Michael Vick A Finalist To Appear On Cover Of Madden Football

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – NFL Comeback Player of the Year winner Michael Vick will find out Wednesday if he will win a coveted endorsement deal with EA Sports.

vickmadden04 Michael Vick A Finalist To Appear On Cover Of Madden Football

After serving 21 months in federal prison for his involvement in dogfighting, there were few who thought that Vick would ever nail down another big time endorsement. Yet, here he is, a finalist along with Cleveland Browns running back Peyton Hillis, to be the cover athlete for Madden NFL 12.

Tom Geddy of EA Sports says the voting concludes Wednesday afternoon.

“The winner will be announced on ESPN’s SportsNation Wednesday afternoon and then we have a full fledge of stuff for them to do Wednesday and Thursday beginning with the cover shoot in New York and a then a full PR stint with late night shows and all those pieces.”

Vick has survived weeks of online fan voting that began with the original field of 32 players — a remarkable achievement — says local sports agent Gerald Colten.

“I think it shows how he is thought of now and that has really resurrected his image and if he continues to play at the level he’s playing the sky’s the limit for him.”

Vick has a history with EA Sports, having graced the cover of Madden 04 during his days with the Atlanta Falcons.

Reported by Paul Kurtz, KYW Newsradio

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One Comment

  1. mu215 says:

    Where are the complaints about the Priest that have destroyed the live of innocent children. Yet we sit here and fuss about dogs. Where is the uproar,are the human beings not worthy of the hype as the dogs?

    1. Lee says:

      these postings are about Michael Vick……..not about children

  2. Yeah I said it says:

    Dogs, most of your husbands probably kick your butts every night and you are worrying about a dog. Like Jim said, anyone who eats meat is not any better than Vic. They torture animals so you can eat. Just because he lead the ring, does not mean he participated.

    1. Char T says:

      you know… EVERYONE who TRYS to defend Vick has to compare his actions to those of women abusers, child molesters, and murders! And why is that i ask??? I can tell you, it is because you are ABSOLUTELY correct, they are the same! VIOLENT offenders who prey on the weak and defenseless! I don’t eat meat….dont really care who does, but Mike Vicks actions are CLEARLY NO COMPARISSON to people who go to the grocery store and buy meat to feed their families! You sound like an idiot! So you were correct when you compared Vick to a Woman abuser….KEEP IT THERE, IT MAKES SENSE!!!!

  3. Jim Banks says:

    Hillis won, btw. Congrats to him.

  4. Jim Banks says:

    You ladies are ridiculous. I hope you’re as critical of yourselves and your men for embracing the societal norm of eating meat (for enjoyment/fun… because we all know plant-based diets are healthier).

    1. Char T says:

      oh….for the record, i do NOT eat meat!!!! That’s the best you got?

      1. Jim Banks says:

        but, are you as critical of your friends and family that do as you are of Vick? Thought not

      2. Jim Banks says:

        …if you were, they’d probably beat you pulp for spewing such vitriol

    2. Char T says:

      There is NO Comparison! Vick Tortured and Murdered screaming, scared dogs out of pure enjoyment! We are not talking about meat provided by grocers that is necessary for some peoples nutrition and survival… There is no comparrison to taking your “pets” that you named and out back, and torturing, fighting, and then killing them for fun! My friends who eat meat, do dont go buy a pet, name it, torture, and then kill it for food! it is human nature to eat meat, I however chose not to!

      1. Jim Banks says:

        Char T, let me school you a little bit. Eating meat is not necessary for survival (you yourself are evidence of this, if you are indeed a vegetarian… as is half the population of India) or nutrition (people on plant-based diets live much healthier lives than people on meat-based diets). So, when you eat meat, you do so FOR FUN… just like Vick fought dogs FOR FUN. Let’s also not forget that preparing meat is extremely resource-intensive and wasteful (a pound of beef takes about 800 gallons of water + feed for the animals throughout their lifetime). You have been deluded by a popular social norm to think irrationally when it comes to a certain type of animal (dogs). Realize that.

      2. Jim Banks says:

        Not only that, but because of the huge demand for meat, we cannot meet demand without most of it coming from factory farms (but, let’s be honest, even “free range” animals live a miserable life). Animals in factory farms have it MUCH WORSE than Vick’s dogs. At least Vick’s dogs had room to stretch in their crates. These animals (we torture and kill 56 BILLION animals a year) live in the worst conditions (cramped/unsanitary), are drugged up, mutilated while still alive, forced to reproduce, AND then slaughtered. So, unless you get on your friends, your husband, your son et al for embracing such barbaric practices, lay off Vick.

