Town Worker Sues Gloucester Township Over Workplace Harassment

GLOUCESTER TOWNSHIP, N.J. (CBS) – A federal lawsuit has been filed on behalf of a Gloucester Township public works employee who says he was taunted by two colleagues because of his race and the township did nothing about it.

Steven Brodie Jr. says he was harassed time and again, including one incident four years ago in which he was locked in a storage cage.

Brodie, who is black, says he complained to supervisors about the harassment by two white co-workers, but got nowhere — until he got criminal charges filed.

David Pomianek is appealing his conviction on harassment and intimidation; Michael Dorazo is awaiting trial.

“The defendants had a history of discriminatory acts and this lawsuit is based primarily on the township and its managers’ failure to discipline these individuals because they have certain ties to the community,” said Brodie’s attorney Charles Gibbs.

Dorazo’s mother is a member of the township’s Human Relations Commission.

The suit lists 20 defendants, including current and former township officials, the Human Relations Commission and Brodie’s two co-workers.

Gibbs says his client is seeking compensatory damages, punitive damages and an injunction to prohibit future similar conduct.

The township solicitor could not be reached for comment.

Reported by David Madden, KYW Newsradio 1060

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One Comment

  1. melvin gaye says:

    wow i cant believe that this is still going on but then again glouster well i can yeah belive that.steve is damm good friend of mines and i will stand up with him and his family. hes very good hearted young man get along with everybody he comes from a great family and never look for trouble or very up set about the situation im just finding out about wat happened and it anger me to know that to punks decided to be stupid and dumb to start start something and now scared of faceing wat they have done to a human personally believe it or not i will keep you bad guys in close prayer and hope that one day yall will have a change of heart so your vision can see clearly but to look pass the outer apperance of a person but the inner.

  2. satch says:


  3. admin says:

    Got locked in a cage? Sounds like a practical joke that gets played on fellow employees all the time. You know, the old “Hey, can you grab that box off the top shelf in the supply closet?” Guy goes in, fellow employee closes door quickly, people laugh, then it is over in minutes.


  4. chick says:

    Rich Goldmans? You’ve got to be kidding or smoking something.

  5. Tiberius says:

    OJ never payed a dime to any of the winners of that civil suit, clown. Also out of curiosity, how did you feel when he got away with murder… but I guess what comes around goes around as he is finally where he belongs, prison.

  6. LadyInTennessee says:

    Dang y’all!! And people say racism is bad in the South?!?!? No comment on the actual article, I’m speaking entirely to the comments here.

    1. Dunnyveg says:

      Racism? What’s the matter? Can’t you think of anything intelligent to say? Namecalling is the most graceless way possible of admitting you’ve lost the argument.

      I’m ashamed that you are from my beloved South. Real Southerners stick with the facts and don’t engage in such dishonorable behavior.

      1. LadyInTennessee says:

        Like I said, I wasn’t commenting on the article material, I was referring to the comments made here online. “Now he can buy the 22” rims for his Escalade he wanted”…”these new bros are lost without their guns”…those are the facts within this comments section that II was referring to.

    2. Austin, TX says:

      White people harassing blacks? This is the first I’ve heard of that in my 40+ years. In my life it’s ALWAYS been the other way around.

      1. Jack Kennedyr says:

        dont confuse the thing about blacks robbing/murdering whites that thugs like obama/holder/sharpton/jackson promote

  7. Don says:

    Stupid analogy. The Goldman’s son is dead. He was nearly decapitated. This guy was harassed and is still very much alive. Again, probably the stupidest analogy I’ve ever read.

  8. gsplsngr says:

    People must have a reading comprehension problem. “David Pomianek is appealing his conviction on harassment and intimidation; Michael Dorazo is awaiting trial” So you have one guy who was criminally convicted and the other guy is awaiting trial and you blame the black guy for being to sensitive or wanting a payday? And people are saying he should have quit, in this job market that would not be to bright.

    1. LearnTheLaw says:

      He didn’t just get made fun of–their actions (at least one of them) have been proven to be malicious harassment. That’s more than just name calling. That’s intimidation, humiliation, taunting and more. These people need to pay through the nose for what they allowed to happen and ignored.

