SPCA Rescues 54 Puppies From Alleged ‘Illegal Kennel’ In Chester County

MALVERN, Pa. (CBS) — Authorities in Chester County removed dozens of puppies from a home that is now under investigation for possibly being an “illegal kennel.”

Many of the dogs whimpered and cried as the pint-sized pooches were picked up and taken away.

“There are now 54, at last count, young puppies in that house that have come out. We’re dealing with Yorkies (Yorkshire Terriers), Shih Tzus and several smaller breeds,” said Rich Britton, Chester County SPCA.

Investigators tell Eyewitness News the homeowner Yvonne Tikkala was selling some of the puppies on eBay for $250.

“I made mistakes yes, but it was not a matter of animal cruelty. None of those animals were abused,” Tikkala said.

A customer who responded to an online ad tipped off investigators who arrived at the home on Crumley Avenue Monday afternoon.

“The Chester County S.P.C.A. Animal Protective Services received a tip earlier today that there was unsanitary, unsafe and overcrowded conditions in a house in Malvern, Pennsylvania,” Britton said.

Tikkala says she wasn’t trying to make money off the dogs. She claims she took good care of them and was just trying to find the K9s good homes.

“They are up to date on all their shots and rabies and everything. You will not find a sick dog in not one of those dogs they took,” Tikkala said.

Tikkala voluntarily signed over control of the dogs to the Chester County SPCA and is cooperating with the investigation. She faces charges for Animal Cruelty and Operating an Unlicensed Kennel.

All 54 dogs were taken to the Chester County SPCA where they will be examined, then spayed or neutered and put up for adoption in about 2-3 weeks.

Reported by Ben Bowens, CBSPhilly.com; Todd Quinones, CBS 3

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One Comment

  1. Dan Cain says:

    In my line of work, I see too much of people who see animals as little dollar signs rather than pets. Fortunately authorities take complaints very seriously, so if you’re ever suspicious, get it checked out.


  2. Cherae says:

    I would love to adopt a puppy or dog. My family and I lost our dog and I think we may finally ready to give another a great home.

  3. Betty J, Lapina says:

    Are the dogs up for adoption? I am interested in a female poodle. My phone number 215-943-9172

  4. Bobby Frey says:

    My wife and myself plan to head over to the SPCA tomorrow and offer one of these little dogs a nice new home. Our little Shih-Tzu “Caseyboy” will enjoy the new addition and friendship.

  5. D. Seay says:

    My husband & I would love to adopt one of the yorkshire terrier puppies. How can we go about adopting one? Darlene Melendez: phone number is
    610-287-7486. I do not have a computer, so I am using someone else’s. Please phone me at the number above

  6. JMO says:

    It’s back yard breeding end of story. Go to an animal shelter and see all the poor innoncent faces in the shelter who most likely won’t find a way out then those who BREED dogs may think twice about doing so all in the name of making a dollar!!

  7. Ashley says:

    They aren’t property they are freaking living animals. There is no way that 54 puppies can properly be cared for under one roof.
    Morgen — people who view animals as you do are the problem in this world, that’s the reason people abuse them and think it’s ok, because idiot’s think of poor animals as “their property”.

  8. ray says:

    I bought my puppy from her over a year ago and he is the healthiest happiest little dog in the world. He came with all of his shots his papers he is completly registered and healthy.

  9. Rachel in WC says:

    This woman did break a law. PA State law says you can own up to 25 dogs. Any more than that and you must register as a kennel or breeder, follow the state guidelines for doing so, etc. She had them stacked in crates in deplorable conditions. The SPCA is acting as the voice of these 54 animals who cannot speak for themselves. She doesn’t need 54 dogs as companions, open your eyes, she’s running her own little puppy mill!

  10. A Voice for the Voiceless says:

    Due process my tush. You can look at her situation and see that she is guilty of running an ILLEGAL kennel/dog selling business. She does not deserve to keep any of those dogs. They were not being taken care of properly and I guarantee some of the ones she should are or will be sick. I pray she does not get a single one of them back and is denied the right to own any more pets. It is called ANIMAL CRUELTY ~

    1. A Voice for the Voiceless says:

      ^ sold

  11. Mark Jamison says:

    The amish do this every day but that’s OK cause they’re “the Amish” and they’re good for “tourism”……

    1. Riley says:

      You are absolutely right on that statement!

  12. beth says:

    I feel sorry for these animals. Animals today are at the hands of some crazy people and they are the ones who suffer. I never heard of selling animals on EBAY.

  13. Tom Klein says:

    Boy they have this wrong YOU CAN NOT SELL ANIMALS ON EBAY

    1. manda says:

      you can sell animals on EBAY under the classified section, not the auctions

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