Stigall Show Log 3.31.11

5:43 “Freelance” jihadists may be joining the rebel forces in Libya fighting Gaddafi.

libyan rebels Stigall Show Log 3.31.11

5:55 The leader of the rebel army in Libya lived in Virginia for the past 20 years.

6:11 Vice-President Joe Biden says negotiators have agreed to cut $73 billion from the 2011 budget.

6:16 Tea partiers are warning Republicans against making any budget deals.

7:11 The Black Madam, a transgender urban goth musician, who is alleged to have performed buttocks injections on woman who died as a result last month, is speaking out.

black madam1 Stigall Show Log 3.31.11

7:41 Chris talks to CBS News Military Consultant Mike Lyons about the who the Libyan rebels are.

7:49 Muammar Gaddafi’s son was on a U.S. tour when military operations began.

8:11 A worker skipped buying in on lottery tickets with his co-workers and missed out on winning.

8:42 Local stimulus projects have created few jobs at high cost.

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  1. jan says:

    I was listening to you about immigration. I am all for LEGAL immigration. I think we should go the way of Canada. Your nationality: you are what your mother is. You can’t run across the border, have a baby, and have birthright citizenship for your children. This would solve a lot of financial problems and force people to come legally. Look at the laws for citizenship for Canada and Mexico. It is not so easy as jut run in illegally and have a citizen baby.

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