  9. Walt says:

    Wasn’t Steve Brodie the guy who jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge and lived to tell about it ? I smell a fishy story here.

  10. guest says:

    well, I live in glo twp and my taxes are high enough – so now I assume my taxes will go thru the roof to pay for what is almost certainly going to be a judgement in the millions.

  11. john says:

    Reading the title remind me of the WaMu add on t.V. . Remember that one . It had a black guy w/ a bunch of naked white bankers in a cage . the white bankers were the idiots

  12. Jay says:

    Ummm… you got locked in a cage at work and you stayed for 2 years? Stupid.

  13. yourface says:

    You wish you were a woman? just how long have you been wishing this ?

  14. yourface says:

    yes women and minorities get special treatment when they are abused keep crying me a river you idiot.

  15. N Watt says:

    so you normally like getting locked-up in a cage?

    1. Average Guy says:

      no one got locked in a cage don’t you get it he is looking for a payday!

  16. Bill says:

    same thing happened to a guy i knew except the roles were reversed. He brought the suit to court and it got dismissed

    1. LearnTheLaw says:

      Liar. Did your “guy you knew” have a criminal conviction to back up his claim? Please, shut your mouth if you don’t know what you’re talking about. There’s a reason ignorant people like yourself rely on lawyers–you’re too stupid to read the law and understand it. People like you deserve to be taken advantage of by lawyers and other people with intelligence.

  17. fred says:

    me thinks you shouldn’t be – goat

  18. SickofPCBS says:

    We had a black guy in our office – he had no problem avoiding work, management was afraid to confront him on it to the extent that an entire program was canceled and we had layoffs. He wasn’t a jerk BECAUSE he was black BUT him telling everyone in the office that they couldn’t fire him because he is black and he would sue them THAT makes him an assh*le

    1. satch says:


  19. Winston says:

    I thought things like this didn’t happen in the ‘enlightened’ liberal northeast….? what’s funny is that people in other parts of the country laugh and make fun of the northeast and west coast – but those people just don’t realize it. I guess that’s why people are leaving those areas in droves for other parts of the country.

    1. MST says:

      You’re right, Winston. I am African American and I’ve experienced plenty of racism in the Northeast, where I grew up. I am actually thinking of moving down south someday — the people just seem nicer there.

      1. DeltaFoxtrot says:

        Stay up there, we’re faking it.

      2. Kim Baliey says:

        Don’t come down unless you have plenty of money. Knee Grows are discriminated like animals here and they will ask you why u shave your non human hair
        Everyone here knows what Darwin said about blacks: “Blacks are not human but a different animal species”

  20. Larry says:

    This country is so F-ed up! This guy is probably going to collect $$$$$ for this incident and is probably planning for his Disney Vacation, New Home, Car and early retirement with the up coming money. BS

    1. Mark Sanchez says:

      Let me harass you day in and day out! You idiot!

  21. Tommy says:

    Cha ching

  22. falco says:

    He was going to be behind bars anyway.

  23. art says:

    Sigh… another government worker whining. And now he’ll get a fat payday at taxpayer expense. Can’t we just fire the guys who did it? This guy wasn’t hurt, he’s got his easy government job — why the jackpot justice?

  24. WellWisher says:

    The “judgment” may very well come here on Earth, and in the near future. And, yes, I am looking forward to it. A lot of very prepared paople won’t be sitting quietly on the sidelines anymore, and we’ll see who says “oink” for real. It’s probably a good thing you’re looking so fondly forward to eternity.

    For the record, I am just returning your neighborly sentiments. It’s good that we both care about each other’s future.

  25. zef says:

    Judging by a lot of the comments it would seem racism is alive and well in the US, of course I wonder what the same folks would say if the shoe were on the other foot, white people sue too, don’t they?

    1. JeremyQ says:

      The situation calls for justice not payday. And yes racism is alive in america but black people cashing in on there suffering is also reached a stupid level. The fact that he was harrased is wrong and they NEED to be punished. But paying the man will never help his pain and anguish. EVER. Money wont make you happy, or make your pain go away. That is taxpeyer money. WE are paying him because of what someone else did. NOT FAIR TO ME!!!!!!! White people do sue. But not like black people do over racial issues in the amount they do!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Jack Kennedy says:

      the real Americans have learned that affirmative action courts dont work for us

  26. James says:

    I’m not saying it couldn’t have happened the way he said, But unfortunately in this day and age so many people know they can score a massive payday with this kind of suit, that it makes you have to doubt the veracity of these claims unless they can be conclusively proven.

