Sources: Flight From Philadelphia Struck By Stray Bullet

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Investigators say they now know what caused a small hole in a US Airways plane that traveled from Philadelphia to Charlotte Monday.

Sources say a stray bullet struck the rear of the Boeing 737-400 as it was landing in Charlotte.

A pilot making a pre-flight inspection during a lay-over discovered the hole towards the rear of the aircraft.

“He noticed a small hole in the exterior of the fuselage towards the rear of the aircraft,” said US Airways spokeswoman Liz Landau.

Landau said the Boeing 737 arrived at Charlotte from Philadelphia. She said there were no apparent problems during the flight.

“We took the aircraft out of service to do a maintenance check with our maintenance team, and we’re working with the appropriate authorities, including the FBI in the investigation,” Landau said.

Officials say the hole was visible on the outside of the plane, but it did not go through into the cabin.

Sources say the plane was not the target of terrorism, and investigators have reviewed security footage.

Reported by Jim Melwert, KYW Newsradio 1060

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One Comment

  1. JustMe says:

    @ michael (Too many guns and too easy to get them.) March 31, 2011 at 1:40am: My opinion is that, it’s not too many guns as it’s the wrong people are getting them, as WELL as it’s too easy for the wrong people to get them.

  2. michael says:

    Too many guns and too easy to get them.

  3. MW33 says:

    Stray bullet? And I’m the Pope. Someone deliberately shot at the plane on either landing or takeoff. Like bullets just fly around wholesale and guns just magically remove themselves from drawers and just randomly shoot people. Where do they find these reporters? Shaking head…

  4. Skeptic says:

    Read Jack Cashill’s reporting on Flight 800 TWA (google both names), which “crashed” over the Long Island Sound in the 1990’s. Read the eyewitness accounts of that event.

    1. brrrrp says:

      TWA flight 800 crashed off the East coast of Long Island, not the West coast where the Long Island sound is.

      This is clearly the work of Canadian Geese..

  5. Black OPS Player says:

    I know what this is? BLACK OPS! Someone thought it was a spy plane and needed to shoot it down! PLAY ON BLACK OPS PLAYER, PLAY ON! Watch out for Claymores!

    1. Black Ops Dier says:

      LMAO…. Should’ve used your Hacker perk…

    2. Uncle Buckdance says:

      I like the Strela-23

  6. Brent Marinelli says:

    Simple, you shoot at a passenger plan… jail for life. Punish the idiots not the law abiding gun owners. Just like large mags, commit violent crime with large cap Mag… extra 10 years in jail.

    1. Michelle Martin says:

      Agreed on the penalty for shooting at a plane.

      What you, and the left wing media, call ‘large cap’ magazines are the standard capacity magazines, always have been, and are legal to own in all free States. Only a few anti-gun States prohibit them like CA. and even there are legal if you owned them before 01/01/2000.

      Also, extra punishment for committing a crime with a magazine which holds 15 rounds instead of 10 makes no difference in the crime, is irrational, and plays right into the demonization of law-abiding gun owners.

      1. sim says:

        I’m a lefty and I own five guns. Otherwise how could I shoot fascists?

  7. Ron says:

    For those of you who are against the right to bear arms, please post the following sign in large letters on the front door of your home:


    You won’t do it, will you? Why not? Because those of us who own firearms are protecting by proxy those of you who fear your right to protect yourself!

    So get your facts straight.

    1. Bryan says:


  8. Watson Forrest says:

    Let’s don’t ban guns, I say ban airplanes, they leave a terrible carbon footprint. Imagine something spitting out carbon on a carbon based planet. While we are at it lets ban fat people, they eat to much of our food supply that is produced by carbon belching machines and all those dreaded harmful chemicals. Why we should go ahead and ban farming, the government can furnish the food. Now wasn’t that simple, I just saved the world.

    1. Rick O'Shay says:

      Watson Forest says, “Let’s don’t ban guns, I say ban airplanes……”. Great post! But you forgot flatulence, you know we should ban flatulance. Especially fat people with flatulence.

  9. tim says:

    Go ask Mr. Owl. He’ll know.

  10. BCR_also says:

    I wonder if it was the deadly .380 caliber?

    1. Hammer says:

      It would be hard to see the hole a .380 would leave.

  11. JR says:

    Spoken like a true Obama supporter…*rolleyes* Give it a rest already.

    1. Fred says:

      Certainly. I’ll turn mine in when the police turn theirs in.

