Police: Philadelphia Man Shot Teen Over Frequent Parties

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Police say an elderly Philadelphia man shot a teen in the stomach because he was fed up with teenagers partying near his home.

Seventy-four-year-old Joseph Deapreau faces charges including aggravated assault for allegedly shooting the teen Saturday night in the city’s Bridesburg neighborhood.

Investigators say Deapreau was angry over the frequent gatherings of teens in a wooded area near his home. Police say Deapreau approached a group of teens Saturday night then shot a 14-year-old in the abdomen when the group refused to disperse.

The wounded teen ran home for help and his friends surrounded Deapreau and kept him from fleeing. The teen was hospitalized but expected to recover.

Deapreau is free after posting bail. A phone listing for him could not immediately be located Tuesday.

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  1. Zzbar says:

    “You go Joe D”. Very good.

  2. Amy O. says:

    These kids parents are to blame!!!!!! Especially if this is an ongoing situation and not an isolated one than the parents should be aware of where their children are and what they are doing. This was a 14 year old – way too young to be out drinking all of the time. Parents need to step up so the police can be freed up to deal with bigger crimes.

  3. Jack says:

    Agreed he should not have shot the kid but also agreed kids today are out of control and the cops do nothing about it. When I was a kid the cops would have given you an escort home and then your parents would have metered out justice. Now no ride home and probably no parents to set the kid straight. Just a lose lose situation all the way around.

  4. CAN WE TELL WHERE ? says:




  5. Anonymous says:

    @ Bob Biehn: “When seconds count, the police are minutes away.” March 22, 2011 at 12:38 pm.

    I like that quote. I, too, think the Police are doing a great job and we need to give them our support and assistance whenever we can. Because, truthfully, Law Enforcement is a form of Military. They, as well as Fire Fighters, put their lives on the line for us each and every day. I have the highest respect for them all.

  6. Bob Biehn says:

    I am working on a law draft that will address this situation. Gun laws have been so gray over many years that everyone is starting to revert to the wild west mentality. Deapreau should not have tried to settle his issues with a firearm. I also believe anyone charged with aggravated assault should not be released on bail. That is a serious charge. Everyone needs to keep in mind that if we want the kind of law enforcement that was mentioned in the above comment then we a citizens must be willing to pay for it. The police do a great job in my opinion and we need to support them just like we support the military.

    1. Bob Biehn says:

      When seconds count, the police are minutes away

    2. Alec says:

      Bob you are a loser. If guns are so bad and not needed why does the Mayor have an armed escort? Why do police carry them?

      The Police are never there until after the fact. “wild west mentality”, what a completely ignorant statement. Are the police there when some thug is breaking into your house? Are the police always around when a crime is committed?

      Go away Bob, your ignorance belongs on CNN.

    3. bottomline says:

      LOL Bob! You’re right on target, say anything to get points. The problem isn’t guns, it’s politicians that couldn’t make the grade at McDonalds, so the kids had to party elsewhere and bother old people.

  7. Mary De Angelis says:

    We have no idea if the Teens frifghtened and abused this man. That abuse may have contributed to this mess. Do not even try to tell me the Teens were “innocent” with regard to this incident. Anybody who would take that stance has never raised Teens.

  8. kate says:

    as in most cases like this the man had his fill of probably abusive behavior going on he should not have shot the kid — but then again kids today have no respect for others and their property
    honestly i can’t fault the kid now perhaps if parents would teach their young to respect others, their property and perhaps themselves life would be better.
    damn shame this had to happen

  9. Razzle says:

    I live in this neighborhood, the kids are out of control with their drinking. This gentleman was wrong, not making excuses. However the cops know about this drinking spot, and do nothing to clean it up. Someone also needs to ask questions about this kids parents, did they even know where he was. The kid didn’t deserve to get shot, and the guy should be punished. But there is a bigger problem with underage drinking that needs to be addressed.

  10. Nick Terranova says:

    LOL at the kids not leaving when he brandished a gun. They should have just left and call the cops instead of acting the tough guy.

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