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Philadelphia Says ‘Give Respect – Get Respect’ To Center City Pedestrians

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – On Friday, City officials said they are going to start taking a ‘carrot-and-stick’ approach to bad behavior in Center City dealing with people in cars, on bicycles and on foot.

The Nutter administration launched a campaign called “Give Respect – Get Respect.” It is an effort to bring more civility to traffic safety in Philadelphia. The ‘carrot’ portion will be a public awareness campaign, including publication of three guides; a driver guide, a bicycle guide and a walker guide. 

Deputy Mayor Rina Cutler says the ‘stick’ portion will be greater enforcement by Philadelphia police of traffic and sidewalk laws.

“To put knuckleheads on notice: we are going to deal with some of the really bad behavior out there, and nothing works quite as effectively as a ticket,” Cutler said.

Police officials says each day between eight and 10 officers will focus on traffic safety in Center City, looking for things like distracted driving, jaywalking and sidewalk bicycling.

Reported by Mike Dunn, KYW Newsradio

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  • Dan Pohlig

    I could shrink those driver, cyclist and pedestrian guides to one single sentence:

    Don’t hit anybody.

    If everyone followed that rule (especially drivers and cyclists, of which I am one) we’d all be fine.

  • Honeybee60

    Is the Philadelphia Police Department going to do anything about drivers who make illegal left and right turns off of Market Street between 13th and 9th Streets. Pedestrians who have the right of way while crossing the numbered streets barely miss being hit by cars making these illegal turns.

  • Gina

    If city council members would have all staged the same roll out of this promo from their district offices we would see enforcement throughout the city and not simply center city. Campaigns such at these would flow thoughout the city if the Mayor had support of his own City Council.

  • NS

    Is the PPD just going to enforce the law for one week while the cameras are rolling, and then disappear and do nothing as usual? The PPD could learn alot from the NYPD about consistently and aggressively enforcing laws, especially ones related to quality of life issues like this.

  • concerned resident

    center city is just about the only place laws are being enforced in philly. I’m a cyclist and would love it if the PPD cracked down on sidewalk cyclists everywhere. They make us law abiding cylclists look bad.

    However, the PPD can’t get a handle on standard traffic laws so *everyone* suffers, cars, peds, cyclists. The PPD also does not feel like bikes belong in the street either, contrary to state law. They don’t want cyclists anywhere.

  • jd

    Yay! I’ve been pushing them for so long to crack down on the sidewalk bikers!

  • Anonymous

    Uh-oh. No more crossing the street in between cars. You’d better go to the corner and cross the street or you’ll get a ticket. Yah, right.

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