly the article states they were attacked by an axe…get a friggin life, like they can afford to hire a proof reader, or better still maybe you should do something good with your time and donate your time and do the job for them seeing as your so friggin good at it!

  9. jeannie says:

    I agree with JayDee….but then again…I guess the grammar is more important than the context behind it…and while grammar at times bothers me… what bothers me more is what happened to these pups.

    But as on pages on FB….the litte BS arguments turn ZERO TOLERANCE FOR ABUSERS!

  10. knowthyself says:

    Anybody who would do tihis has no respect for life.
    A decent human being could never imagine committing such an act.
    The sorry excuse for a human being enjoyed inflicting this pain and will
    do it again and, no doubt, has done it before. A serial killer in training.
    Pure evil!!

    1. Aino says:

      So true!

      “One can measure the greatness and the moral progress of a nation by looking at how it treats its animals” · Mahatma Gandhi

      There’s no excuse for animal abuse!

      1. Louise Maughan says:

        The perfect comment – so true – NO EXCUSES

    2. harry jones says:

      Or an Eagle quarterback

      1. Pooda says:

        That not funny!!!

  11. Laurie Pfisterer says:

    they were attacked by a thick, gummy liquid?

    pretty ridiculous.

    1. JayDee says:

      Seriously? These two dogs went through unimaginable pain and you comment on the grammar in the article. That’;s pretty ridiculous

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