    Question: can this be conclusively proven? And even if it can, how much money should the guy really get? I’d let people lock me up for a while and call me names if it’s worth a few million dollars. And of course, it’s not 1860. If you don’t like a situation nowadays, you can just quit. This guy stuck around for years, it seems, so how bad could it have been? Obviously keeping this particular job was worth it to him, even with whatever else was going on.

    Not to minimize the actions of these others if indeed it really happened. Perhaps they should be punished, probably even fired, but I don’t think this plaintiff should be getting a huge payout, in any event. Enough to cover his court costs with a little left over to spare. Enough with awarding millions to people all the time for any hardship they underwent that was someone else’s fault.

    1. Pat says:

      I would say that fact that one of them has already been convicted in criminal court is a pretty strong indicator that something happened.

      1. truthteller says:

        You’re kidding, right? The Duke lacrosse team was just a hair away from getting convicted on bogus charges. If not for a stupid prosecutor, and a very good defense team, they probably would have been. How good of a defense do you think these defendants could afford? The conviction was to insure a payday. Mark my words, it is going to be overturned, but the payday will stand. And you won’t see any media coverage of that turn of events.

    2. notamuniworker says:

      These two morons had a cush municipal job and they blew it. No one should be harassed at their job and the one being harassed should not have to quit. Do you know how hard it is to get one of these jobs? You hang on to it and you don’t do something stupid like locking a co-worker up in a cage when you land one of these jobs. The supervisors should have taken this seriously at the time and reprimanded the two idiots. The problem with these types of jobs is the people in them feel a sense of entitlement, especially when mommy gets you the job.

      1. MST says:

        Thanks for an intelligent response, notamuniworker.

    3. Chrisf says:

      They don’t have to conclusively prove it, just to the standard of a preponderance of evidence (great than 50% likelihood). The criminal charges having already met the higher threshold in one of the cases (beyond reasonable doubt) suggests there’s at least some kind of tort/crime. The article makes it impossible to gauge the purpose of the accused – whether (if we assume that he was locked in this cage) the purpose of these acts were based on racial intimidation.

      Only a reactionary fool can say they feel strongly one way or the other based this article.

    4. LearnTheLaw says:

      Yes, it’s already been proven “beyond a shadow of a doubt” in a criminal proceeding. They are not precluded from denying that the discrimination, intimidation, and harassment occurred. At this trial, all they must prove is that the Plaintiff brought this to a supervisor’s attention and they refused to act. If that’s true, he has a case and will likely win.

  27. Doug_in_Jax says:

    A case of lawsuit lottery winner syndrome. It will be a wonderful day when such people are just told to “suck it up and put on your big boy pants”.

  28. Wdyafo says:

    Everybody’s looking for a payday!

  29. cluelessinky says:

    I find it hard to believev that in today’s day and age any supervisor wouldn’t take immediate action to address the original complaint. As any superviwsor knows, he is responsible for the actions of his subordinates and as such laible to litigation.

  30. john pemberton says:

    Four years ago!!!? This is blatant attempt at extortion.

    I’d bet that this guy is a sub par performer on the job and the so called ridicule is actually natural reaction to a slacker or real supervisor discipline. He has now decided to play the race card to get some money.

    Why would he stay on for 4 or 5 years if the environment was that toxic… Because he can’t get another job!

    1. Sam says:

      guess John pemberton needs to go to remedial reading. The harassers have already or currently are undergoing the criminal trials process. This suit is a civil action, so obviously the plaintiff didn’t wait four years. Cripes, don’t they teach civics any more?

      1. SamtheSham says:

        Nope – the Left had that removed from school to make more room for Black History Month, Women’s HIstory Month, Native American Studies, Environmental Awareness, Winter Holiday, Quran 101 etc. BTW how do you conclude that he didn’t wait four years based solely on it being Civil? Are Civil trials typically 4 years long? Maybe you should concentrate more on making sense….

  31. Joseph says:

    This guy is going to be RICH!!!

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