  12. Uncle Frodo says:

    What are SOURCES, anyway? Why do the panic-mongers in the press use terms like “sources”. Let us all howl in panic and run around in circles! OMG, a BULLET! From a GUN! Oh, the HORROR! Authorize body-cavity searches by the TSA! Door-to door searches, body-cavity searches, and CONFISCATE all firearms within five miles of any airport! One, two, three, SCREAM!!

    1. Chimp Master says:

      I would have been different if that bullt hit the engine or some other location that brought the jet down. Right Frodo?

      1. triptyx says:

        It takes a lot more than a hole or two from small arms fire to bring down an airliner.

      2. Hammer says:

        Yes, it would have been different if a MIRACLE would have occurred and this single small-arms bullet would have brought down this plane…but it didn’t. And the odds of that happening are so outrageously remote that no bookie would ever lay a bet on it. So what does this reporter do? Pull out the GUN BOOGIEMAN and stir everyone up so that this news story sells while at the same time serves to establish public opinion that defies the facts. Saulinski tactics are a wonderful thing, aren’t they? The facts are in the camp of the enemy, so ignore the facts and quote the “sources”. One…two…three…SCREAM!!!!

  13. brian says:

    What’s with all the attempts at jokes on here? This isn’t funny in the least bit. What if something happened? What if you were on that flight? Why don’t you stop with the lame jokes and do whatever you to better this world?

    1. tim says:

      There’s enough bad things going on in the world so a little humor is good. The pilot did his job like was supposed to do by doing his preflight. lighten up.

      1. brian says:

        If any of the comments were funny then I would have said thanks for making me laugh in this crazy world but yours especially was lame.

      2. comatus says:

        That’s a big deal. ATC’s may be catching a nap, but even on crummy airlines, the driver’s doing his walkaround. Amazing, the things you’ll find that way.

  14. zenophon says:

    The report doesn’t state how many people were sucked out of the hole. Bummer.

  15. tim says:

    I guess this was a fly-by shooting?

    1. tim says:

      who knows, maybe the shooter was “flying” too. That would be bad.

    2. ROWDY says:


  16. Billie Bubba says:

    how much do you have to lead a 737 to hit it????

  17. Chicago Nick says:

    Perhaps it’s that single bullet that hit JFK and John, Connally that just kept on going according to the Warren Commission….. :( yea it happened like that

    1. zef says:

      Brilliant, and don’t forget that the bullet made a U-turn because Oswald was firing from behind the motorcade ;-)

  18. FullJocko IDaBCR says:

    The frame was obviously drilled for thickness

  19. BCR2332 says:

    Thank the God it was not a .380 ACP it would have blown the whole plane out of the sky.

    1. BCR 45-70 says:

      It was a scoped .410 sniper shotgun!

  20. Matty13 says:

    I own eight rifles, three shotguns, and four pistols and let me tell you, they were not easy to get.

  21. Jason Morre says:

    This is what you want?…This is what you get.

  22. Raplh Kramden says:

    Hate to tell you but airliners have been getting bullet holes in them since there have been airliners. This is nothing new. I have worked in the airline business for the last 40 years and finding bullet holes in an a/c is not common but also it is not a once in a lifetime event. Usually the holes are not found until the a/c goes to the hangar for extended maintenance.

  23. Sam says:

    How about a a tiny meterorite?

    1. BIll Lynes says:

      Meteroites come down NOT up!

      1. Lee says:

        The article didn’t say whether the hole was on the top or bottom rear fuselage, so it could be a meteorite.

      2. Sam says:

        I did a search and found out the following, “The FBI had opened an investigation late yesterday after a pilot discovered the hole above a passenger window during a pre-flight inspection.”

        Meteors come in fast and at a very steep angle so I still say hole was from a small meteorite.

        On one hiking trip I saw a small one come down by the road I was driving on and later at approx 9am when I was walking a narrow mountain canyon I saw another flash over the ridge as yet another one came down maybe close by.
        Thousands of these of different size hit the earth each and every day.

        A few weeks ago I stepped outside after dark and saw one streaking across the sky just as a plane was taking off from the local airport. How many unexplained airplane crashes have there been where it is possible that a larger meteorite might have brought the plane down?

        Wonder if they they would admit it was a meteorite as to say it was from a bullet helps the anti-gun camp!

    2. Bob says:

      I think it’s safe to say it was on the bottom, unless pilots have made strolling the top of the aircraft part of their preflight inspection without my becoming aware.

  24. BikerBen says:

    I feel so much safer now that “sources say the plane was not the target of terrorism.” Amazing that “sources” know these things.

    1. Mike Villano says:

      They always say it’s not terrorism even when witnesses say the perp yelled Allahu Akbar before opening fire.

      Media and officialdom are like Siamese twins attached at the brain.

      Daffy Duck has more credibility than the NY Times or CBS.

