Philadelphia Man Gets Prison For YouTube Threat Of Lawmaker

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A Philadelphia man has been sentenced to two years in prison for threatening U.S. Rep. Eric Cantor of Virginia in a YouTube video.

Federal prosecutors say 38-year-old Norman LeBoon was sentenced Thursday to 24 months in prison followed by three years’ supervised release. He pleaded guilty in November in connection with the YouTube video posted earlier that year.

Prosecutors say LeBoon called the Republican congressman “a liar” and “a Lucifer” in the video and vowed to shoot him.

LeBoon will be required to get mental health treatment. He is also required to have no contact with Cantor or any member of Cantor’s family.

Cantor was voted House majority leader when the Republican-led Congress convened in January.

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One Comment

  1. A Change I Can't Believe In says:

    The ‘New’ Democrat Civilty,……..

  2. Master Lee Mochow says:

    well I hope this laws apply to us little people to so if someone threaten me or my family they will go to jail too.
    But i doubt that will be the case for we are expendable.

  3. Mogen David says:

    Maybe he was an “anti-Semite”!

  4. Anthony Perone says:

    What if Cantor really was a liar…(shoot ‘ is how politicians talk to each other every day) What would he get if he threw a spitball?

  5. alanwillingham says:

    Shoot him with what? Rubber bands, spit-balls, a digital camera…..?

    ….a hand held Phaser set to “Stun”….?

    Looks to me that a whole lot of relevant information is missing here

  6. Dynamic1 says:

    Funny…there currently is not a Republican led Congress; it is a Republican led House and Democrat led Senate. Keep up the good work.

    1. jb80538 says:

      Isn’t the House of representative commonly refered to as “congress” and the other batch of elected officials “the senate”

      So that being said, we do currently have a republican led congress and a democrat led senate.

      maybe I’m wrong

      1. MDWhite says:

        Yes, you’re wrong.

      2. zachgarber says:

        You’re wrong in the technical sense that the U.S. Congress is the entire legislative branch, the Senate and House. However, only House members are referred to as Congressmen, never Senators. In practice, the House is referred to as Congress. News organizations (including the NYT) will often use phrases like “Congressional and Senate leaders…”

      3. Charlie X says:

        Both of them together are ‘congress’.

        One is the House, one is the Senate. The Senate is typically viewed as the stronger of the two.

        In no way can this congress be considered ‘Republican led’.

        Throw in the fact that the executive (that’s the president, by the way) is Democrat…

      4. Charlie X says:

        This is why they say ‘both Houses of Congress”.

        Here, I know you libs like wikipedia so much…

        “The Progressive Era was characterized by strong party leadership in both houses of Congress as well as calls for reform;””

      5. hohotheclown says:

        yes you are wrong – Senators like to put on airs s elitists but it’s all Congress – read a friggin book

  7. PeterF says:

    The article needs to give more facts, such as which specific federal law(s) did he break, and what the sentencing options were.

  8. BrianDTexan says:

    The libs like Van Jones, Francis Piven, Jeremiah Wright, and all of Obama’s friends are the ones that threaten things like this when in fact, our “right Wingers” are much less likely to threaten this type of behavior. It’s a shame since their ideas are so wrong they think the only way to push their ideas is to threaten violence.

  9. Brian Lindstrom says:

    i coulda swore the law was one could make any threat they want as long as they are not within distance to actually perform the threat, while making that threat. thats what i was told at least by the police and lawyers here in the good state of fla. go ahead and call the police saying someone threatened to shoot you and see what happens,,,, NOTHING!!!!

  10. LWG says:

    Let’s hope this is a precedent for the whack-job teacher in Wisconsin who threatened the Governor with torture and a violent death. Just more good cheer from union thugs and leftist goons.

    Oh, and I think we should rename the movie “The Road” to “Obama’s Second Term.”

    1. jb80538 says:

      Haven’t seen the movie but I really don’t think we want obama to have a 2nd term!

    2. Jeff says:

      Indeed the woman accused of sending death threats to WI. lawmakers and their families has yet to be charged and taken into custody.

  11. Preston Burford says:

    you are pretty much an idiot for thinking that.

