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Tastykake Workers Respond To Take-Over Deal

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The announcement that Flowers Foods will take over Tasty Baking Company (see related story) has much of the city talking. So how are those who make those Krimpets and pies taking news of the deal?

“Philadelphia” is not among the ingredients listed on Tastykake packages, but some who love the treats might argue they wouldn’t taste the same if they weren’t made here by people who live here.

“Tastykake, of course, is a household item,” said Jim Condran with the Bakery, Confectionary, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International. That’s the largest union at Tasty Baking Company, representing 250 employees.

He said their positions are safe. “We’re just glad to see the company staying and keeping the quality product and jobs — good paying jobs — here in the Philadelphia area.”

Condran expects Flowers, the new parent company, to bring Tastykakes across the country — and he says that will be icing on the cake for the operation in these parts.

Reported by Ian Bush, KYW Newsradio 1060

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One Comment

  1. Slade1955 says:

    I hope Flowers changes the recipe and takes out the high fructose corn syrup and puts real fruit back into the pies. You don’t make a cake at home and pour liquid HFCS into it. You use sugar. Ever since they added it the cakes don’t taste the same.

  2. bottomline says:

    Caps, jopags: There is more then meets the eye here. I’d like to know who sold them the idea of moving from the Hunting Park address. If some one knows the answer, it would be appreciated if they posted it.

    1. Jane Yavis says:

      Let me guess, the Chamber of Comerce and Pizzi – former Exec at the Chamber???

  3. janet says:

    sorry, although i am happy for the 700 jobs that are staying in philadelphia, the quality of the tastycakes lately leaves a lot to be desired, and probably could have been made elsewhere.

  4. Johan says:

    There are so many if us Philadelphians living in exile in other parts of the country. Maybe now we will get our TastyKakes at the local convienence store.

  5. caps says:

    Lets see the bonus buck$ the CEO and CFO got for moving out of a building they owned ! DUH

  6. Difauff says:

    Another panic move that will backfire like the recipe change. The end is coming. Real easy to stay on my diet now, the new recipes suck. Another icon hits the dust

  7. joepags says:

    dumbest move ever tastykake, how do you leave a building you own??? the worst financial move ever!!!

    1. True Reader says:

      I didn’t read that they were leaving, anywhere in that little article. In fact the guy says, “We’re just glad they are STAYING…in the Philadelphia area.” Read the article again man, and maybe you’ll learn something!

      1. Mystic Cult says:

        His reference was to the old factory on Hunting Park Avenue.

    2. Jane Yavis says:

      I love how all the same locals (1210 only let ME TALK Radio) are hailing everything Pizzi has done,,, while they attack the President for the GM Deal. Isn’t what Tastykake got for moving out of their paid for building in a neighborhood the original owners were loyal to — at a place many local employees could walk to— Was the original building ever sold???

      Taxpayer Money that will never be paid back. Isn’t it the the same as the Stadiums we funded??? — For some reason the CEO that takes a well respected company down the drain is entitled to a $3Million Bonus, and to quote Stigall from 1210 – it’s all Michell Obama and the Food Police’s fault. — And we wonder what is happening to Philadelphia??

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