    2. Lord Soetoro says:

      We have no clue where the bullet came from, BUT IT WASN’T TERRORISM!!!

      1. Chicago Nick says:

        Good moniker, that was good for a chuckle, who in their right minds would vote some unknown named Barry Barack Hussein Soetero Obama Jr president ? God help us all. That’s why he doesn’t have a BC, they don’t make em for nine lined names…;)

  25. Eric says:

    Good one!

  26. Norge says:

    Aside from the weight of whats left of the bullet, even determining caliber will be a guess at best after going through a sheet metal skin. Too much CSI, 90% of recovered bullets have no forensic value as they deform, break apart, sometimes even turn to dust. They will get very little from the bullet other then guesses.

  27. greg says:

    “But then again the law of physics seems to be absent from most of these events.”


    What! There was security footage available already from this non-issue? How come we can’t get the security footage from the Pentagon, the highest value military target on earth, to see that ‘plane’? Oh well can all rest easy that it wasn’t those pesky terrorists at it again…sources said so.

  28. You says:

    Thank you, Me, for the new word.

  29. chrissy says:

    worried about a bullet… We just launched half a billion worth of rockets into Lybia because the corporations wanted Libya’s oil and captive market!!!

    1. chrissy says:

      If you think Gaddafi and Libya are bad, wait till we give the Globalist Corporations free reign over the world!!!

  30. Stoat says:

    “Too many guns and too easy to get them. Things like this will never stop in gun-crazy USA.”

    Right, and confiscating all of the military rifles that are in every household in Switzerland will instantly stop all of the gang shootings, urban drive-bys and “gun violence” mayhem that plagues Zurich every day, wouldn’t it?

    What? You say they don’t have gang shootings in Switzerland? Gee, it must not be all of the guns that are creating the problems in the USA then, huh? It must be something else….like a CULTURAL problem.

    A cultural problem that was created by the Left.

  31. Fisher1949 says:

    That tells us how terrorists will bring down the next plane, from the ground.

    While TSA is busy confiscating 4 ounce bottles of shampoo and groping grandmothers the terrorists will be sitting below the flight path with an RPG.

    We spent nearly a trillion dolars since 9/11 on airline security and a stray bullet could have disabled an engine with no time for the pilot to recover. It’s just too easy.

    1. dan says:

      dont fly lady, take your car

      1. ExNuke says:

        If she takes her car all the polar bears will melt or something, just stay home lady and make your SO a sandwich.

    2. Shawn says:

      That we supplied them while arming Lybian “Freedom Fighters for Democracy”

    3. Joe says:

      I can tell you right now that a small caliber bullet is going to do nothing to a modern jet turbine engine. It will either pass through or be chewed up by the turbine blades.

      1. Liberty Spirit says:

        But a slow goose will take them down

  32. Gun Lover says:

    Wasn’t a bullet, really really heavy bird poop….

  33. Dennis says:

    And it was only because of Obama that the plane landed safely and no one was hurt.

  34. RonPaul2012 says:

    …the opposite of a socialist is a FASCIST…then I guess thats what you are?

    1. red_fred_37 says:

      Actually a socialist can also be a fascist…check your pre- WW2 history. Seems to me they go hand in hand.

      1. India67 says:

        All Fascist ARE socialist, but not all Socialist are Fascists. The socialist/liberals want to set a political scale that only contains socialist ideas. The right side of this scale is Fascism the left side is Communism.

        FascismCommunism. These are all Socialist ideals, this is a socialist political scale.

        However the true political scale is this…
        Total Government Anarchy.

        The far right are Anarchist, the far left are dictatorial governments that control all aspects of peoples lives… IE Communists. Let it be known that the fascists actually allow for more personal and economic freedom then the communist. The useful idiots Lenin referred too where the socialist, the progressives etc… and his goal, and I quote Lenin “The goal of socialism is communism”.

  35. JoeUSA says:

    The following are socialist paid for with public money: all sports stadiums, all airports, all highways, subsidies in the billions of dollars are socialist-ethanol, oil and gas industry, commercial farming and on and on. Socialism is already here.

  36. Stickyerfinger Init says:

    The real testis buster was the $25 charge to each passenger for their new climate-control fee. Now THAT was terrorism.

    1. MsReader says:

      Hey! Don”t give any ideas!

  37. MG says:

    Next time you fly, if you see a shoe or sandal whizzing by, then you’ll know it’s because of Bush!

    1. hellpig says:

      No it will be because of Obama it is his effigy they are stomping and burning these days …but thanks for playing

      1. sam says:

        amen, yeah, dont really matter, it its a US leader, they like stomping and throwing shoes at us

  38. Sizzle says:

    Moron, you really think 1 bullet can take down a 737?

