Philadelphia Firefighters’ Union Endorses Milton Street For Mayor

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The union that represents city firefighters — which has battled Mayor Michael Nutter on contract issues and station brownouts — is now endorsing Nutter’s sole Democratic challenger: Milton Street.

Mike Brensan, the recording secretary for Firefighters Local 22, says the union leadership met with Milton Street and came away impressed that he would, as mayor, end policies of the Nutter administration that they find objectionable.

“We have a candidate come in tell us he’s going to restore the (fire) companies that were taken away, and ensure our members’ safety and the citizens of Philadelphia, we take that very seriously,” he told KYW Newsradio.

Some observers don’t consider Milton Street’s candidacy in the May Democratic primary to be viable.

Bresnan says Local 22 isn’t counting him out, and that this is more than simply a message aimed at Nutter.

A spokeswoman for the Nutter campaign attributes the union’s move to the fact that the Nutter administration is challenging the latest firefighters’ arbitration award in court. She said the endorsement will have no impact on the admiration the mayor has for firefighters.

Milton Street was sentenced in 2008 for failing to file tax returns and served about two thirds of his 30 month sentence.

Reported by KYW City Hall Bureau chief Mike Dunn.

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One Comment

  1. Gov.Christie says:

    Are you kidding me firefighter local 22 ,you guys have lost all respect for endorsing this clown.He doesn’t pay his taxes,he’s a criminal,this guy could not run a hot dog stand.I agree it’s time to get rid of the unions this is crazy talk.Bring all the Camden firefighters to Philadelphia and fire all these clowns Milton Street for Mayor this is the last straw.

  2. ETHEP says:

    Did some one spike the water? HE’S A HOT DOG VENDOR FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

  3. jack markowitz says:

    It’s an old Sicilian message. It means Luca Brazzi sleeps with the fishes. The Firefighters are sending a message, loud and clear, to Mayor Nutter that what goes round comes round. More power to them!

  4. Brad Kooker says:

    Just shows you how corrupt the unions really are, they endorse a criminal for Mayor, as long as they get what they want,

  5. Milton Street says:

    Philadelphia is already for sale.. Has been for a long time

  6. Fran Sullivan Moore says:

    @ George Zimm, yeah a “Fire Sale!”

  7. sammysamples says:

    I think that guy behind him must be the Union Head.

  8. Phillydude says:

    The guy was convicted on three counts of tax evasion and was sentenced to 30 months in prison. What the hell is this city doing? I used to be proud to be from Philly now I just wanna move out. The guy is a criminal and now he’s being supported for mayor. The whole Phila. government system is made up of a bunch of frauds and corruption plagues city hall. We need a honorable mayor i this city.

  9. itz says:

    Uncle Fester? That is the best that the Fire Fighters Union can do? How many actual rank and file members support this bozo?

    1. Les Yost says:

      Not very many.. Many firefighters are ready to drop Union memberships right now

  10. grumpy says:

    SHREK for Mayor? You’ve got to be kidding?

  11. Larry says:

    Shame on you, Firefighters Local 22 — Milton Street is not a good candidate for anything exept for criminals, even if he is more sided with your firefighters’ goals. there are many other points to be taken into consideration in being mayor. this man didnt pay his taxes! what kind of “good citizen” doesnt do his fair share and pay his taxes? those taxes go to support the firefighters!!! duh!

    1. George Zimm says:

      Phila will be for sale if he wins the election

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