Philly Soccer Show: Danny Califf

By Greg Orlandini

It’s the KYW Philly Soccer Show, with KYW’s Greg Orlandini and Philly Soccer Page writer Adam Cann.

This week, the guest in part one is Philadelphia Union defender Danny Califf. Califf is a big part of Union’s excellent defensive play this year. He talks about working with new teammates defender Carlos Valdes and goalkeeper Faryd Mondragon. He also talks about some of the offensive struggles that have hit the team early on this year.

Part 1: A Chat With Union’s Danny Califf

In Part two, Greg and Adam talk about the controversy surrounding the somewhat infamous YSA goal kick chant that originates from the River End at PPL Park. What should the Union and the Sons of Ben, the teams supporter group, do about the chant that has reportedly left some fans offended.

Part 2: Controversial Chanting At Union Games

In the third part, with the struggling San Jose Earthquakes coming to PPL Saturday, is this the game where the Union overcomes some of their offensive problems? While the defense has played fantastic, the team hasn’t scored more than one goal in any league game this year. Also, last year’s top goal scorer Sebastian Le Toux has yet to tally this season.

Part 3: Preview: San Jose vs. Philly Union

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One Comment

  1. erik muther says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with Adam. We should be able to come up with something better.

  2. Jonathan Manento says:

    YSA needs revision, not removal. The best part of the chant is the build up. Hearing the elongated “AH” or “OH” build from TRE and through the rest of the stadium is what makes the chant “intimidating” – not the profanity. That being said, why not simply replace “Y.S.A.” with a loud, booming “DOOP!” It’s short, sweet, and undeniably Union. I know some people may be suffering from DOOP overload, but this is a quick, easy fix that can get the whole of PPL involved – from the youngest Union fan to the oldest SOB. And let’s face it: 18K shouting “AHHHHHH…DOOP!” in unison is much more impressive than 2K shouting tired profanities or clumsily singing through weekly chants that the rest of the stadium can barely understand. So, how about it? A cleaner take on a popular chant that gets everyone involved and keeps the boys and girls in the FO happy.

  3. K. Murphy says:

    Btw- the podcast, when clicked, goes to “File not found”.

  4. K.Murphy says:

    Instead of Y.S.A.
    Chant “Eat More Bimbo”.

    How could they argue ?


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