Marijuana May Cause Schizophrenia

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – In recent years marijuana has made a resurgence. Despite the fact that it is illegal, there are many people who believe that it should not be. But whether you consider marijuana legal or not there are health risks associated with the drug.

According to a new report in the British Medical Journal, marijuana may cause schizophrenia. Two-thousand Germans between the ages of 14 and 24 were followed for 10 years. At the beginning of the study none of them said they smoked marijuana and none of them had a history of psychosis. After following the individuals for a decade the researchers found those who reported having smoked pot where 90% more likely to report psychotic symptoms than those who did not.

The authors say since marijuana use began before the symptoms were displayed, marijuana could increase the risk of these problems. Those who argue with this study say people who are troubled may actually turn to marijuana as a form of relief.

Reported By Dr. Brian McDonough, KYW Newsradio Medical Editor

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  1. skw1rl says:

    Here is new data disputing this article:

    “Debunking the Myth of a Link Between Marijuana and Mental Illness”
    Despite media claims that marijuana can cause psychosis or schizophrenia, there’s no science to back it up.

    You can read the whole article here:

  2. Charles Mawby says:

    Correlation != causation. People who do drugs may already have psychiatric issues and are self-medicating. Their science is bunk.

    In other news people with headaches are 1000% more likely to take Tylenol. And Tylenol kills thousands every year! Make Tylenol illegal!!!! CBS make this a story please!

  3. tom simms says:

    Nutmeg is a deliriant poison that does not produce desirable effects in the human body. Use nutmeg as a spice to add flavor to foods, but use it in moderation and avoid putting too much in your drinks or foods. Excessive amounts of nutmeg will cause a trip to the hospital emergency room! Nutmeg may be used sparingly as a spice in a very small quantities. I repeat–DO NOT USE NUTMEG FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSE OTHER THAN FOR ADDING FLAVOR TO FOOD OR DRINKS, and then, only in tiny amounts (O but this is just OK)

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