Study: Mothers Of Young Children Pack On Pounds

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Are you having a struggle with weight loss? Is it difficult to keep those extra pounds from attaching to your hips? Well now you have someone to blame.

According to a study from University of Minnesota, mothers of young children were heavier and ate more calories, fatty foods and sugary drinks than women without children. In addition, both parents were less active than those of the same age without children.

The study was not a small one. There were over 1,500 adults with children younger than five. According to the report, which is in today’s Journal Pediatrics, the mothers in this study with young children had a diet so poor that they would have to walk more than three miles a day to not gain a pound.

The authors of this study suggest that parents with young children trying to take them outside and spend time exercising with them. Some ideas are going for walks with children in a stroller or playing games that increased levels of activity for both the child and parents. The hope is to reverse bad habits not only for mom and dad but for children as well.

Reported by Dr. Brian McDonough, KYW Newsradio

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  1. Brenda says:

    I have two small children (22 months and 10 months), having them had the opposite effect on me. Having them has made much aware of what I eat and what foods I allow in my house since I don’t want to set bad examples on them. I don’t allow sodas, juices, sweet cereals, etc., in my house. I’ve actually lost 20 lbs.

    By the way, being a mother is not “sedentary”, it is actually quite the opposite. Whoever thinks this must not have children. I run after my kids all day, take them to the park, I do about a million household/family chores daily. I rarely get “relax” time and good sleep is hard to come by nowadays. In my working days before I had my children I got way way less exercise and ate poorly. I think being a mother makes you more responsible (one would hope) and self more self aware. I just don’t get this study or peoples comments.

  2. Guess Who says:

    I’ve even seen adoptive mothers pork out. Something about the sedentary lifestyle.

  3. michellefrommadison says:

    the same study that determines thi should also be able to point out that most of these mothers do not have upper-education degrees and professional licences.

    1. LoveYourself says:

      Education has nothing to do with it. Women (and men) use having children as an excuse not to take care of themselves. I know Upper-educated, educated and hard working non-educated women of all sizes with and with-out children who deal with weight problems. Stop trying to make yourself look better at someone elses expense, it’s petty.

      And no, I’m not overweight, and I have three childen.

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