      3. Jim Banks says:

        And, if you want to get real technical… Vick did not participate in dogfighting to torture and murder dogs. That is just an unfortunate reality associated with the practice. If he wanted to do that, he could just dissect live ones in his basement a la SAW. Vick’s motivations stemmed from a combination of upbringing, thrill of competition, culture, and arrogance. Any intelligent person would acknowledge that. Doesn’t make it right, but dispels this fantasy that some dog lovers have that he is the evil incarnate.

      4. Char T says:

        I do not need any schooling on “NOT TO EAT MEAT” i CLEARLY stated that i dont! (idiot) The fact that some people do, has NOTHING and i mean NOTHING to do with what Mike Vick did to those dogs! You can try to justify his actions all you want by the fact that meat eaters do exist, but it is NOT a FELONY to eat meat! You really need to move on my friend!

        My argument had Nothing to do with people who eat meat, or men who chose to beat women (@ yeah i said it) or any question about his atheletic abilty! He IS a talented athlete. But he chose to put all that on the line by committing those horrible acts! I do NOT feel like he ( a covicted felon) should be idolized by our children.
        But i guess the majority ruled, because he DID NOT make the cover anyway!
        Have a Great day! :)

    3. Lee says:

      Psssst I am a vegatarian

      1. Char T says:

        yeah…me too!

  5. Doglover says:

    Put him on the cover. Hopefully he’ll get his neck broken in the first game.

    1. Char T says:

      My wishes for a “Horse Collar” just might do it!!! ;)

      1. phillyboy1 says:

        You’ve got to be kidding me. Whah whah whah…those poor dogs…violent criminal…whah whah whah…I wish to see a man break have his neck broken?!?! You are every bit as bad as the men who went to watch those dog fights hoping to see a blood bath! Hypocrites in every sense of the word! Stop using Michael Vick as a soapbox platform for your skewed view of right and wrong.

    2. Wesley Matthews says:

      why are some “dog lovers” such psychopaths? Based on their posts, it seems to me that they are more deranged than Vick ever was.

      1. Char T says:

        “Psycopaths” not “Doglovers” would allow their children to grow up idolizing violent criminals like this!

  6. Char T says:

    @ Clare ~ seriously?!?! Mike Vick doesnt deserve the air that he is permitted to breathe! I agree with you Helene. I believe he should not have been so easily “forgiven” nor should he have ever been allowed back into pro sports! Forgiving may be easy for some, but his Demonic and Barbaric actions will NEVER be forgotten! I have 3 children and 12 nieces and nephews who will NEVER have this game for the mere thought of them just cosidering that POS Vick as a candidate for their cover! There are a few idiots out there like you, Clare and Ralph, who may be shallow enough to buy this game and allow their children to worship a convicted Felon as a Role Model…But i can assure you that there are MANY, MANY more Intelligent animal lovers who WILL NOT! Good luck with the decisions you make in molding our future adults!!!!!!! oh yeah, almost forgot….and a BIG FAT “F” YOU to EA Sports!!!!

    1. Char T says:

      ummm….he didnt make the cover, u must not have gotten that memo!

  7. Lee says:

    wow Michael Vick is a known felon for bank rolling dog fighting……I wouldn’t buy it or let my kids have anything that has to do with him

    1. Char T says:

      Thank you! I AGREE!!!!! Ridiculous!

  8. Helene says:

    I don’t think that Michael Vick deserves anything. Anyone who willingly abuses animals especially for financial gain is uncalled for. Doesn’t he earn enough money playing pro sports. I don’t forgive him. Nothing will bring back those poor dogs or their suffering. He should not have been brought back to sports. He should be punished further for this horrible crime. How could he not have none it was wrong to abuse living animals?

  9. Ralph says:

    I like Michael Vick, and this is cool for him, but let’s remember that the league did a LOT to get him back on his feet and improve his image. I’m not saying that anything is certain, but it is entirely possible that strings were pulled to get him to be a finalist. What better way to make him look good than to hold a fan-voting event, and have him do well? It’s not really any different than if EA just chose the cover player on their own, but this way it looks like people really like him. Again, I like Vick and I would probably vote for him, and I’m not saying this must be the truth, but it is interesting to consider.

  10. Clare Peterson says:

    This matter conerns Michael Vick’s athletic ability and nothing else. As for the dog-fighting situation, cruel and shameful as it is, he did prison time for it.
    The animal rights people should work hard to promote kind treatment of animals and raise money to help people pay to spay and neuter their pets. Those are positive actions to help animals, but they take hard work, and they don’t get people on television the way prostesting outside Lincoln Financial Field does!

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