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Philadelphia Councilwoman Tasco In Court Fight Over Re-election Effort After DROP

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – For the second time this week, the re-election plans of a longtime Philadelphia city council member are being challenged because of his or her participation in the city’s “DROP” pension program.

First it was Frank Rizzo (see related story).  Now, Council majority leader Marian Tasco (above) will find herself in a courtroom as political opponents question her right to run again — since is she enrolled in the DROP (“Deferred Retirement Option Plan”) pension program, which allows participants to collect a large, lump-sum pension payment in exchange for committing to certain retirement requirements.

Attorney Joe Doherty is filing the suit on behalf of two people related to one of Tasco’s primary opponents, Lamont Thomas.

Doherty says that by signing up for DROP, Tasco vowed to leave office.

“Councilwoman Tasco made an irrevocable commitment to retire.  She is not fulfilling that commitment by seeking re-election.  We are here to challenge her right to be on the ballot,” Doherty said this morning.

The legal challenges to both the the Tasco and Rizzo candidacies are scheduled to be argued on Friday.   A spokeswoman for Councilwoman Tasco said there will be no comment on the challenge until Friday’s hearing.

Four other council members enrolled in DROP have decided not to seek re-election (see related story).

Reported by KYW City Hall Bureau chief Mike Dunn.

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One Comment

  1. Spartacus says:

    fryb, well said, but sadly she will be allowed to run, collect and most likely will be re-elected.

  2. jack says:

    Drop program is a joke. Public service in Philly is self-service’ These selfish bums have no conscience.

  3. fryb says:

    Where else but Philadelphia could ELECTED officials possibly qualify for a program such as DROP? What i find especially impressive is how they say they’ve paid into the program when so many of them collect lump sums of $500,000 plus their very generous pensions.

    And then we have appointed managers such as Carl Greene. He held his job for 5 years and might still qualify for his $500,000& DROP payment AND a pension exceeding $100,000 a year! How much could he have possibly paid into it?

    These are the people primarily responsible for today’s union backlash. It’s
    management and the politically connected who receive large bonuses which wildly inflate their pensions.

    And it’s the pension payout that has led to states’ financial distress and the scary and opportunistic wave of anti-collective bargaining.

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