Gov. Corbett Signs Repeal Of New Home Sprinkler Mandate Into Law

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) – Pennsylvania governor Tom Corbett has signed into a law a bill repealing a requirement that sprinklers be included in new homes built in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

It is the first bill signed by Corbett since he became governor.  Advocates for the sprinkler requirement opposed the repeal bill because they believed the mandate would save lives — but also because of an amendment inserted by the state Senate that give an advisory board broader power to reject recommended changes to the state construction code.

“While that was amended in the Senate, the overall repeal of the mandate the governor thought was important,” said Corbett spokesman Kevin Harley.

Harley notes that builders must still offer buyers the option to install an automated fire sprinkler system and provide them information about the costs and benefits.

The governor sided with the construction industry, which feared that a sprinkler mandate would have boosted the cost of new homes by several thousand dollars each (see related story).

Reported by KYW Harrisburg Bureau chief Tony Romeo

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  1. Kathie says:

    Well, Gov. Corbett at least did one thing right but he isn’t listening to the citizens of the state about this matter–
    A basic Constitutional Right is being violated when Pennsylvania legislators decided not to completely abolish water mandates in H.B. 239–2007!! Pennsylvania residents are being forced to disconnect their own private water sources and connect to the fluorinated/chlorinated municipal water at a high monthly cost!! Yes, that’s right, citizens of the state of Pennsylvania are being forced to purchase municipal water even if they have spring or well water on their property–even some farmers!! Accordingly to H.B. 239 2007, if your boro or township has mandated water purchase and usage in their ordinances prior to the passage of this House Bill, you must connect, purchase and use municipal water and disconnect your own private well or spring source. This is forcing citizens into commerce with a government agency and clearly against the U.S. Constitution!! A private water company or any utility could never do this so why can a government water authority do it?? It is also a discriminatory act in the fact that the Pa. Senate and House of Representatives passed a law that un-mandates anyone in the future to connect and use the water but mandates anyone that was mandated in the past, to stay connected!!

  2. Rebecca Nicol says:

    It’s so wonderful to see that we finally have someone in office with some common sense. I’m happy to see that the new governor has done his part by standing up for our rights….finally. Now my fiance and I can resume our building plans! Imagine it, we are actually allowed to make our own decisions now regarding our new home rather than being mandated to drop ten grand that we don’t have on something we don’t want. THANK YOU GOV. CORBETT!!!!! : )

  3. sheriff says:

    A money grab that will add tens of thousands to a new home. What happens when they leak & they all do eventually.

  4. Nick Frese says:

    Ah, so what’s a few deaths by fire as long as we’re saving money.

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