Group Aims To Turn Philadelphians Into Vegetarians

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A deliberately stomach-turning video will be shown in Philadelphia on Monday by a group looking to turn you away from eating meat.

“You will be given an eye-opening look.”

That’s the promise of the vegetarian video Farm to Fridge, but it’s really more eye-closing unless you’re into gory flicks. This stuff is real and depicts undercover images of animals being mistreated, maimed and even killed by being whacked on the floor. Phil Letten has been driving a box truck mounted with three big video screens from to city after city. Monday is Philadelphia’s turn at 11 a.m. at Rittenhouse Square. Letten says meat and dairy farming are nasty.

“Nearly all meat, dairy and eggs sold in this country come from animals that are confined on factory farms, where they are denied everything that is natural to them.”

Then finally, shot in the head or throat cut, moved toward our dinner plate.

Reported by John Ostapkovich, KYW Newsradio

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  1. Esion says:

    I know what goes into raising and slaughtering animals for meat consumption. With that said, I don’t mind. Part of the vegetarian factor is the fear of death, and the lack of being able to accept it. This falls in place not just for animals but for humans, and for oneself. If you accept death as part of life, all life, including oneself you will be able to get over it. People have been eating animals for some time. Animals if given the chance will eat humans, this too has been going on for some time. Nature is nature. Life and death. Eating a being for its energy, which you then now possess and move onto the next day. If in the wild you are a target, because you are a living being that another creature if it can over power you can eat you for your energy.

    I’ve known enough vegetarians in my life, most who are under weight, have weak bones, and suffer for lack of vitamins. Even those who do everything right eventually loose certain things from not eating meat over time, again bones become weak, immune systems are weakened as well. Go be a vegetarian, I don’t care, but don’t attempt to pressure me to become one, or anyone in that matter. Pressuring people to become a vegetarian, or anything, any type of pressuring you then become no worse than the church or any other organized religious cult that society has to deal with the negative effects daily.

    So with that said, time to char up some foie gras for my family dinner tonight.

    1. jakethy says:

      Obviously, there were a lot of other comments on here that were from meat eaters, but yours stood out as someone who had given your response some thought rather than a knee-jerk reaction. So as a veggie-come-lately, I felt like replying. I only stopped eating meat last November – mainly ’cause I couldn’t unknow what I’d learned about the treatment of animals in factory farms. So to be frank, I think your first point is weak at best. Give a cow all the chance ya want – it’s not going to eat you. Yes, death is a part of life. Cruel and needlessly painful living conditions leading up to that death are not. If anyone treated a cat or a dog the same way that farm animals are treated, they’d rightfully be put in jail. I laugh when people try to explain how it’s somehow ok when it happens to farm animals who aren’t lucky enough to be protected by the ASPCA or any other organization. And, funny thing – we aren’t meat eaters. The companies who want your money would love for you to continue believing that, much like the tobacco companies don’t care that tobacco will kill you. If we were carnivores, then we wouldn’t need fire to make the meat safe for us. Our intestines would be shorter so that the meat would pass thru us quicker. Carnivores have to have short intestines ’cause if they’re as long as ours, the fat and other waste from the meat builds up in there and rots. And your teeth, the molars? – they’re flat rather than pointed cause they’re meant for grinding, not tearing.
      It certainly sounds like you’ve had a few run ins with unhealthy people who didn’t eat meat and it colored your whole view on this. Do what I did – look into what your putting in your body. No one should tell you how to eat – not me, not the people who produced that video, no one. But it’s your body for crying out loud – treat yourself to some info beyond what’s on the surface.

    2. Renee Gallaway says:

      You are too unintelligent, misinformed and soul-less to comprehend an intelligent, informed response to your moronic post. So sad.

      1. Renee Gallaway says:

        My previous comment was meant for jakethy.

  2. dale says:

    Mnnnn, I love pork.

  3. Sorry, folks, this is grown-up stuff. says:

    If none of you people can stomach it, don’t look. But you’re eating it, whether you look or not. Don’t blame other people for your emotions. No one is MAKING you feel guilty. If you feel guilty, that’s your own emotion to deal with.

  4. Mel says:

    Thank you for your comments, Jeff. I agree. When an industry shows complete disrespect for the law, just because they’re a big industry and they can, it is one of the biggest threats to the quality of life in our country. They can’t shove their poison and moral bankruptcy down our throats just because it’s cheaper for them and get away with it forever. They’ve tricked average people into thinking someone ELSE is trying to control what they eat (maybe the people showing this video, for example), when really people eat exactly what the industry gives them, and they have no choice. Well, they have one, but they don’t see that. I choose to opt out of what this industry tries to foist on me. Others can go along if they want, but I choose not to participate in cruelty and disregard for others.

  5. Milton Street says:

    What a bunch of frigging whackos. I hope they all choke on my zucchini

  6. Zzbar says:

    I like meat and veggies. Don’t tell me what to eat, unless you are able to buy all the (good) food I need.

  7. Leo says:

    Animal cruelty is wrong and the industry should have strict, enforced standards but don’t pass me the Toufu. If you don’t want to eat meat, fine but don’t try the guilt trip or whatever.
    Let’s have a good industry (I’d be willing to pay say eg 5% or more on meat purchases but stop already with tying to control all aspects of what people do.

    1. jeff says:

      Thank you for being against animal cruelty. This is the main issue at hand.
      Not sure what you mean by guilt trip. The farmers are breaking the law. And stop “trying to control all aspects of what people do”? Again, there are LAWS against this and breaking these are misdemeanors to federal offenses. This should be stopped and pushing it out in the open is the first step to ending the cruelty.

  8. Joe DMarco says:

    fater watching an IFC codumentary about meat processing, Im over beef. There ! different pieces of 500 cows in one burger they tested. the workers were told not to waste anything :(

  9. jeff says:

    Excellent!! I don’t care if you’re vegetarian or eat meat BUT the cruelty has to stop—shove these videos down everybody’s throat until this changes for good. Period. Sick disgusting farmers…

  10. Norm says:

    Yawn. Buzz off, Letten. You’re no different than the Westboro Baptist Church.

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