Gay, Lesbian Leaders Unhappy After Meeting About Boy Scout Headquarters

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Mayor Nutter met privately Wednesday with members of Philadelphia’s gay and lesbian community who are unhappy with his decision to cut a deal with the local Boy Scouts over their city-owned headquarters.

The closed-door meeting was a chance for the LGBT community to voice directly to the mayor their displeasure with his offer to sell the Scouts Headquarters at 22nd and Winter Streets to the Scouts for $500,000.

Among those at the meeting, and leaving dissatisfied, was developer Mel Heifetz.

“We would like to have a settlement that clearly has the building with an organization that doesn’t discriminate. Settling it with them remaining in that building is not a settlement.”

Heifetz is offering to buy the building at twice the price. Nutter’s spokesman Mark McDonald described the meeting as cordial and frank.

“The Mayor’s position has not changed in any way.”

Nutter made the offer after the Scouts sued and won a case against the city in federal court last summer.

Reported by Mike Dunn, KYW Newsradio

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One Comment

  1. Edmond says:

    Let’s solve this problem this way. Any group that wants to wave a magic book in front of the government to get out of the public laws that make us ALL decent people to one another, and have their OWN private laws based on their “beliefs”, must hereforth change their name to reflect their most basic, and honest, principles. Thus, the Boy Scouts can no longer call themselves by that name, which falsely implies that they accept ALL boys, from ALL families. They must now be called the Heterosexual Christian Only Boy Scouts. THEN the city can decide if they want to give them such special treatment.

  2. bottomline says:

    Justice has nothing to do with this issue. There are those whom are intent on destroying traditional American values. Strangely, they want to destroy the very system that is making their own existence possible.

  3. Thomas says:

    Nothing like being a sore loser….

  4. Bill S says:

    Seems like you agree with the LGBT by throwing the !st Amendment out the window and censuring my comment. Congratulations on tipping your hat

  5. Terry says:

    How is it discrimination if it is part of their beleif system? The Boy Scouts have the same rights as everyone else. I have no issue with anyone that is gay however their rights cannot supercede those of another group of people nor should they be afforded special treatment. The Boy Scouts are a great organization. They won their case and the courts made it clear. Time to stop wasting tax payer money on this issue and move on.

  6. Pete- I am Gay says:

    This was all vetted already. The BS won fair and square, and the city squandered $1.0M in this effort. We cannot force tolerance on people.
    Also, why do we hold the BS to a higher standard than the city, state, and federal governments? Many religious groups blatantly or tacitly discriminate – some nations, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Switzerland, Kuwait – are very restrictive to immigration. Argentina requires the President to be Roman Catholic.
    There are many other examples of nations and groups which receive US aid and support that are way worse than the Boy Scouts….

    1. Terry says:

      And that makes it right? Somehow I just don’t think so.

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