PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – On Friday, City officials said they are going to start taking a ‘carrot-and-stick’ approach to bad behavior in Center City dealing with people in cars, on bicycles and on foot.

The Nutter administration launched a campaign called “Give Respect – Get Respect.” It is an effort to bring more civility to traffic safety in Philadelphia. The ‘carrot’ portion will be a public awareness campaign, including publication of three guides; a driver guide, a bicycle guide and a walker guide. 

Deputy Mayor Rina Cutler says the ‘stick’ portion will be greater enforcement by Philadelphia police of traffic and sidewalk laws.

“To put knuckleheads on notice: we are going to deal with some of the really bad behavior out there, and nothing works quite as effectively as a ticket,” Cutler said.

Police officials says each day between eight and 10 officers will focus on traffic safety in Center City, looking for things like distracted driving, jaywalking and sidewalk bicycling.

Reported by Mike Dunn, KYW Newsradio

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