Evesham Township’s Board Of Education Budget Cuts Over 50 School District Jobs

EVESHAM Twp. N.J. (CBS) — New Jersey’s budget crisis has hit home in Burlington County, where parents and students are up in arms over proposed school cuts.

Evesham Township’s Board of Education voted to approve it’s budget Thursday evening, meaning the elimination of nearly 55 positions across the school district.

The board was facing a nearly $4.5 million shortfall, an amount the Superintendent blames on a reduction in state aid of $3.2 million for the upcoming school year.

“Our enrollments are down about 700 kids over the last ten years or so, and our last two defeated budgets, we lost another $2.6 million,” said John Scavelli, Superintendent of Schools for Evesham Township. “We’ve had about $9.3 million in lost funding, that’s mainly what causes this.”

Despite the budget shortfalls, Thursday evening’s meeting saw a majority of parents were pleased with what they heard from the school district.

“As a mom, I want you to know how much support you have from us parents. We have a district we should be very proud of,” said Joanne Harmon.

“I think they did a great job, a fair job,” said Steve Zeuli.

But some people in the meeting were very concerned about the cuts.

“I ask you to please reconsider eliminating those positions,” said Leslie Donally, whose comment during the meeting was met with rousing applause.

The board responded by reminding parents that they did all they could.

“We’re not happy about this, but I think what we’ve done is fair, and I think we’ve kept the kids in mind and we’ve done the best that we can given what was handed to us,” said Bonnie Olt.

The board’s approval of the budget will also mean a slight increase in taxes for residents of Evesham Township.

Reported by Valerie Levesque, CBS 3

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One Comment

  1. ide usaha says:

    We really appreciate your blog post. You will discover a lot of techniques we could put it to proper use by using no effort with time and money. Thank you so much for helping make the post give light to many queries we have got before now.

  2. Terry says:

    It is criminal what Governor Christie has done to public school education in one short year. He has taken the focus off the RICH and onto the hard working teachers and police and fire dept. making them look like the source of everyone’s ;problems. Education in NJ was a very proud effort until Christie came into office. Shame on all whom voted for this :Pulpit Bully. Reinstore the positions.of hard working educators Take a stand against Gov Christie.vote him out and promote our future education counts….

  3. Pocono Chuck says:

    Call me crazy (everyone else does), but why do the lunch ladies lose their jobs while the fat-cats on the boards not only keep their jobs but their huge paychecks?

  4. Albert Retired says:

    Good! Evesham has been a loser district for years. Overweight teachers eatin donuts and smoking cigs complaining about retirement packages and benefits. Good riddance!! Time to clean house. Get rid of the NJEA too while you’re at it.

    Next lets cut some cops and then some property taxes, then we’re doing something.

    1. kmkelly says:

      you are obnoxious. How dare you make such generalizations?

    2. kmkelly says:

      I just remembered my mantra
      “Never argue with a fool…onlookers might not be able to tell the difference.”
      -Mark Twain

  5. Dave says:

    I don’t get why we need kitchens in the school. When I went to school we had to bring our lunch with us, we ate a lot of PB&J but didn’t starve.

  6. caps says:

    Get rid of the triple digit $ earning admin people. Wake up people !

  7. More Mismanagement says:

    Cut the administration – they make 6 figure salaries to basically do nothing! Sure just keep on raising taxes. I don’t even know why they have these local elections – even when voters turn down tax increases town council just pushes it through anyway. And no we don’t need things like brand new astro-turf athletic fields either!

  8. Cathleen Jones says:

    It seems only certain facts were put into your news report from last nights Evesham Twp Board Meeting. The segment that aired neglected to show the Librarians entire segment in which she stated that 7 library clerks are slated to lose their jobs. She went on to explain just how this will impact the students and the teachers. The two middle school libraries stock over 42000 books and one Librarian cannot handle that type of work load on her own. The library aides are 4hr workers who do not receive benefits and the loss of their positions would make almost no impact on the budget. Evehsam Twp Board of Ed have chosen to cut the little people as their answer. This includes privatizing the kitchens and bringing in non-community workers who may or may not have to have background checks. Again, these are part-time kitchen workers who do not receive benefits. Perhaps someone on the board knows someone at channel 3 because what aired on the news last night was a disgrace and did not give the true facts.

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