PLANNED PARENTHOOD SHOOTING: Standoff Ends; 1 Officer, 2 Civilians Dead

Delco Man Ups Fight With Township For Return Of His Pet Micro-Pig

RIDLEY TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) – The weeklong search for the whereabouts of a pet pig could be getting serious.

The mini-porker, picked up by Ridley Township cops after he got out of Brian Maguire’s backyard, is said to be on a Reading, Pa. farm, and now Maguire is stepping up efforts to have his pet returned.

The 10-week-old, six-pound Vietnamese micro potbellied pig is named “Steve.”

Police picked him up and refused to return him to Maguire, citing a prohibition on farm animals, and shipped him off.

Maguire insists that Steve is a pet, not a farm animal, and cites Pennsylvania law to prove it, pointing out that he bought the animal in a pet shop.

“The (Pennsylvania) Department of Agriculture states that if you paid tax on this animal when you buy him, he’s a pet. They only tax pets; they don’t tax livestock or farm animals,” Maguire says.

Ben Simmoneau reports…

And he argues that the township’s prohibition and permit requirements cover only farm animals.

Maguire and his girlfriend are now selling t-shirts on Facebook to help pay for a lawyer.  What had been a willingness to find Steve a new home, they say, is turning into a quest to get him back.

Township police are not returning phone calls on the matter.

Reported by David Madden, KYW Newsradio 1060

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  • sara trudo

    There is a good possibility that Steve counld pull a “failure to thrive” and die. He is used to being warm ,handled gently and has a special diet. A common pen is a horrible and dangerous setting for a baby without his mom or people.

    What is the very disturbing about the townships behavior is the confiscation, disreguard and disrespect for their customers, the owners. I honestly think they gave the little guy to one of the employees or put him down and are now trying to CYA. Being unreachable is total nonsence. Stay after them, they work you and all powers need to be accountable or we have socialism.

  • j.c

    If you find Stevie, check and see if my missing ..911..reports are with him…thanks

  • sooszq

    It’s surprising that the RP police had the time to take Steve, the pet pig they stole, to a farm in Reading, PA. When the Media SPCA notified officials of the various townships in Delaware County that they were no longer accepting stray animals, these officials claimed there was no time or money in township budgets for rescuing local stray animals. Apparently the RP Police do have the time !

  • punkins

    That’s not really fair, I’m sure there are places that are on this poor guy’s side. I do know a few cops in ridley though, one used to be a landlord and one happens to be my cousin, I may have to make some calls.

  • Nancy53410

    “Steve” needs to be rescured and returned to his owner BEFORE this ‘farm’ does turn him into bacon. I know a few people in PA that also have these small pot bellied pigs for pets. And I have a son and his wife who plan on getting a couple. They are a domestic pig. This would be turned over in a second if a lawsuit pursued. The police had NO BUSINESS just stepping in and taking the “pet” away. I hope this family succeeds to getting him returned, and I hope the police department is disciplined. SHAME ON THEM!! And to “Lila”, who is “so sick” of hearing this story…………. get a life! This pig does NOT belong on a farm. You wouldn’t feel like this if YOU had something that belonged to YOU suddenly just picked up and taken away by the Police Dept….. they wouldn’t discuss it with you…. they wouldn’t return it, and they wouldn’t even tell you where it is. Mr. Maguire should be able to at least “warn” this farm owner that he had better NOT kill his pig OR sell the pig, until this is settled. I do pray that Mr. Maguire gets his “pet” returned. Petowners KNOW what it’s like to lose a “pet”. They are members of the family, and losing one is like losing a child. GO THE DISTANCE, MR. MAGUIRE. I also pray that this media coverage will bring a “pet loving” attorney forward to take your case pro bono.

  • ria

    Directed to the “Anonymous” comment – your a pig and should be slice, fried and put between two slices of wheat toast. Actually, you should just be throw in the middle of a pack of hungry alligators for being such an ass.

  • solomon

    Is this a case of the “pigs” calling the kettle….well, you get my drift

  • whitey

    Sounds like the Township ship and the Police Department needs to spend
    some money in your law suite you file against them, might come down to Civil
    Rights violation, I think with all onesty that this little PIGGY just mite fry
    some Bacon in this case, Funny they know where to take it– But they don’t want to say were it is, Whitch cop has family with a farm or owns a farm. This is another stab in People’s outlook toward the City of Philadelphia,
    and the Corrupt Officals they have in office,and on the Police Force.

  • Sharon Veronica

    This little piggy is no bigger than a dog. As you said, your purchased him in a PET shop, and paid taxes on your purchase, and he IS a pet. I pray you find a good lawyer who will take on your cause pro bono for free. I don’t see any harm in having a PET pig, dog, parrot, chicken, whatever — as long as you care for it, keep it clean, and provide a good home, I say go for it! The Police really should have more important things to do than confiscate pets from pet-owners. I hope you get your PET Steve back home for keeps real soon! Thank you to CBS Philly for sharing this story and keeping us informed!!!

  • Mr. Arnold Ziffle


  • harry

    The PIGlice apprehended a pig,how about that.

  • d-la

    Maguire is correct. His pig is a pet, and the Commonwealth of PA has already agreed. Twp. police had no authority to challenge PA law by confiscating his pet. Pot-bellied pis have been established pets for decades in this country, with no confusion over whether they were farm or domestic animals. The Barney Fifes in Ridley really illustrate why the rest of the country calls PA Pennsyltucky.

    • d-la

      pigs, sorry – the G isn’t working on my keyboard

    • j.c

      If you find Stevie, see if my missing…911… police reports are there too! thanks.

  • Carolyn

    oink- oink

  • Linda D Bryant


  • Tom

    Why don’t the police or township simply say where the pig was taken?
    What else are the police confiscating and not accounting for?
    They are obviously hiding something.
    This goes far beyond someone’s pet.
    There is definitely misconduct here.

    • grumpy

      I agree Tom. There is something shady going on here!

      • punkins

        Yeah I have a feeling they had a bbq and made steve sandwiches

  • Lila

    I’m so sick of this story being on every station, in every newspaper. Your 15 minutes of fame are up, people. Take comfort that your pig is living a better life than you could give it. Sure it’s so cute and cuddly now but once it’s an adult, you are going to wish it was back at the farm. It’s sickening when people buy odd or exotic pets before checking to see if they can have one where they live. People like this crave the attention they will get by having something different and then cry the blues when they can’t keep it. It’s too bad the animals are the ones who end up suffering by being displaced so many times.

    • Don Duck

      What planet are you on . Lila…….maybe you should open up that little brain you have. An do alittle reading about Ridley twp.

  • Anonymous

    Oh for crying out loud.

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