5:43 Tastykake has been sold to a company in Georgia. Now there is anger about a payout being made to CEO Charles Pizzi.

tastykakes Stigall Show Log 4.12.11

6:12 President Obama says he regrets his 2006 vote against raising the debt ceiling.

6:22 Giants and Dodgers players addressed fans after an assault in the parking lot left one fan near death.

7:11 Former Olympic Gold Medalist Carl Lewis has announced he is running for State Senate in New Jersey.

carl lewis Stigall Show Log 4.12.11

7:23 A doctor is Conshohocken is accused of assaulting his patients at a weight loss clinic.

8:13 Missouri State Attorney General Chris Koster is urging a federal judge to invalidate the mandate in the healthcare bill.

8:22 Chris talks to Rob Cassell, who distills his own spririts.

8:45 GM is recalling the Chevy Cruze after steering wheels have been falling off.

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