  12. T. Partying says:

    In a perfect world, all liberals would either be incarcerated or confined to mental health facilities until they were cured. Peace out Obots, enjoy your epic fail.

    1. Joe says:

      Having lived behind the Iron Curtain, I can objectively say that mob-inciting leftism and collectivism lead directly to autocracy and tyranny. They used the same cookbook political plays that the American left have relied on for decades.

  13. astralweeks says:

    And yet ANOTHER shining example of an open-minded, peace loving, rational, compassionate liberal.

  14. where u stand says:

    Just what exactly is it that liberals and democrats stand for? We all know what the tea party is about. Constitutional governing, free enterprise capitalism and no taxes, to name a few, but I cant figure out what the left stands for. I think its just an opposite hateful conglomeration of everything the right stands for and whats for this country. Am I correct? If the republicans gain the white house and senate in 2012 what is to become of liberals. Would most of you move out of the country because you hate America, the tea party and republicans so much?

    1. p3orion says:

      They stand for freedom (to do as they say, since they know better), prosperity (just don’t wasted on the “wrong” people), free speech (as long as you agree with them), and charity (using other people’s money.)

      1. cm says:

        They take money from people who earn it,
        and give it to people who vote Democrat.
        It’s THAT SIMPLE.

    2. Mr. Kelly says:

      Be careful with that. The Tea PArty isn’t for NO taxes. Just reasonable taxes and value for our money.

    3. Poorboy says:

      One can only dream….

    4. LLinLa says:

      We should be so fortunate! A Liberal cannot survive without a teat to suck on.

  15. Lester says:

    He and all violent leftists should be locked up for life. I’d rather my tax dollars go to pay for their imprisonment than to go to enriching their SEIU and UAW thugs.

  16. Bernard Thomas says:


    There is not a lawyer, judge, any member of any bar association, or even a law student who has had a constitutional law class who would ever tell you that the right to speech includes the right to make threats. The government is not banning the words because of the words themselves but because of secondary effects. One cannot yell “fire in a theater” because of the ensuing panic and safety issues.

    Furthermore, the reason we understand this is because we have the actual written history of what the framers of the Constitution meant. The framers’ primary objective was political speech, as they had witnessed the monarchs of Europe imprison or even execute those who would speak or publish political opposition. Our new sovereignty was to lie in the people and not the king, but in now way did the framers approve of words of violence being directed against government officials or even ordinary citizens.

    The government’s primary responsibility is the security of its citizens and stamping out threats their security, whether those threats are foreign or domestic. Can you possibly understand how telephoning in a bomb threat would create a safety issue at an elementary school, hospital, theater, airport, etc? In addition these breaches of the peaces force the government to spend public resources (our tax dollars) to investigate these threats.

    Imagine if everyone of us had the right to call in whatever threat we wanted to whenever we wanted to do so. If the defendant here has the right to do so, then every one us has the right to do so. Don’t like your burger? Issue a bomb threat against the restaurant. Don’t like the way you were treated at the airport? Bomb threaten them. Think the hospital over billed you? You know what to do. I could extend these examples to universities, military bases, retail stores, etc. We could grind the country to a halt with this behavior.

    With all due respect, Mr. Warren could not be more wrong with his understanding of what the First Amendment means. Furthermore, there is no country on earth whose speech laws are as expansive as the U.S.’

    Threatening a duly elected Representative of the U.S. Congress is a breach of the public peace, and doing so crosses any possible bounds of ‘free speech.’ The defendant got exactly the appropriate sentence, which he richly deserved.

  17. Billyboy says:

    Maybe! We need to know more.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Fascism in action. It comes from the left and the right, but is especially shocking to me every single time it happens because last time I checked this was a country that prided itself in liberty and freedom. Thats why I no longer support either party, they’re both just awful

    1. mike says:

      Uh, there are no liberties or freedoms which allow for threatening to shoot another person.

  19. Bill Trip says:

    So, I am a conservative and I don’t think we should be locking up people for what they say in youtube videos. Is this really America?

    1. Ratt says:

      Well, everything was fine untl he threatened to kill Cantor.

      1. Alex says:

        Someone threatened to kill me but they didn’t go to jail for 2 years, they didn’t go to jail at all.

