PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – There’s been a lot of buzz about a new treatment for the face that works to firm and lift the skin. No surgery, no needles, and no downtime. Health Reporter Stephanie Stahl is On Your Side with more on a way to look younger.

Saggy jowls are a tell-tale sign of aging. Donna Summers wants to tighten up her sagging chin and neck, without having surgery. So she’s turning to Ultherapy.

“This is simple, and easy, and not very painful I hear, too,” said Donna.

Dr. Paul Leong is using ultrasound, sound waves that create heat below the skin’s surface.

Dr. Leong said, “You’re creating a little thermal injury, and the collagen is sort of like oh my goodness what’s this?”

The ultrasound heat is supposed to regenerate collagen, which makes the skin more bouncy, so it’s firmer. Doctors say the results are usually immediate, and continue over five to six months.

“I can hardly feel it,” said Donna during the treatment.

Some before and after pictures from Dr. Leong show measureable tightening and lifting with other patients, especially what’s often called a “turkey neck.”

Dr. Leong says patients typically only need one treatment, and it can even help with eyelids.

“There’s no redness. There’s no nothing. The treatment is a good half inch under the skin, and that’s why it’s so tolerable,” said Dr. Leong.

Doctors say there’s no down time with the ultrasound facelift, but the results won’t be as dramatic as a surgery. Ultherapy costs between $2,000 to $4,000.


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