Murder Suspect’s Mother Attacked In Philadelphia Court

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Three women are facing contempt and possibly other charges following a melee in a Philadelphia courtroom Wednesday.

Officials said a mob attacked the mother of man charged with murdering two women — his former girlfriend and her cousin — in a Valentine’s Day attack.

The target was left bleeding and shaken, but it would have been worse if not for the heroic actions of two civilian court officers.

Defendant Shaun Warrick was in court, on one side of the security glass, when family and friends of the victims started screaming “murderer, murderer.” A woman then threw a pocketbook, hitting the defendant’s mother in the head. Then they mobbed her, punching and flailing at her. But civilian court officers Richard Brandt and Bill Wickert, risking their own safety, bravely pushed through the angry mob, quickly supported by police and sheriff’s deputies, and got the woman to safety.

Afterward, a friend of the victims’ families explained what the judge called criminal conduct.

“Emotions, two people, our family, were killed. So emotions, definitely, emotions.”

Three women, ages 59, 41 and 38, family members of the victims, have been found in criminal contempt.

Hours later, the hearing proceeded and Warrick was held for trial for the murders of the two young women.

Reported by Tony Hanson, KYW Newsradio


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  1. woodman453 says:

    But true, point to a case otherwise, just one and your point will be considered.

  2. Don says:

    So…’s George Bush’s fault that these women (evidently black based on your comments) committed assault and battery against another WOMAN? I honestly do not understand how some people’s minds work. Can I ask you what Libya did to us that would justify Obama to attack without Congressional approval. Are you ready to charge Mr. Barry Soetoro, alias Barack Obama and his ilk with war crimes?

  3. terramane546 says:

    i think the attacker should go to jail tht is attepted murder tht is a crime just becuz her son is a killer doesnt mean u go after her emotions plays a small part but it is not good excuse to say ur honor i was sad nd my emotions was unbalanced tell it to ur cellmate IM DONE

  4. Diane C. says:

    Why do they have to be a minority?? Regular people commit crimes all the time, whether they’re white or black or hispanic etc…! such a biased comment!

  5. Susan H. says:

    Why does the trash have to move to the Northeast? We don’t move to their neighborhoods!

  6. ZMEEKER says:

    Emotions. I wonder if a plea of emotions will be the defense strategy. It was wrong to attach the suspected murderer’s mother in court. Emotions is just an excuse not a justified reason for bad behavior.

  7. cathkerr says:

    smash, exactly what ilk are they? aliens? intellectuals? people who don’t bathe? which ilk are you on about? and peter, it’s the right of a defendant for a speedy trial, not the state.

  8. Peter says:

    How is this any more savage than people who want a quick trial and an even speedier execution just to see somebody, regardless of guilt, executed for a horrible murder?

  9. michellefrommadison says:

    Death penalty to the attacker is what Nancy Grace of CNN would demand.

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