    1. Teachthesillyliberals says:

      Yes, sizzle moron: 1 bullet CAN take down a 737

    2. Vyrnrg says:

      Yes, it can.

    3. D2D says:

      Who says it was just one bullet?

      For all you know it was one of dozens!

      What would have happened if that one struck a fuel tank or disrupted one of the two engines?

      To dismiss the possibility of terrorism out of hand is foolish!

    4. FREETEXAN says:

      when hit in the right spot. ever hear the GOLDEN BULLET?

    5. CommercialPilot says:

      It’s insanely unlikely that a single bullet could take down a 737, even if it hit a fuel tank or an engine. Those airplanes are built and operated to withstand engine failures even at critical moments during takeoff, and jet fuel is really not very flammable, at least compared to gasoline. It’s not impossible (nothing is impossible) but any terrorists trying to bring down a 737 with a rifle are going to give up pretty quickly when they don’t see any results.

    6. ttj says:

      If the bullet hits critical electrical wiring, it could destabilize the aircraft and send if plunging. It sounds highly improbable, but not impossible.

    7. Joe says:

      Yes, I suppose that if you have a large enough caliber weapon (.50 or more), a really good aim, and get a really lucky shot, you may have a chance to bring it down, but more than likely, the small caliber bullet you are firing will be about as useful as a spitball. Stop getting your info about what bullets to do jetliners from 1980s action movies.

    8. Chicago Nick says:

      A freakin dead bird can take down a 737 and so can a freakin Muslim with a boxcutter YOU MORON…

  39. jimmy fallon says:

    Hey Dos – just keeping fascism alive, huh? News flash genius – bad guys commit murder, not guns. Just ask Obama – he’s murdering thousands of people a day.

  40. Jewfromhell says:

    Unions thought the plane was going to Wisconsin

  41. mispelled says:

    Things like what will never stop? How often does a plane get shot because it was flying in gun-crazy USA? But you’re right, too many guns is why things get shot at, so if we take everyone’s guns that should reduce crime to near zero because bad people will no longer have any way to hurt anyone. Like others have said we’ll probably have to get rid of all the knives in the country as well. And all sharp objects that could hurt someone. Basically we’ll all need to be TSA’d just to walk around outside. Of course the government gets to keep all their guns. And any other group that gets a waiver.

  42. justthefax says:

    It was George Bush’s fault. (This still makes me smile.)

  43. Buzzard says:

    Mystery Solved: Look at home owners along the final approach. The noise probably caused somebody to snap.
    At least that was the case with my aircraft in Florida many years ago. Some guy sat in a lawn chair and took shots at arriving planes for most of the morning. If he wasn’t shooting at me – I probably would have bought him a beer for being my kind of nutcase.

    1. EagleFan4934 says:


  44. Tom Genin says:

    A “stray” bullet means it wasn’t intended for the Jet!!!

    The only way it can be a stray, is if one knows what it was intended for, which they don’t

    And how can they know the bullet hit when landing, when they didn’t know it was there until after it landed? I mean it may have been descending as depending where the bullet struck may have caused a pressure problem at altitude.

    But if you don’t know where it happened, if you can’t say it was a stray or intentional, how the heck can they say it wasn’t an act of terrorism.

    1. jimmy fallon says:

      Hey little Tommy. Betcha think there’s a monster in your closet at night, dontcha? The only terrorists we have to fear in the USA are Obama, Janet Napolitano, Henry Kissinger, Soros, Reid, Pelosi, Pistole, Holdren, Sunstein, Pelosi, the CIA, the TSA, the EPA, the Union Bosses,Bush, Cheney, McCain, Lieberman, et al.

      1. Buddy Biancalana says:

        Next time split the Prozac up…….

    2. z84976 says:

      Well, you have to figure takeoff or landing. I mean, not a lot of standard hunting rifles are going to hit anything at cruising altitude. Think… 25+ thousand feet, 400+ mph. That would be one insanely lucky —- or accidental — shot.

  45. JDS says:

    That mindset should serve you well when an armed gang banger kicks in your door at 3:00 am.

    1. wol says:

      Other civilized countries have way less civilians carrying guns than the US, and guess what, strangely enough we have way less armed gang bangers kicking in our door at 3.00 am.
      But the fact that they can’t easily get guns is probably completely unrelated, right?

      As far as the bullet is concerned, don’t you have hunters in the US? Couldn’t it have been someone aiming for a duck or something? A lost bullet….

