5:41 President Obama got some tough questions from a Texas TV stations.

6:11 Chris revisits his interviews yesterday with Philadelphia Mayoral Candidates Milton Street and John Featherman.

6:28 Forbes has named the Phillie Phanatic as the country’s top mascot.

phillie phanatic Stigall Show Log 4.20.11

6:41 President Obama held a town hall meeting and discussed his income tax return and criticized Republicans effortst to cut infrastructure spending.

7:11 Some water treatment plants are now refusing to accept fracking water.

7:40 Chris talks to Seth Everett about last nights Phillies shutout loss to the Brewers and the weak spots in the batting order.

8:11 Chris talks to Philadelphia Orchestra Chairman Association, Richard Worley, about their bankruptcy filing.

phila orchestra Stigall Show Log 4.20.11

8:45 Chris talks to KYW Harrisburg Reporter Tony Romeo about taxing Marcellus Shale companies.

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