Hundreds Laid Off In Camden County, NJ Government

CAMDEN, N.J. (CBS) – Camden County had laid off about one-sixth of its workforce in the name of economy.

Following the layoff of nearly 400 police officers and firefighters earlier this year by the City of Camden (see related story), 260 people in the Camden County government are now out of work, too, all but a few terminated in a move to save $12 million.

County freeholder-director Lou Cappelli says they tried to shave the number a bit.

“We’ve gone to all of the unions and asked for additional concessions in order to save jobs. For the most part, the response of the unions has been to just have folks laid off,” Cappelli says.

Still to be decided is how to cut $2 million from the county prosecutor’s office, which could result in up to 66 layoffs (see previous story).  That’ll be worked out as part of the final budget to be put forward in the next month or so — which will likely include a two-percent increase in property taxes, the maximum allowed under the state cap.

Reported by David Madden, KYW Newsradio 1060.

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  • diana

    Rasing taxes on everyone is not that answer. How about asking the elective officials to give back the raises they voted for thenselves for the past 10 years..they too can contribute more to their pensions and health ins. I hate to say but turn over most government jobs to the private sector. And if government workers or politicans owe back taxes they should have to pay it back or be fired and loss all benifits. they also can garnish their get the money.i feel that i am being robbed by our politicans with all these tax increases. they are nothing but loan sharks. iam sick of being pick pocketed by our greedy politicians.

  • Liz

    my taxes when up 32% from paying 900 in 2007 to paying 1900 in 2010 and just got the tax bill for the quarters that said will be paying about 600.00 per quarter, this is just wrong, I don’t get a raise in my job but they can raise the bills, who am i suppose to afford it?

  • sheriffwillie

    Gov. Christie is a walking Hoagie.

  • sheriffwillie

    Governments are bloated everywhere. Its about time. The government makes noting, yes , nothing but it takes everything. No wonder the states are going broke trying to pay for the pensions alone of retired government workers. When you have more government employees in a state than you have in the private sector, that spells trouble…big time.

  • MARY

    my property taxes just went up $500.00 a year!! They can raise it another 2% ! I am not getting any raises. Can’t take much more.

  • JP Jones

    If it means not raising my taxes, I’m okay with it. I do not get a full pension and health care for the rest of my life, I’m sick of government employees thinking they should. Lay them off!! Let these government employees see what it’s like for the rest of us shleps that don’t get these types of benefits but have our taxes raised through the roof every year. I’m sick of the whole thing!! I hope Burlington County follows this path….

  • tired of taxes

    raise revenues means more taxes….we are working people who are tired of taxes and big governement and people who only DRAIN the system.

  • john

    Lost in the news of the day (as reported) is Camden County Freeholder Director owes $21,000 in back taxes, and says it should be paid off by end of the month.

    While Camden County and Collingswood struggle to lay off, Lou Capelli owes $21,000 in back taxes. Anybody else would have issues, but not Lou! In addition, according to Lou’s bio, he represents schools….So if I understand correctly, he is getting paid by the taxpayers as an elected offical, not paying taxes, and then representing taxpayer funded entities as clients…yep, it’s South Jersey!

  • Jeff

    A shame Christie couldn’t figure out a way to raise revenues. Let the statewide suffering begin.

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