      With the speed and the height of a plane, I highly doubt anybody can intentionally aim for it, unless it’s just after takeoff, or just before landing.

      1. Bloody_Llama says:

        Just FYI, it’s illegal to shoot ducks with rifles; you have to use a shotgun. Not that that’s going to stop everybody, but it’s a highly unlikely senario.

  46. john says:

    Bullets go up and then fall to earth. this was a falling bullet.

    1. Yougo says:

      Wrong. Falling bullets reach terminal velocity way before they have enough energy to punch a hole through metal of that thickness.

      1. new guy says:

        when i lived in el paso 15 yrs ago some mexican on new yrs eve shot a bullet in the air and it came through my roof

    2. tim says:

      If it has been a falling bullet, the hole would have been on top. This hole was on the bottom

  47. Truth says:

    It was not a bullet. It was a kinetic airborne projectile.

    1. cj says:

      LOL, that’s funny

      1. Gary says:


    2. Spinorama! says:

      You should work in the White House.

  48. Jack Sprat says:

    I agreee. Take away all the guns. And knives. And everything else we have decided they don’t need. Ach Tung!! Mein Fuehrer will be pleased!

    1. blonde head of state says:

      oh, your German is great, dude, really.. But no mention of this ugly obnoxious insane satanic “man”, please. He was from Austria, btw.
      Greetings from Germany!

    2. 5mike5 says:

      @blond…I’ll bet you believe in 57 states too…Herr Schikelgruber spoke German (just like the rest of the folks in Austria) albeit with a bit of an accent

  49. Marty says:

    Nobody shot the plane. It was a kinetic firearm action.

    1. Jay Cunnington says:

      Guns don’t shoot planes. PEOPLE shoot planes.

      1. Chicago Nick says:

        Very Good Jay. You could be president someday with that noggin…;)

  50. Marla Jean says:

    There are also way too many knives. Let’s get rid of the knives. And curling irons. I hear they are quite deadly. You might get electrocuted on them. Actually what we really have too many of are nonsensical progressives with wild-eyed theories that have nothing to do with the real world.

    EDUCATION: People who use guns for sport are no threat to anyone. That is the vast majority of gun owners. Others own guns for protection against criminals. This was ONE firing of a gun toward a plane. We get rid of all guns because of this? The ones who do harm with guns are CRIMINALS, and they get their guns illegally. I suppose you could try to round up all the guns in the world and melt them down.

  51. James says:

    The no guns alllowed rule has worked real well in Washington DC.

  52. Eagles Suck says:

    After reading the conspiracy comments I have came to one conclusion, you people are morons. But then this is Philly so it is par for the course.

    1. r says:

      ahh…Philadelphia Freedom!

    2. Joe says:

      It was probably an Eagles fan.

  53. dosGUYisAdumbA$$ says:

    DOS guy, YOU’RE A DUMB A$$.

  54. wkenddad says:

    The hole was on the top of the fuselage.
    So the shooter must have been flying above it.
    Until they find the slug I would guess the hole was made by something else.

    1. J G says:

      Please explain to me how a pilot doing his ‘pre-flight walk around’ could see a hole on top of the fuselage….? I have done a lot of walk arounds in my time, and oddly enough never got on the top of the fuselage…

    2. ADM says:

      Wkenddad, what drugs are you taking? Nothing was said about the hole being on top of the fuselage, only towards the rear of the aircraft. It would have had to be where the pilot could see it, as he walked around the plane.

  55. Anonymous says:

    @ Trekscribbler “Precisely. They can’t know this. This is only Obamaspeak”: PLEASE TELL US ALL WHAT PRESIDENT OBAMA HAS TO DO WITH ANY OF THIS? SEVERAL INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW.

  56. roughman says:

    I love this. How was it determined that this was a “Stray” bullet?

    Oh — the same way they determined that it was “Not an act of terrorism.”

    (It would have been good to report the position of the hole; i.e., side or bottom.)

    1. roughmanISaDUMBA$$ says:

      Roughman, you’re a DUMB A$$. Are you thinking the shot was fired from above the jet? hahahahahahahaha

  57. Vegas Vic says:

    I laugh at anyone who does!

  58. Anonymous says:

    @ commun T Actvist ‘What do you expeect flying over Philly?’ March 29, 2011 at 4:31 pm; HEY STUPID. THE PLANE WAS IN CHARLOTTE WHEN THE BULLET HIT IT, NOT PHILLY. I GUESS CHARLOTTE HAS IT’S SHOOTOUTS TOO.

