Charlie Sheen Turns To Internet For Latest Show

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – “Welcome to Sheen’s Korner,” Charlie Sheen said as he welcomed more than 100,000 viewers to his show on

Sheen has had his ups and downs in the media world. But it is a little tough to figure out which one it is right now.

His hit CBS show, Two and a Half Men was temporarily cancelled, so he created his own show.

“We’re going to give you snapshot views of what you’ll be seeing week to week day to day,” promised Sheen at the beginning of his show.

The actor was one of the highest paid actors in television at $1.8 million an episode. Then his world came crashing down. Reports surfaced of cocaine and alcohol binges. He ranted against his employers, and they cancelled the rest of this season of Two and a Half Men. And recently he lost custody of his twin sons to his ex-wife Brooke Mueller, an early target of his internet rant.

“I need to give a bit shout to my kids. If mommy’s around, tell her it’s on!”

Yet the man is getting more media attention now than he ever has before.

Sirius Radio set up a 24 hour limited-run channel devoted to the circus that has become Charlie Sheen’s life. They called it Tiger Blood. It comes after Sheen’s Twitter account gained record breaking popularity.

A Philadelphia radio station, Wired 96.5 FM, even flew a plane over his house with a phone number to get him to call in. And he did!

In one of many bizarre moments during the broadcast, Sheen said, “I want you to go to your window, open it up, and chant with us. Winning! Winning! Winning!”

Sheens’ life has become a public spectacle in a media world that doesn’t allow for privacy. But as Charlie has shown, he is not interested in the quiet life.

More than 100,000 people tuned in to the broadcast.

Reported by Oren Liebermann, CBS 3

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One Comment

  1. grumpy says:

    Who in the h3ll cares about this train wreck?

  2. Mindy Meg Heiser says:

    I always watched his show two and Half Men it was truthfully the greatest comedy on TV for years now. How ever the way he is acting now, I honestly feel that there should be a way that his Father Martin , should be able to some how be able to get a court order for him to be put into Psychiatric Care, before he hurts himself or someone else. He honestly needs help and if he is just doing this to get attention and more money for his TV show, then He honestly does need help. Perhaps if the TV reporters would discontinue reporting on him, then maybe just maybe it would be best for his Father and family to get him into a place where he can get the mental help that he needs. I feel the news media publishing his daily routines are only adding fuel to the fire ignore him and perhaps he will go away and get the proper help that he needs. To be honest would you or any one else want someone like him to be raising his or their children, I would not even want him around any children at all. I ask the news media to hold back on reporting on this lost soul such as Charlie Sheen,. Let his family have a break from all of this publicity he is making for himself he news media keep it going. There are more important things in this world to report on than the Adventures of Charlie Sheen.

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