      2. Regulas says:

        The midset of the Fascist loony left is almost funny if it was not so serious. The Marxist left is destroying freedom as fast as they can and the idiots who buy into the lies from the left are just that, idiots. The left are the ones who almost always cause mayhem.

    2. Molly Maguire says:

      Not having seen the video & knowledgeable of the surround events I reserve judgment. I trust the criminal justice system to have sorted it out properly.


    3. Tommy Tornado says:

      threatening (vowing) to kill someone is illegal and a very serious crime. the man pleaded guilty. he was plain wrong to do that and is getting what he deserves. you can not cry “fire” in a crowded theater.

    4. mike says:

      He can call him an a$$hole, d0uche bag, or whatever he wants, but he cannot threaten harm in any way. Common sense would seem to prevail here.

      1. Charlie X says:

        That law only applies to conservatives. With cons, it’s ‘hate speech’.

        With libs, it’s ‘excessive holistic tough love’.

    5. H. Johnson says:

      As more than a few others have said here…you can say what you like, but you can’t threaten someone’s life or for that matter threaten to physically harm them in any way. People in general and the legal establishment in particular, take threats of violence seriously.

  20. Odins Acolyte says:

    Rep. Cantor you are a real piece of work. Why are Government and law enforcement officers free from The realities of language everyone else has to endure with a smile everyday? The Lord knows you are certainly no better and in many cases you are much worse than the citizens for whom you work. Police are allowed to commit armed robbery. Politicians are the same as embezzlers in practice. We don’t have to allow this my fellow citizens. We can stop it. We can change it. We can end it. Heaven help the USA. God save Texas.

    1. George says:

      Umm everyone is not free to say they will kill someone. That gets you in jail whether you threaten a politician or someone down the street. However, in a way, threats of physical violence against politicians are worse as you are trying to subvert the democratic process be threatening violence. Do we really want a country where politicians are swayed via physical intimidation. Just look south of the border to see where that leads.

      1. mike says:

        Well put George. Right on target.

      2. H. Johnson says:

        I have to think you don’t really believe that a threat to shoot someone, or otherwise take their life is part of “The realities of language everyone else has to endure”. You might want to re-think that or try associating with a better class of people.

  21. lcky9 says:

    Says it all.. mentally ill .. that’s who supports the left..

  22. Justin says:

    But let’s please remember that it’s “the right” that’s always so quick to anger and were allegedly the violent ones. Pay no attention to examples like this or Jared laughner. This will be spun to make right wing income producers sound like the bad guys

  23. Ron Stone says:

    I wonder how much time you can get for failing to genuflect when their limos whiz by?

  24. Sailordude says:

    The convicted man must be one of those Tea Party types I heard so much about after the Arizona shootings. (sarcasm)

  25. Dennis B. says:

    At least he has a job waiting for at MSNBC when he gets out of prison.

    1. Gary says:

      He’s probably not far enough to the left to work at MSNBC…. What a joke that network as become.

    2. Greg says:

      …and politics.

  26. paul says:

    Facebook Has deemed this article spam and has blocked sharing this article.

  27. Harpotoo says:

    Great! Fn Dims better stop Fn threatening US Tax Payers! Tea Partiers! Non-RINO Republicans else CHARGE the Dims and toss their arses in the can where they can have all the gay love free indoctrination they want or DONT WANT!

    1. art says:

      Harpotoo with that spelling and logic you will be a a tea party senator in no time?

  28. gary says:

    The pure HATE that comes from the liberal left if down right scary.

    1. Harpotoo says:

      Arm yourself then because it come to a point soon where the takers may want to get physical with US Producers! Especially if Trump is proven right!

      1. art says:

        Harpotoo, Where did you go to school? Holy cow, learn to form a proper sentence!!! Go back to school.

      2. Mark says:

        Hey art, nice spelling. And three whole exclamation points at the end of a sentence. You must be a public school English teacher.

    2. art says:

      Mark, invite me to your next book burning!!!!!!

      1. Sniffbandit says:

        Art, you are so witty. So, I guess you approve of the death threats this criminal made right? Why else would you be attacking people on here, unless grammar and spelling are just that important to you?

  29. Darrel says:

    Liberalism, religion of peace and tolerance – just like Islam.

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