    1. Martin says:

      You know they just may have flown over Philly after taking off…. Hmmm
      What a concept… If they depart an airport at a particular city, they might be actually flying over that city…
      Hmm… idiot

    2. Paisley_Pirate says:

      Actually, the plane was in Charlotte when they FOUND THE HOLE… doesn’t say where/when the hole was made… Assumption being it was on the immediately prior flight, but even that may not be correct, as it could have been missed (not likely, but still)…

      If he caught it on the pre-flight, that means he saw it from the ground, which means bottom or lower side of the aircraft… Come on, people, read!!!

    3. Chicago Nick says:


      Yup,absolutely….. lotsa hoodie gangsta’s in Charlotte too…

  59. Susystin says:

    Don’t buy this at all.

  60. Susystin says:

    Don’t you get it? Now they can go after guns – all these trump up shootings, etc.
    These people are crazy. Also, close calls at airports, people sleeping on the job – uhmmmm – next take over?

    1. Chris says:

      Um, Didn’t the government took over air traffic control decades ago…

      1. Gary says:

        And therin lies the problem, Chris.

  61. fantum says:

    “the plane was not the target of terrorism” If they don’t know who did it or why, how can they say this?

    1. Trekscribbler says:

      Precisely. They can’t know this. This is only Obamaspeak.

  62. Bill says:

    A hijack gone bad. The plane was too high for them to climb aboard.

    1. Chicago Nick says:

      “A hijack gone bad. The plane was too high for them to climb aboard.”

      Ya know in all seriousness, there coulda been a wheelwell stowaway Muzzie hiding in there hoping he’d have a quicker trip to Allahland from the air. with a gun.

      A couple dumb azzzes have stowed away in wheelwells and he fell somewhere after shooting the weapon…….it’s possible, anything is with these freaking animals ;)

  63. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    The last 5 posts of mine have been deleted and this is why the Old Media is going away and is no longer trusted. Media and government are liars.

    1. cnoc boy says:

      He’s right you know. The memory hole is broken and the government and the media are half mad over it,

  64. The Troubled Patriot says:

    Seriously… how do they KNOW this wasn’t a target of terrorism? The feds are sure quick to deny that stuff pretty fast…

    1. Chicago Nick says:

      “The feds are sure quick to deny that stuff pretty fast…”

      That’s because they’re being run by a Kenyan Affirmative Action hire and a half man half woman Homeland Security skank who wouldn’t know a Muslim from a hoodie if they’ mounted her from topside. ;)

  65. Avoicenmany says:

    Simple thing here….. If Anyone shoots what ever at an aircraft be it child or adult, and this includes pointing a laser. Federal charges, nothing less than terrorism charges… When I was a kid I used to go to a “makeout” place off a runway of Ohare it was cool to watch a 747 200ft over you that was at full throttle on takeoff, with my date. BUT this has gone to far.

  66. Tracey says:

    Never fly when airlines are barely making money. Maintenance is done less often and with only the bottom line in mind. The US is way over due for its normal 3 in a row plane disasters. So timing is bad right now based upon statistics, as well. I like to fly only top airlines and never on a regional. And, always always fly the largest craft possible. The smaller the plane, the higher the risk factor. And, if you must fly a small jet, fly the 737 and only fly on Southwest. They are GREAT and they do good work on their planes and they have never ever crashed a plane.
    Thats a lot of nevers, but if you fly a lot, you learn a lot. Oh, one last never….aero mexico and other latin airlines are THE most dangerous airlines on earth except anything Russian. We never step foot on aero mexico. No comprende senor, no!

    1. Todd Cook says:

      Airlines never make/made money, so I guess you don’t fly?

      1. Tracey says:

        Airlines don’t make better money when the economy is doing well? Tell us why they’ve imposed so many extra charges over the past two years related to higher fuel costs and other factors related to the economy.

    2. Tracey says:

      The aliens have invaded my country and just yesterday, Obama said he wants all illegals to “succeed” in America. Do you recall Obama saying he would like for all Americans to succeed? Looks like we have yet another a** kissing president who wants to turn America into El Norte Mexico. Time for an impeachment.

    3. uneployedbydems says:

      Im glad to see your still alive but the one time you crash you can really chill. The news is full of bs take it how you want don’t tell others how to There BIG BROTHER

    4. TakeTheTrain says:

      Well you need to do more research. Southwest has crashed airplanes, one for example ran off the end of the Burbank, CA runway and took out a gas station across the road. But hey you can live in any fantasy world you choose.

      And just to see if we can shock you back to reality, the overwhelming percentage of aircraft disasters are a result of pilot error. And only a very small minor percentage are a result of maintenance failures.

