Philadelphia Streets Kept In Dark By Vandals

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Streets Department is doing a citywide survey of alley lights, because of rampant vandalism to the lights caused by those who would prefer that the alleys stay dark.

Streets Commissioner Clarena Tolson told City Council that her department is doing a street by street survey of all alley lights to determine why so many are constantly out. In some cases, she said just a new bulb is needed, but sometimes it’s pure vandalism.

“We have a problem with people throwing rocks, and also with bullets,” Tolson explained.

Council president Anna Verna asked, “they what?”

“They shoot them out,” Tolson responded.

Councilman Bill Greenlee followed “And aren’t they also cutting wires?”

“Yes, there’s lot of various damage,” Tolson said. “When people intend to disable a light, it’s difficult to work around them.”

And council members noted that the alley light problem is worst, ironically, in high crime areas where they are needed the most.

Reported by Mike Dunn, KYW Newsradio

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  1. pete brown says:


    1. Paul says:

      Those Rox kids make a late night trip down every Saturday night, long after the cops have split after busting main line slim for DUIs. Fun how things work.

  2. withheld says:

    One possibility to consider is making the lights pleasant to home owners/renters in the areas where they are used. I once rented a property with an alley light, and I dreamed of disabling it because it was so bright we couldn’t sleep. Perhaps if residents were encouraged by the quality of life the city gave them, they wouldn’t like it when the quality of life left, and would report changes in the alley.

    1. Jordan says:

      “The Quality of life that the city gave them” you speak as if the city is some abusive mother to its own citizens. Hate to have to remind you but last I checked you were not wearing any chains and shackles keeping you there. And you are seriously expecting your neighbors to do something? Maybe are waiting for you? Don’t assume the fool next to you is better then the fool in the mirror.

  3. Geneva says:

    I have contacted the Streets dept by email , by mail about an Ally light that has been out for years. No one ever showed or responed. I gave them the address where the light is located . No response. The light is still out and its still a dangerous ally.

  4. remucho says:

    install cameras and peosecute the thugs with real punishment.
    The city is inpotent and everyone knows it. Less talk more action or get a tougher City government instead of these politicians that have their own agenda!

  5. Greg says:

    Oh and in yesterdays CBS News website there was a report that the city quality was improving? what a bunch of lies after hearing stories about the alley lights how on earth can CBS news print that stupid report about the quality of the city is improving. This is a hell hole of a city and it’s getting worse. Detroit here we come.

  6. Pamela Bunting Lewis says:

    I am startting to believe that some things just have to be viewed as war. Help the good people leave, migrate to areas of fresh air and sunshine and exterminate the roaches. Out cities have just been infested with evil. It has to be swept clean. Just like a war. Pamela Bunting Lewis April 13, 2011

    1. angelo revell says:

      in this case who are the roaches that need exterminated

  7. ANGUS says:


  8. rick says:

    city council is surprised? comon

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