Philadelphia Cop Pleads Guilty After Being Caught In Drug Sting

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A former Philadelphia police officer has pleaded guilty to corruption charges, and his partner is expected to plead guilty tomorrow, in a case the prosecutor calls a tragedy that makes much more difficult the work of other officers doing the job every day and putting their lives on the line.

The pair was arrested back on October 4th, 2010 (see previous story).

Former police officer Christopher Luciano, 23, has pleaded guilty to robbery, conspiracy, possession with intent to deliver, and other offenses.  He and his partner plotted to rob a drug courier, he admits.

Philadelphia prosecutor Christopher Diviny says the two cops were caught in a sting.

“They worked together with a drug dealer and another cohort of the drug dealer to rob a person they believed was a drug courier,” Diviny says. “They essentially threw their lot in with the drug dealers out there and robbed somebody who was in the drug business and shared the proceeds with the drug dealer.”

Diviny says $3,000 stolen from the undercover operative was recovered, but 20 pounds of marijuana remains missing.

The attorney for Sean Alivera, 31, the other officer accused in the sting, said in court today his client was set to plead guilty, but he was not brought down from prison so the plea has been rescheduled for tomorrow.

Two charged co-conspirators — an alleged drug dealer and his cohort — are awaiting trial.

Reported by Tony Hanson, KYW Newsradio 1060.

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  1. Zzbar says:

    “they are all on the take” for a price. Not one of them are goodie-too-shoes. Don’t trust the cops further then Dunkin-Donuts. I’m not saying they don’t put their lives on the line, but you can’t trust them.

    1. Tired of Dummies says:

      Hey Dummie, who is the person you morons call when you need help?? If you “can’t trust them” then don’t bother EVER calling for their help…….What an idiot!

  2. john doe says:

    would stop to give one of them the time of day..they are all on the take..

  3. Gnarls Disgusted says:

    Ed Rendell was soo right about the “castle doctrine” veto. No PA residents need to defend their homes when we have such fine, outstanding police to come to our rescue. Thank you Ed Rendell, thank you John Street, thank you all liberals that have taken away our basic form of protection and placed it in the hands of the men in blue who will come to our aid in between corruption….

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