      Need a few examples? American Airlines crash in Cali Columbia was a result of “Pilot Error” in programing the aircraft navigation system. Instead of taking the aircraft on the proper approach course to Cali, the system flew the aircraft into the mountain they should have flown around. You’ll probably remember the Airbus crash of a fairly new model aircraft that lost the tail and crashed into the ocean. The factual cause was the flight crews excessive rudder control input resulting in stress forces exceeding the aircraft design. You can read all of the factual reports from the NTSB at their web site.

      You may want to take a bus or train to your next destination

    5. Greg says:

      I beg to differ about the Latin American airlines. I fly LAN and they are great. I also hear Copa and a few of the other Latin airlines are very good.

  67. Black OPS Player says:

    You know what this is? BLACK OPS! Someone thought it was a spy plane and wanted to shoot it down! PLAY ON BLACK OPS PLAYER, PLAY ON!

  68. Nineteeth_Hole says:

    Something was shot running from Philly? Whoa! Stop the presses! This one is hot!

  69. Luce Weiles says:

    The bullet came from the grassy knoll,

    1. Galzu says:

      ah ha ha ha ha !!!

  70. p3orion says:

    Uh, no, how would we?

  71. SpfldJimbo says:

    Government officials have labeled it as a “Kinetic Anti-noise Pollution Action”.

  72. Phil says:

    Uh-oh… another excuse to attack another country.

  73. RoyBeans says:

    Yup they looked at that bullet hole and made the only possible conclusion “the plane was not the target of terrorism”

    I believe this is just a standard tag line added to every story about any kind of attack or disaster. Shooting, bomb, plane crash, car runs into crowd, etc, place tag line here

    1. p3orion says:

      And whatever the shooter was, they’re SURE he wasn’t a Muslim.

      1. roughman says:


  74. Luke says:

    How do they know it was shot at on landing? Really? Planes sit a lot longer to take off than they do once landed. I think it’s too quick to say it happened on landing. Especially if the choices are between Philly and Charlotte.

    1. Yazhol says:

      The hole would have enlarged during flight, if not ripped wide open, had the plane been shot on takeoff.

  75. Red Aviator says:

    #1 Pilots make quite good money…
    #2 US domestic carriers can not and do not maintain their aircraft in third world countries. It makes no sense for a carrier to undergo the expense of flying aircraft out of the country to do maintenance on them.
    #3 Commercial airliners fly faster than 400 mph…
    #4 Even at approach speed (100+ Kts) an airliner is a daunting target to hit with a bullet fired from a gun or rifle unless you are really close or a trained shooter. We don’t yet know but this could be anything between a serious attempt at doing harm to an accident. I highly doubt the latter however.

    1. ethancase says:

      You were clearing answering a different post, but:

      #1 Pilots make awful money, don’t know why you think they do well.
      #4 Wouldn’t the fact that a plane in flight is nearly impossible to shoot make it MORE likely that it was an accident. I highly doubt anyone aiming at this thing got it. Just like the only person in Jersey whose NCAA Bracket is perfect never watched college ball ever, I have a feeling the guy firing that bullet was shooting at something else. Crazy stuff happening by accident happens all the time, and then when you try to replicate it, you never can.

      1. PCH says:


        RedAaviator thinks they do well, because they do (comparatively speaking). According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual wage for Airline Pilots, Copilots, and Flight Engineers in 2009 was $106,240. As the old saying goes Ethan, “Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt…”

      2. Willis says:

        100k might not be very good money to Nathan Case so perhaps he is not the fool that someone else has opened their mouth and called him. Many things are relative and money is one of them. So are open mouths that attempt to name others with false titles.

      3. PCH says:


        You’re selectively reading. Notice I said they do well comparatively speaking. I put that in there because their average salary ($106,240) is 2.4x the national average ($43,460). $106k/yr may not make them rich, but it’s one hell of a stretch to say “Pilots make awful money…”. But if you feel that those of us making less than that are downtrodden and destitute, feel free to wire me some $$$ out of your trust fund.

    2. Willis says:

      Sorry Red A—,
      but if I were you I woulldn’t bet that I, Willis, couldn’t hit a jet liner at approach speeds with a bullet shot from a gun or rifle —

  76. Gary Whitman says:

    I watch CSI…they could figure this out!!

  77. amerikan_frontier says:

    Cool. It’s about time Amerika became a frontier again. I once found a bullet hole in my care, and I don’t even own a registered piece.

  78. Jim Busse says:

    Knowing it was US Air I can only think most of the passengers were hoping the bullet struck and killed them. I’d rather be dead than fly US Air.

  79. william bonney says:

    @ Bernard mc kernan: that all sounds pretty scary. Fortunately, almost everything that you wrote is a lie — at least as to the US airlines.

