Historic Street Signs To Remain In Lower Merion

LOWER MERION, Pa. (CBS) — Lower Merion residents who were part of the effort to try to save several thousand historic street signs which have been a staple throughout the township for nearly a hundred years received good news on Tuesday.

Lower Merion got word from Senator Pat Toomey’s office in Washington that the federal transportation department had given the township a reprieve.

Secretary Ray LaHood said the existing signs were allowed to remain as historical monuments and only needed to conform to new standards if the township decides it wants to replace the existing signs.

That came as good news for Commissioner Jane Dellheim who chairs the Public Works Committee…

“This is particularly good financial news for us that we can keep the signs and they really are charming and something that we all love.”

It would have cost the township about 1.5 million dollars to install more reflective street signs to make it easier and safer for drivers.

Lower Merion officials had said that unfunded mandate would have destroyed the character of the township.

Reported by KYW’s Suburban Bureau Chief Brad Segall

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One Comment

  1. Ted says:

    Thank God. These signs are so beautiful. The feds are such busybodies. This is a local issue that should be decided by locals not some far off bureaucrat who will get kickbacks from the metallurgical industry for making millions of new street signs

  2. Brian says:

    My GOD, what is happening in our country? WHY is the Federal Government mandating the SIGNS in our neighborhoods?? Nevermind the fact that it’s none of their damn business – they don’t need to be wasting money on things that LOCAL governments are perfectly capable of doing.
    This Government is completely out of control – and this is but one example. I don’t mean it’s Obama’s fault – this existed loooong before him. But he and his administration are definately taking governmental control of our lives to outrageous levels.

    1. Peter says:

      Only for you young whippersnappers. Wait until you’re 45 and trying to read one of those street signs through your bifocals on a dark stormy night. Or are you one of those who changes their tune about government regulation when they want old fogies banned from driving?

      1. Guess Who says:

        A lot of the Pa. roads don’t have 2-way road signs at all. The locals say they aren’t needed because “they know where they are.”

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