  80. Ralph Cramden says:

    There is no way to tell exactly when this might have happened. The pilot just happened to see it on this trip. And just what ‘security footage’ are they referring to?

    1. U.S. Common Sense says:

      I caught that too. Are there special cameras all over the exterior of the craft to watch for people trying to shoot at a high-speed moving target like a plane with just a gun?

    2. Alex says:

      Good points. Maybe something they just said. “We’ll look in to it.”

    3. Herf says:

      Your name should be, “Ralph two-times Cramden.”

  81. Ralph Cramden says:

    There is no way to tell exactly when this happened. The pilot just happened to see it on this trip. And just what ‘security footage’ are they referring to?

    1. Harry says:

      They’re probably referring to ground security tapes of the tarmac area; they haven’t ruled out the possibility that the plain was struck while on the ground.

      1. Chicago Nick says:

        Harry not to be a total jerk, it’s PLANE dude… ;) We know you just mistyped it right ;) Like in “Zee Plane Zee Plane!!” lol

  82. skyguy says:

    If the bullet didn’t reach the cabin and break the pressurization, it could have occurred months ago. Just not noticed.

  83. Superior Smirking Intellect says:

    Oh oh oh oh!!! Ban all guns! Ban all guns!!! Every gun owner is a violent cowboy who worships Bush and Cheney and shoot at airplanes.

    1. Russ says:

      I know you mean well but stop using ‘cowboy’ in a negative way. Try ‘gang banger’ or something if you want to create a bad connotation.

  84. 5mike5 says:

    If they don’t know who fired on the a/c, then how can they say it was not terrorist?

    Same line every time.


  85. Ryan says:

    makes me feel good knowing that the actual pilot was making inspections. these guys (gals included in the guys term) get paid little to nothing and still manage to do a great job and even when their flights are done they still go and persoanlly inspect the planes.

    1. pilot_liker says:

      I wouldn’t call a quarter mil on the average, nothing; but I still respect pilotos. I don’t agree with Sully’s nationalizing of pilots. That’s Communism.

  86. Betty B says:

    Your right Tiffany, its gives them a good shooting advantage over us down on the corners. If we get our ban on Roof decks, planes will be safer since they can’t shoot planes from 3 story roof decks. How can we shoot back from down here if they be shooting us and at planes from roof decks?


  87. Tiffany Green says:

    It was from all the 3 story buildings and roof decks the yuppies had to shoot from in Point Breeze. This was is the clear reason next to strokes and heart attacks on why we need to BAN all roof decks!

  88. Someone says:

    Stray bullet my butt. Some moron out there deliberately shot at the plane.

  89. william Kelly says:

    Hilarious! Jeff must have very limited travel needs and infinite amounts of time and money if he thinks that point A to B train travel is the way to go. I take Amtrak whenever I can (mostly on the Washington-Boston corridor), but let’s be realistic here. It is absolutely impossible to travel by train to many cities in the United States, as they do not even have passenger train service! Oftentimes, Amtrak will get you to some city 3 to 4 hours distant (or even longer), then transfer you to a bus! As for an enjoyable experience, maybe Jeff enjoys two or three transfers, hours of down time, weird arrival hours between midnight and 5 a.m..

    1. The other William Kelly says:

      I think I’ll drive now :)

  90. anon513 says:

    @ anonymous: Sounds like they just flew over the wrong ‘hood’.

  91. Anonymous says:

    Could the plane have been involved in a ‘fly-by shooting’?

  92. jenny says:

    That’s quite a funny graphic accompanying this story. Did a graphics intern mistake the story for suggesting there was a wormhole through which the plane fell? Pretty trippy.

  93. Ted says:

    It could be metal fatigue. This happened in the spring of 1988 over Hawaii. Aloha Airlines flight 243

    1. p3orion says:

      Metal fatigue manifests itself in cracks and tearing. It doesn’t make a neat round hole.

  94. bernard Mc Kernan says:

    If the American public knew the condition & the amount of nonsense going on in the care & maintenance of these planes, they wouldn’t set foot on one. In an attempt to further enhance the bottom line, Airlines are having these planes maintained in third world countries & many times the parts are counterfeit that are used in replacement & of inferior grades. India, for one. Flying @ 400mpf in an Aluminum tube with a few hundred people also gives cause for one to know that there are how many people with communicable diseases onboard & that is B.S. plain & simple about filters in planes. They change them every so often. I get sick everytime I travel with the sniffles.

    1. Yup dats me says:

      Leave your sniffles at home.

    2. TMFBCF says:

      Hang your head out the window when you are flying – this will prevent sniffles. Bet you wear pantie liners too?….

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